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Dec 19, 2007

A Very Special Hell

ROAB's basically dead, Freegardeners exist almost only because Masonry literally had to go and revive it and give them some juice, IOOF's abandoned most of my country, the Druid benevolent orders are nearly extinct. We've all lost ground to the rise of the welfare state. In a sense, we were too successful - we wanted everyone to have a square deal in life and not be abandoned when times got rough, we worked for it, and society took it up, so one of our core reasons for existence died away. We kept trucking though because unlike most of the benevolent societies that were basically just welfare programs, we had our social and ritual aspects, and ever since we've been coasting on people chasing camraderie- but people don't look to fraternal societies for that anymore. We're quaint and old fashioned.

It's why the Strict Observance movement exists, to try and refocus on what makes Masonry Masonry through ritual and reemphasize that.

I also recall a conversation I had with a venerable Templar brother from grand priory. His opinion, having observed Masonry as a member for some sixty years, is that perhaps 90% of people join (or more importantly, free hairy mexican pussy stay) for the social experience, 5% join for enlightenment (of whom maybe a tenth actually pursue it seriously and contribute to esoteric masonry), and 5% join for business ties and walk away when they get disappointed. The essential problem we face is that what we deliver socially is not perceived as desirable, and so naturally our proportion of social joiners is shrinking - in and of itself, not a bad thing, but those social members (or 'good ol' Norms' as I recall one article on the issue from the 90s calling them) have been the lifeblood sustaining the craft for decades and they're all dying. Couple that with a generalized tendency away from being 'joiners' as a society (also not inherently bad), charitable endeavours largely running through the Lions club and similar groups that don't have our baggage, and the growing trend of atheism and you get a natural progression away from membership rates increasing.

My belief is that it'll stall out and Masonry will begin to reach a sustainable plateau over the next fifteen years. As we become less saturated and people lose their memories of us being literally everywhere, we'll regain some mystique that'll help draw people in - and the occult renaissance that the internet has enabled will also bring new members, changing the ratio of social:esoteric masons significantly. The increasing economic and social collapse we're going to inevitably face will also prompt new growth later in the century. It is the paradox of our craft: When times are bad, we will be stronger, because that is when people need to lean on each other most and we erect ourselves as strong pillars to support those who need a helping hand - but when times are good, and have always been good within memory, we will be weak, because we aren't needed.

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Feb 14, 2012


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because we aren't needed.

That's very sad. I've been watching Netflix's "Inside the Masons" show and it's caused me to think that we need much more of a sense of brotherhood in our culture. American culture, I mean.

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Jun 1, 2003


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I used to be in IOOF. Maybe I still am if I cough up ~15 years of dues. My impression is basically they are far worse off than Masonry. I was actually told there was an Oddfellows lodge active in Greensboro, but no one could ever actually tell me where or when they met. Considering the Soverign Grand Lodge for North America is in Winston-Salem I figure that's a really bad sign.

I've driven by the IOOF lodge in Greensboro (it's by the baseball stadium, if I recall) and have driven by the Grand Lodge in Winston, and I've sent dozens of emails out but could never get a single response on joining the IOOF. Oh well!

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Old Dirty Cumburgs
Jan 15, 2011

Gravy Boat 2k

There used to be an IOOF lodge in my city, but it seems to have gone under for unknown reasons. No real info in the papers or historical records I could find, but their cornerstone is still there. Developer is interested in converting it to some kinda small town skyscraper.

The nearest one I believe is still active is one state over.

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