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Oct 27, 2000

Wait, something is wrong.

Want to play some games in the really real world? Maybe someone else in here is too. Goons seeking groups or groups seeking goons post their contact info here. If you have a FLGS that runs board game night or a tournament or what have you, you can post that info here too.

SUGGESTED INFO - This list is by no means comprehensive, but include what you think pertinent. Please keep chatter out of this thread to make it a useful index.

free sex tape movies User Name - This is your name!
aishwarya rai nude picture Contact Info - The safest version of this is a forum PM, although whatever you choose to include (email, AIM contact info, IRC info) is swell too.
naked girls in college City/State/Country - Use as appropriate to your location. If you want to be more searchable, you might include the metro area or what have you.
angelina jolie sex scene Do you have a group now (if so, how many do you have/do you need)?
best beginner sex positions What are you willing to play (or if you are looking for players for a campaign, what are you playing)?

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Jun 5, 2006

shaved pussy free videos Contact Info - PM
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full length pregnant porn Group? - Yes
amy reid porn pics Games?
  • I want to run: Dungeon World
  • I've got: Tenra Bansho Zero, Golden Sky Stories, GURPS, Apocalypse World, Tremulus, Dreseden Files, Burning Wheel/Empires, Mouse Guard, Rogue Trader, D&D 4E & Gamma World, Last Stand, 13th Age
  • I'll play: Anything

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Jul 20, 2004

Step 1-Curl and Drag
Step 2-Attempt to Shoot
Step 3-Get Soft Penalty
Step 4-Score just enough to make people forget about Steps 1-3

Contact Info - PM or look in profile for other ways
City/State/Country - Chantilly, VA, USA(willing to travel a bit if need be)
Group? no, I am new to all this

What are you willing to play? I haven't played one before but I've been looking around here a bit. From what I've read a dnd style game seems fun. However if anyone proposes something else I'd be up to try it.

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Sep 5, 2006

Contact Info - Look in my profile.
Location - Columbus, OH
Group - 5 players, 1 DM

4e D&D is our game, though one of the guys is trying to talk up Pathfinder and I play 40K. Could really use some more bodies so we don't have to cancel games when someone's kid gets sick.

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President Ark
May 16, 2010

Contact info - Email address is in my profile.
Location - Philadelphia, PA
Group - No, but I know a guy who's also interested.

Most familiar with D&D 4e, but not really picky - anything's fine, really.

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Sep 2, 2008

Lord of All Dances.

Alright, this is a hell of a long shot, but:

nude teen in socks Location: Eatonville (Yelm, Puyallup, Auburn, etc.), WA. I just graduated and am taking a year off to apply to grad school, so I'll be in Eatonville for the year. It's in the middle of goddamn nowhere, but I have a car, so somewhere like Puyallup would be fine too.

cell phone porn downloads Games: I play mostly D&D 4e and FATE, but I'm more than willing to learn anything else! I'm also willing to DM, if someone's looking to start a new group.

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Oct 8, 2003

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I love all kinds of board games and RPGs and would love to play almost anything. I'm new in town so I don't have a group yet.

I have physical books for: AD&D, D&D 4E, Legend of the Five Rings, nWoD, 40k, Mouse Guard, and Burning Wheel. I'm a quick study for other rules though!

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Clanpot Shake
Aug 10, 2006
shake shake!

I have very little time these days, but why not?

porn on bb storm Contact Info - I idle in #acolyte and #septemberprocession on SynIRC.
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van wilder sex scene Games - WH40k RPG, FATE, D&D4e, BSG, something I haven't heard of.
vanessa hudgens nude blog Do you have a game right now?: lesbian sex to watch Yes. I'm playing in a weekly DH game near Midtown, CCC accessible. We're looking for more players. We play on Wednesday or Thursday nights, depending on the week.

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Jan 24, 2003

No longer up to date.

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Feb 24, 2004

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foot fetish sex toy Do I have a group now? - No. I want one. Badly. I haven't had a local gaming group in years.
free lesbian mature porn What am I willing to play? D&D 3.5 or 4th edition. Fate. Mutants and Masterminds. GURPS. PDQ and any of its variants. Just about anything that's not White Wolf, really.

I left my gaming group behind when I moved to Oklahoma from Virginia, nearly four years ago. I haven't found a good group since. I've found groups that smell like cheese and groups that want me to pay per session (with an extra fine if I miss an evening) and groups that hold on to oldschool AD&D like it's a broken door and the Titanic is sinking.

I just want a fun group of fun people who do fun things of a somewhat modern persuasion. I haven't found it yet.

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Oct 10, 2007

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Fun Shoe

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free amateur porn lesbian What I'm Willing to Play ANYTHING I just want a group.

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Mar 22, 2001

This is the longest shot ever.

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jon and kate sex Play - Anything!

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Oct 30, 2009

I believe you're a big dork!

hot hot girls naked Username: Flaky Biscuit
high school having sex Contact Info: PM me on here, or on IRC (usually on #badwrongfun)
free teen abuse videos Location: Richardson, TX (near the Plano area)
dog having sex women Group: Two or three (sometimes) others
sex online for free Play: Most anything (mostly 4e, FATE, WFRP3e, some weird things like Polaris and Nobilis). I have a lot of board games, so board gamers are very welcome.

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Mar 22, 2003

Amused? I think not.

Username: Nitis
Contact Info: PM me or Rhapscallion at gmail dot com
Location: San Jose, ca
Group: Me, sometime one or two extras
Play: I mainly play Arkham, and Twilight Imperium. I also enjoy other games, and have some 40k (not much). Trying to get table time with Space Alert.

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Queen Fiona
Jan 8, 2008

lesbian women kissing women Of all my daughter having sex free long sex tubes evil I deem you capable: therefore I want the good from you. Verily, I have often laughed at the naturi naughton notorious sex sex videos free mature weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws.

Don't know if there's any Canadians here, but I'll give it a shot.

ass licking porn pictures Contact Info: IM accounts in my profile. Yeah, no Platinum, sorry.
porn video and movies Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
costa rican girls nude Group: Technically I've already got one, and we might technically need a new player soon, but honestly I want an entirely new group. Not that the guys I'm with are sex tracker page ranks bad, and I'll stick with them, but I just want some variety and potentially people who actually understand game design and won't make awful puns every 10 seconds.
free ametuer sex pics Play: unprotected sex no ejaculation Anything that isn't D&D. Because I very rarely have, and I desperately crave new experiences and new designs to rip stuff from. Board games or RPGs, doesn't matter. (D&D's actually still okay, 4th's my preference, but I'd like to play in a game with a good DM which isn't so hack-and-slashy for once.)

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Disproportionate Orphan
Apr 17, 2009

you tube porno casero User Name - genericangst
free mature bbw porn Contact Info - I have PMs. You can also PM me on synIRC. I'm usually in #ferg.
making your own porn City/State/Country - Goshen, NY. Basically the Hudson Valley area.
faye reagan porn star Do you have a group now? No.
nikki alexander hoopz naked What are you willing to play? I'm willing to try just about any game out there. I will say that I don't really like hack and slash all that much unless there's a cool plot to back it up.

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Dec 29, 2008

free porn gyno exam Contact Info - PM
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sexy naked beautiful women Do you have a group now? - No.
bollywood porn movies online What are you willing to play? I'll give anything a fair shot. I have the most experience with DnD 4e/3.x, Gamma World, 13th Age, Dread, and Everyone Is John. I'd love to learn NWoD, FATE, Fiasco, Unknown Armies, Gumshoe, and Warhammer Fantasy/40k. I also like playing boardgames and non-collectable card games.

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President Ark
May 16, 2010

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linda bollea hogan nude Contact Info forum PM
group sex stories free Location Philadelphia, PA
carma electra sex tape Do you have a group now? No
hot mexican teen girls What are you willing to play? I'm ok with pretty much anything, but I'm really itching to play Polaris, Fiasco, Dungeon World, the lumpley games or similar.

Can you email me? I don't have plat.

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Oct 17, 2005

¡Hola SEA!

old young sex pic Contact Info - I got banned and lost plat so you can use g dot dearien at gmail
nude women volleyball players City/State/Country - Pittsburgh, PA
domino sleeping sex goddess Do you have a group now (if so, how many do you have/do you need)? No group .
you porn sharon stone What are you willing to play (or if you are looking for players for a campaign, what are you playing)? Interested in playing around with more or less any not lovely rpg (warhammer, dnd 4e, storygame poo poo, whatevs), and I also have a few thousand points of old 40k models, a small WHF army, some partially constructed Warmachine stuff I'd love to learn to use, and a pretty big Battlefleet Gothic fleet.

edit: boardgames own too, I used to play a lot of arkham, twilight, settlers, house on haunted hill, etc. I'm really up for anything, just looking for other nerds who aren't insufferable and weird.

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Recycling Centerpiece
Apr 28, 2005

Turn around

Grimey Drawer

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single sex public schools Do you have a group now? My fiancee and I play with 3 others who randomly appear and disappear based on availability. Some stability would be nice, with or without them.
sex game on pc What are you willing to play? 3.5/PF. Interested in 4e/5e or Dungeon World, or pretty much anything where the character sheet doesn't look like accounting homework.

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Feb 5, 2008

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See post on page 12

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Feb 21, 2009

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free teen masturbation videos Do you have a group now (if so, how many do you have/do you need)? No :C I don't have friends
rachel ray sex scandal What are you willing to play (or if you are looking for players for a campaign, what are you playing)? Anything that can be played in single sittings. I love RPGs but I'm too busy right now to commit to anything.

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Nov 18, 2003

maria wwe diva naked I don't think you understand, Gau.

naked web cam girl Contact Info: Fugaros at google or AIM. Prefer forums PM, if you have it.
brother sister sex slutload Location: Spokane, Washington, USA
twilight movie sex scene Group: I have the makings of one, just need to find a few more people to game with.
carmen electra sex clips Willing to play: Anything where you want to have fun.

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Dec 9, 2006

tanya harding nude pics Contact Info: PMing me on the forums works. If you don't have that, then my email is jonthe2nd at gmail. I check both about once a day.

naked woman birthday cake Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado. Where we play varies, usually either the far north in or more south-central.

small cock sex movies Group: We currently have a group consisting of a DM (who may be any of three people) plus the four players, so typically five. Players range from people who like interesting ideas that are almost always doomed to fail (that'd be me), guys who powergame, guys who try to powergame but fail at it, and guys who couldn't give a poo poo about the rules so long as they get to roleplay.

hot naked women images Willing to Play: The group has two unemployed dudes, so we/they are really hesitant to do anything that requires them spending money. That said, the group feels most comfortable with Pathfinder/3.5 and Star Wars, and we're edging into Shadowrun. Currently, I'm DMing the Skulls and Shackles Pathfinder adventure path, someone else is wrapping up Curse of the Crimson Throne, and we've got a guy doing the most batshit insane Shadowrun game ever -- we take turns, someone usually running one game for about 5-6 weeks that way there's always something kind of fresh and people don't get bored. I also occasionally DM Star Wars, and have been looking to do such again eventually.

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Oct 16, 2004

kim cattrall naked photos Contact Info - SA PM's, Steam (usually on): djfooboo, email djfooboo atyahoodotscoms
nude female athlete photos City/State/Country - West Indianapolis (will travel)
jessica alba video sex Do you have a group now? - I have many groups, always looking for more fun people though
old men fucking porn What are you willing to play? - I will play most anything short of grognardy wargames

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Dec 27, 2007
I released my finger from the trigger, and then it was over...

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hot girls showing pussy Contact Info - email: hairy granny porn videos [email protected] (put SA TG or something similar in the subject line)

playboy girls have sex City/State/Country - Calgary (CGY, #YYC), Alberta (AB), Canada (CA)

naked red head woman Do you have a group now? - If you are looking for a group in Calgary, then yes, so feel free to hit me up and I will see about getting you into one of them. Currently am in a group that runs GURPS and PF, another that does 3.5 D&D, and a third that does 4e plus potentially any horrible poo poo you could imagine (Hackmaster, Rolemaster, Aces & Eights, Shadowrun, WoD, etc.) Email me for more details
lesbian massage video free EDIT: I have a pretty awesome 4e D&D group running now, but I am looking for additional players and venues in the north end of town; we have a couple guys from Airdrie, so I would like to reduce travel time for them, and split the campaign into 2 parties based on RL geography.

older lesbian sex video What are you willing to play? 4e D&D.
Would also be up for trying 13th Age, Sacred BBQ, Dungeon World, Gamma World, WHFRP but have no materials or experience with 'em.
I also own a shitload of Axis & Allies games, some of which I haven't even played.

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Dec 30, 2011

I won a rosette in the free tv sex channels

you tube funny sex Contact Info: E-mail (wasurerareta at gmail) is your best bet. I keep meaning to get plat, and I'll edit the post if I do.
pregnant women posing nude City/State/Country: Austin, TX (north Austin, if it matters, but we can get anywhere that isn't crazy-far south)
my x girlfriend naked Do you have a group now (if so, how many do you have/do you need)? No group, but my boyfriend is also looking for tabletop gaming, so games/groups with room for two are ideal.
free daily porn video What are you willing to play (or if you are looking for players for a campaign, what are you playing)? I'm not a wargamer, but I'm pretty flexible when it comes to RPGs; probably my only no-gos right now are Exalted 2E and Warhammer anything. I probably have the most experience with 3E D&D and Pathfinder but am interested in trying new stuff.

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Mar 6, 2008

mika tan porn eskimo Have fun watching wrestling
Because wrestling's fun

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sims 2 teen skins Contact Info forum PM
sex role play script Location Philadelphia, PA
post your nude gf Do you have a group now? No
free 3 min porn What are you willing to play? I'm ok with pretty much anything, but I'm really itching to play Polaris, Fiasco, Dungeon World, the lumpley games or similar.

I'm also in the Philly area and would love to play some Fiasco, Dungeon World or pretty much anything else. I don't have Plat either, but President Ark has my info.

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Jul 23, 2003

flavour of love sex User Name - berzerkmonkey
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free mobile porn downloads What are you willing to play?- Most any GW game, past or present, also looking for some RPG action - Pathfinder, D&D, 40K Roleplay, etc.

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Jan 8, 2008

This club is borin' the crap outta me!

free porn scat movies Contact Info: changeroftheways at gmail
hot nude latina women City/State/Country: San Diego, California, USA
3gp mobile porn downloads Do I Have A Group Now? Yes, but meetings are irregular. Looking for another one.
teen rape video free What Am I Willing To Play? DnD4E/Pathfinder are the ones I'm most familiar with, but I'm willing to learn anything. I've got an interest in the 40k RPGs out there as well.

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Jan 27, 2004

free drunk party sex Contact Info: sam [at] ulterior [dot] org
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black cat spiderman nude Do I Have A Group Now? No
old hairy pussy movies What Am I Willing To Play? Most things.

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Jul 15, 2009

Falcon Punch!

free streaming porn clip Contact Info - PM
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bret michaels nude pics Do you have a group now (if so, how many do you have/do you need)? - Nope. LFG
vin diesel nude pics What are you willing to play (or if you are looking for players for a campaign, what are you playing)? Call of Cthulhu, Shadow Run, 40k, Warmachine, Anima, oWoD Vampire, Magical Witch Girl Adventures, Big Eyes Small Mouth(Mouse), Intergalactic Culinary Challenge, and Dungeon World are things I have the rules for, last I checked, and I am up for most things.

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Jan 11, 2001

Go Go Cactus Fist

hot nude girls free Contact Info - PM, Mjusenius at Gmail
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little summer pussy pictures Do you have a group now? Nope
free pics naked milfs What are you willing to play? Pretty much anything, but I'd prefer 4E, Gamma World or Shadowrun. Also have a pretty good collection of Board Games that are sitting unplayed.

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May 20, 2012

teen drugged and fucked Contact Info - No platinum, best way is either email ([email protected]) or Skype (Search for Numbnuts, in the case of multiple Numbnuts try using my email to search instead.)
tila tequila nude pix City/State/Country - Carleton Place (Also known as "That tumor growing on Ottawa") Ontario, Canada
amanda bynes nude video Do you have a group now - Nope. I might have one guy but even that's debateable. Probably need three to four other people for a decent sized game.
hot naked korean girl What are you willing to play - Absolutely bumfuck anything. If you have some old loving forgotten game that your grandpa wrote up in his spare time I'd probably be willing to play it as long as we can get a party interested in it.

I'd like not having to DM but if I have to to get a game then I'll deal with that too.

Edit: Probably should post what games I have books for.
DnD 4.0 and 3.5 (Not enough 3.5 knowledge to DM though) and Pathfinder
Call of Cthulhu
Dark Heresy
Cthulhu Tech
Star Wars D20
Don't Rest Your Head

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RBA Starblade
Apr 27, 2008

Going Home.

ebony porn star caramel Contact Info - PM, or rbastarblade at gmail
taboo free sex video City/State/Country - Alexandria/Arlington, Virgina, USA (My job is transferring me up to the DC region in a few weeks, I'll be working around the king street metro so I plan on living on the blue/orange line or thereabout)
latina porn star names Do you have a group now (if so, how many do you have/do you need)? - Nope!
nude actress of bollywood What are you willing to play (or if you are looking for players for a campaign, what are you playing)? Dungeons and Dragons or similar. I've only ever played Exalted and Savage Worlds online, but I think I'd like something a little more standard to start off with for live play. I wouldn't say no to board games either, but nothing involving collectables like Warhammer, I'm not interesting in building up something like that.

Though again, I won't be able to do so until I get up there in a few weeks and get a bit settled, but I'd love to start meeting people when I do get up there. I'll edit this post then, but if you want to message me and start to get in touch feel free.

e: I'm currently down in Lebanon, VA, 30 minutes away from Bristol if anyone is interested around there.

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Oct 25, 2010

Body of a Penguin
Soul of a Hero
Mind of a Lazy, Easily Distracted, Waste of Space

Soiled Meat

sister 46 brother porn User Name - Nomadotto
new amateur sex videos Contact Info - Email me! Email is in profile
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sex parties in college Do you have a group now ish. I am part of a large(ish) pathfinder group, but am looking for folks for some indie-games and/or board games.
lesbian pussy and tits What are you willing to play Looking for folks for board games and/or indie-ish rpgs- Danger Patrol, 13th Age, Fiasco, Apocolypse World, etc.

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Clockwork Gadget
Oct 30, 2008

lesbian dog sex stories tick tock

bathing in the nude Contact Info - PMS, AIM: Clockwork Gadget, or find me in #badwrongfun or #partyhard.
nerve hollywood sex scene City/State/Country - St. Louis, MO.
tamil actress sex movies Do you have a group now? - We don't have a regular group, but we've got anywhere from 2 - 6 people on any given week that get together to RPG or play board games.
having sex in bus What are you willing to play? - We usually just end up playing board games (the usual suspects include Dominion, BSG, Small World, Galaxy Trucker, Dixit, and Ticket to Ride) because we're lazy, but we are familiar with a bunch of systems and are generally always looking to learn more. In the past year we've messed around with 4e, 13th Age, Reign, CoC, Mistborn RPG, Gamma World, and AD&D. We've got tentative plans for Mutant City Blues, the new Marvel RPG, and Somberbrero is always trying to get us to play Fiasco.

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Oct 7, 2010

Some sort of strange mechanical man.

naked science close encounters User Name - Feldheim_C
my gf sex video Contact Info - PM or email at naked japanese women photos
father eats daughters pussy City/State/Country - Portland, Oregon (Southeast Foster area/ Red Castle Games)
free nude porn sites Do you have a group now? We have a group that meets every Wednesday from 7pm-12 for PFS.
rate my sex vid What are you playing? Pathfinder Society (Organized Play) for the time being, but may look at playing other systems/games in general as we get more people.

download porn movie torrents More Info:
Basically a (non-goon) friend of mine started a gaming group called the Midweek Militia, so far we are only running 1-2 tables of PFS but we're hoping to drum up more players, possibly expanding to other games over time. My friend has talked the owner to giving a 10% discount for Pathfinder related stuff to people who show up and play and he's also been getting a hold of various gaming companies for some swag to give away. If you're interested contact me or just come on down to Red Castle before 7.

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Oct 25, 2010

Body of a Penguin
Soul of a Hero
Mind of a Lazy, Easily Distracted, Waste of Space

Soiled Meat

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mature anal sex pics Contact Info forum PM
vampire the masquerade sex Location Philadelphia, PA
free cougar lesbian porn Do you have a group now? No
very young ebony porn What are you willing to play? I'm ok with pretty much anything, but I'm really itching to play Polaris, Fiasco, Dungeon World, the lumpley games or similar.

free cam sex sites

Contact info - Email address is in my profile.
Location - Philadelphia, PA
Group - No, but I know a guy who's also interested.

Most familiar with D&D 4e, but not really picky - anything's fine, really.

Seems like there's a bunch of folks in the Philly area. Shoot me an email at edward (dot) damon at gmails and I'll start doing some organizing!

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Dec 30, 2006

black lesbian girls nude best sex for woman AAAAAAAAAA

naked guys haveing sex Contact Info - Forums PM works.
teen dies in crash City/State/Country - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
teen games online free Do you have a group now? - Not exactly. I had one and it sort of fell apart but there's probably a couple of people I could get to play stuff if I asked them again.
cube 2 sex scene What are you willing to play? 4th Edition, 13th Age, any sort of card/board games.

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