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Nov 30, 2005

Shimrra Jamaane posted:

I read GFFA as Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and got excited that maybe a Thrawn clone comes into the picture. But then the real acronym came to me. Oh well still going to be good.

Mind sharing, cuz I haven't read anything since I completely lost interest in the books. I do, however, remember how pissed I was that Luke and Mara destroyed that hidden temple full of Thrawn clones.

DougieC posted:

He is altering the franchise, pray he doesn't alter it any further.

This is the very accurate, basic answer. To further answer the question about Eps 7-9: Lucas has said many things and then denied them in interviews.

From what I recall hearing/reading that there was only 1 Star Wars -ever. After the success of "Star Wars", sequels were demanded, and only then was the overarching story imagined. But at that time it existed in the crazy number of movies which was narrowed down to 12 and later to 9. All that existed for the prequels and the sequel trilogy were notes scribbled down by Lucas. Since I'm terrible at sourcing my information, this either came from the interview on the current OT box set, or more likely from an excerpt I read of milf sex at work. I really need to get this book.

I've heard many rumors about the sequel trilogy, including that The Truce at Bakura was a very condensed version of Lucas' intentions for the sequel trilogy, and that it was very political and would have been the most boring trilogy ever.

Chaos Hippy posted:

The barely-even-conceived episodes 7-9 were compressed into Return of the Jedi, because Lucas was tired of those Star Wars.

Where'd you hear this? I like collecting this stuff (mentally, otherwise I'd be able to present better references).

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Nov 30, 2005

thrawn527 posted:

He then found he had a problem, though. Yoda mentioned "another", and he/she was going to be the subject of 7-9. Now that he had eliminated those movies, Yoda's comment would seem extremely strange just hanging out there. So Lucas handwaved Leia in as Luke's sister, and bam, backstory completed.

Wow, could you imagine how George would have wormed his way through "10-second old newborn Leia remembers her mother" if he hadn't done that?

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Nov 30, 2005

Am I missing something? I didn't know George was such a Stewart fan. I do recall Mr. Lucas being on TDS and Jon holding his composure to keep his inner fanboy at bay.

Its funny and sad what Star Wars has become.

"Mr Lucas, we need a name for the new Sith Lord."
*looks around room* "...Skyv Odka."
"And his home planet?"
*scans desk* "...Altoid." *continues counting money*

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Nov 30, 2005

Throb Robinson posted:

Off topic.

I can't get over the fact this picture is canon. Satyrs and spears and arrows. Add this to EU.jpg please.

Is this supposed to be from that era where Jedi had their lightsabers tethered to battery-fanny-packs?

Milky Moor posted:

Gentlemen, I give you peak EU.jpg:

THIS WAS IN AN ACTUAL PUBLISHED BOOK. Play 'Spot the thing from Lord of the Rings', there's a lot of them!

There is the dude in the middle, totally firing an arrow in the wrong direction, that looks like he's from Rohan. Actually he looks like the old fart that shot the first arrow in Two Towers.

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Nov 30, 2005

astr0man posted:

Looked back a few pages and didn't see this posted - Ole Miss apparently actually tried to make Admiral Ackbar their official school mascot. Here's the ESPN commercial about it:

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Jeez, I had to stifle laughter as I pictured a play specifically sculpted to cause the opposing QB to yell "It's a trap!" before getting sacked.

Has anyone taken a stab at rewriting the prequels so it keeps GL's vision/intent but doesn't suck, things make sense, and actually handles things in an adult manner?

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Nov 30, 2005

WhyteRyce posted:

I like how in the same thread we can bitch about the terrible state of the EU and then go on to talk about how we wish there was a reboot/someone else taking charge from Lucas.

I've been working on an idea for a complete reapproach to Star Wars for my own amusement. Same basic story, but looks and executed different. For the most part, I've been playing with casting to make it fun.

For instance, would George Lopez or Cheech Marin be better for the role of Chuy?

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Nov 30, 2005

T-1000 posted:

How could you miss at that range? They were probably close enough to touch.

I could have swore they edited the scene so Han does a to dodge the shot.

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Nov 30, 2005

Bonzo posted:

My take on it is this.

1) Let's create a non-Empire enemy, someone that is on par with Jedis as far as power (not a bad thing when you think about it)
2) Let's Kill Chewbacca since since we can't figure out how to write him anymore and for the last 2 books he's been a babysitter.
3) Kill Jacen Solo.
4) Set up Anakin to be the next successor to Luke.

Chewie was more of less killed for shock value and he's the one character you can write off without loosing a "voice" in the stories. Plus it's a grab to pull back fans that stopped reading in the mid 90s. "WHAT!?? They killed Chewie? Holy poo poo, I need to read Star Wars again!"

Somewhere in the middle of everything, Lucas sticks his head in and says, "NO!" to the idea that Anakin Solo will be the next big thing.

I believe I also heard that between the writers, there was no main plot outline. Each author just continued the story were the previous one left off. This is part of the reason that they now all meet to get a general idea of how things are going to go.

I believe I even saw in this thread (of a previous one) that Travvis never read any previous books, she just continued on summaries she heard.

I have a feeling that had the series not been so accepted, it would have been shorter and not 20+ books. But the books kept selling and since all but 3 were published as softcover only, the profit margin would have been favorable.

Personally, other than Travvis horrible writing, the length of the NJO series ruined the LoTF series for me. They spent quite a bit of effort and time in building up a new generation of Jedi and characters that were really cool, only to kill or write off all but a small handful.

I have a CD, not sure where I got it from, that has a audiobook version of Vector Prime and a interview with the authors. In there they state that they did meet up and plan out the entire series before they even wrote it. It was in these meetings that they decided they needed to kill one of the main characters to really stress the danger of the Vong (kind of like the Justice League: How do create a threat that justifies involving 6 superheroes? Make Superman go down like a pussy.). They initially wanted to kill Luke (I think they should have done this) but Lucas, through representatives, said no. They later got a list of acceptable casualties and thus Chewie got the axe.

Now what I don't exactly recall is when the Anakin Solo issue came up. They were building Anakin up to be the next strongest Jedi with all the midichlorians or whatever, but once the idea of Ben Skywalker came around, Lucas said Ben would be the successor.

I didn't see how that required them to kill Anakin, and Ben ended up not being the badass he should have been - all hiding from the Force and then not wanting to be a Jedi.

I think NJO held a lot of promise, but they made it too long, there was too much interference and, as was said, the passing-of-the-torch opportunity was completely missed. I was daydreaming the other day about someone making a revised version of NJO as a fan-film. I wonder how eager Mark Hammil would be to have a small cameo if you mention "Luke Skywalker will die." I mean, he's the perfect age to portray NJO Luke. Well now I've just started babbling.

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Nov 30, 2005

Muppetjedi posted:

porn video during superbowl Indiana Jones and the sex offenders register


Lucas also wanted to make Indiana Jones a pedophile who had sex with Marion when she was 12. That explains the line "I was a child. It was wrong and you knew it!" when Jones meets Marion in Nepal. Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan had to talk Lucas out of providing too many details to the audience about their relationship.

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You know I had always heard this line and never thought much about it, but...

Oh poo poo! Shortround
Can't help but see all those Indiana Jones valentines in a different context now.

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