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Cat Mattress
Jul 14, 2012

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Why can't tittybird nurse Sette? She has the tits for it!

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Her poison boobs are making the Khert too loving crowded.

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Sep 15, 2003

But you are a person, and I can't say I'm awfully fond of that.

Ssael was killed by being fed to lions. Mikaila and Duane talk about it in the flashback:
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A few pages later Will references the Ssaelit armed forces being called the Lions of Mercy, so they were sacred to the Ssaelit and presumably the Gefendur wiped them out.

The fact that Ilganyag is calling Ssael a friend makes me wonder if she had something to do with how he was able to enter the khert without having his memories dispersed - much in the same way Duane's soul navigates it. Ilganyag probably gave Bastion whatever information he needed to pull off what he did to Duane, and either she or Ssael figured it out back in the day and shared information. I wonder when she started the Black Tongues relative to that. If she ever tells Duane any of that poo poo his not-brain will probably melt.

Also, anybody notice that the lion next to baby Sette doesn't have a tail?

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A Wizard of Goatse
Dec 14, 2014

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Honestly I can't really follow most of the Khert stuff. There's a real lack of clear information as well as a lack of...dramatic importance? I'm sure the ultimate destination of all these souls matters in the long run, but it doesn't seem like a pressing issue. They're not going anywhere; haven't for centuries.

It kinda does remind me of deviantart. Ilyanag, Murkoph, and the Khert have a bit of that kind of aesthetic, although better implemented. Also the fact that their narrative is happening mostly offscreen in lore infodumps. Don't get me wrong, I've read plenty of that kind of stuff, but it's not really the comic I bought into back in the day.

The pressing issue plotwise isn't the fate of peoples' souls, but that's what motivates Bastion and Delecieu, the latter of whom seems to have some kind of plan to destroy the Khert now (?)

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the yellow dog
Dec 27, 2007

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Grimey Drawer

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Her poison boobs are making the Khert too loving crowded.

also good catch! i never noticed the narrative part of the stained glass, just that it depicted ilganyag. rahm really has no right to be condescending about iori owning portraits of the queen when their house has a whole drat series of windows devoted to his bird boss flapping around committing infanticide.

one might say he has videos porno con caballos no leg to stand on.

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