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Aug 7, 2004

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Were the fronts actually working a profit tho? I'm just thinking about the whole series of scenes where it was revealed that Clay was scamming Stringer all along and i assumed that it was hinted at then that the whole business was operating at a loss and going nowhere. But also now that i think about it it could just be a scene showing Clay Davis being Clay Davis and everything that didn't involve him probably ran a whole lot smoother.

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May 20, 2004

Would you be my new best friends?

If Stringer had thought short-term smalltime he could have made out like a bandit (like Fatface Rick and the like did) by flipping the properties for a big profit, and the money he handed out to the likes of Davis would have been worth it. Instead, he decided to hold onto the properties and develop them himself and become a big time player, which is a good long-term strategy that he unfortunately completely bungled by assuming he could shortcut or game the system like things worked on the street - bribe Davis to grease the wheels to ensure permits/funding came through etc.

If he hadn't thought of himself as the smartest guy in the room (ala McNulty) he would have used Levy as a middle-man and had (some) protection from the predators and it might have worked out. Instead, Davis and Krawcyzk were taking him for huge amounts of money while just leaving everything to run as it would have anyway (you do your paperwork, put in your applications for permits and matching funding, then sit back and hope for the best) and he demonstrated he didn't have the temperament to handle things.

Edit: The parallel is obvious, but look at all the money Frank Sobotka was throwing at lobbyists to get the canal(?) dredged, while everybody told him,"You've bought political support but it only takes you so far, be happy with what you've got and don't push for something impossible!" and then he ended up losing the small gains he did make because he wanted EVERYTHING.

Edit Edit: Hell, they even have a similar thing where the guys he is paying try to mollify Frank by organizing a minor chair position which he can give to his brother (who turns it down) for some extra cash to make it look like they're really working hard for him. Meanwhile, Stringer is paying out all that cash and the best Clay offers him is some minor contract which will get him 20-30k back for the hundreds of thousands he had laid out already.

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Jan 13, 2005

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Fallen Rib

The central paradox, highlighted by The Greek telling Sobotka to settle the gently caress down and use the money on something tangible like a nice jacket, is that you cannot actually change the system no matter how much money you burn on it. The money is the system, etc.

Edit: Similarly, even when McNulty has access to dispense all of the resources of the department as he sees fit, he can't actually enact any ongoing fixes to how policing is handled in Baltimore; the system's own moving parts cannot be used to fix it.

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Jeffrey of YOSPOS
Jan 1, 1970


Cybernetic Crumb

Ziggy's mom was right... He should have gone to the community college. He would have made an excellent unicycle guy.

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