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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Seriously?

small teen fucked hard Game: free mature wet pussy
old woman having sex System: Werewolf: the Forsaken (nWoD)
big dick porn hub Format: PbP
free erotic lesbian stories Players: 5
porn star stormy daniels Description: You are a werewolf fighting against Hitler in World War 2 because dude is using magic and ancient artifacts and allying with other evil supernatural creatures. Meant to be a very pulpy, action-y game where you get to throw tanks at Prometheans/golems and poo poo.

There will be a Howling Commandos joke, I promise.

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Feb 14, 2009

asian free porn clips free live naked webcam free teen video post aw jeez, aw heck,
i guess we gotta lynch ya

Game: teen boy and mature
System: Mafia
Format: PbP
Players: 13
Description: "It's like putting together a puzzle except all the pieces are calling you a moron." Much like The Resistance or other social games, Mafia is a game of hidden information with an uninformed majority versus an informed minority. New players are welcome.

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Feb 13, 2012


Fun Shoe

Game: free hairy bear porn
System: Black Crusade
Format: PBP
Players: 4-5
Description: Wronged by the Imperium, angry about Corpse Gods, freshly arrived in the Screaming Vortex and eager to work towards overthrowing the Emperor/saving humanity/Showing The Fools. Come see what happens when the Heretics don't know any better yet and still hold out hope!

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Babe Magnet
Jun 1, 2008

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Game: lesbian dildo fucking videos
System: Dungeon World (1980's/1990's Action Movie Reskin)
Type: Roll20/IRC PbP
Players: 4-5 5-6
Description: It is the year Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Eight, and the streets of Miamia are hell. Recruited by the MSPD, working outside the law, you will bring redemption or ruination to this long-suffering city. Kind of like Shadowrun, but with a cheesy theatrical aesthetic instead of cyber-punk.

Running this is PbP now, 4 slots still open.

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Apr 6, 2012

naked black girls boobs No Boots on the Ground,
Puny Mortals!

Game: cameron richardson lesbian scene
System: MonsterHearts
Format: PbP
Players: 5ish
Description: Another god drat MonsterHearts game.

Join the Federation!
Bang Hot Green Aliens!
Boldly Go Where No Monster Has Gone Before!

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Feb 25, 2007

japanese porn video stream Game: lesbian sucking pussy video
naked pics of chyna System: CYOA
free gothic porn pics Type: PBP
stacy lane porn star Players: All of ya!
national sex ofender registry Description:

It's been 37 years since the missiles and the bombs rained down up on the world. 17 years since the Angels and Demons marched into war. Over time they have weakened and some of the humans are showing signs of extraordinary strength, or so the rumours go. Rumours also say that there are places you can stand and reach into the past, which would sound outlandish if not for the circumstances at hand.

Welcome to The Remnants of Revelation - A Double Post Apocalyptic CYOA. The Earth is a dangerous place and it's not especially difficult for you to die violently, be maimed horribly, starve or die of thirst. There is no plot armour, however if you die there may be something more... depending on what you are and how you lived of course. But there would be no going back, so to speak.

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Mr. Maltose
Feb 16, 2011

If you ever need the Defenders drawn as ponies or the cast of Doctor Who, I know where to hook you up.

free lois griffin porn Please don't want those things.

Game: sex nd the city
System: Leverage/Cortex+
Format: PBP
Players: 4-5
Description: You literally have a new lease on life and the terms of that lease include larceny. The lease didn't say anything about who's body you're currently in, either. Honestly, if being dead wasn't so terrible you might think this was a bad deal.

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Epsilon Plus
Dec 30, 2006

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Game: miley cyrus nude art
System: Mafia
Format: PbP
Players: a bunch!
Description: Dr. Wily somehow did a worse job than usual. You don't even know who Mega Man is, this time. Christ. A game of Mafia - new players are welcome; this game is a little more complicated than some games of Mafia, but still less complex than a gross majority of the PbP games played here anyways.

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Apr 26, 2007

"Little by little the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him"

Game: looking for hot sex
System: Boardgame
Format: PBP
Players: A replacement for the Charlie Kane character.
Description: Fight back against the horrors of the Mythos in a co-op boardgame. The game is actually ongoing, but the GM had to bail. I took over, but we've also one of the players. First come, first serve basis on who picks up the Charlie Kane character.


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Mar 27, 2010

Stop it.
Stop all this nonsense.

Game: nelly furtado nude photos
System: 13th Age
Format: PBP
Players: 3-5
Description: Find, research, plan, stalk, hunt, fight, and flee the terrifying dragons of the 13th Age!

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Feb 28, 2011

sandra bullock naked pics Indulging in daytime naps is the highest pleasure mortals can attain!

cover my face porn Game: free asian movies porn NyarlathoTech: Ramming PT Boats Into Cthulhu
tiffany amber thiessan nude System: Fate Core / Atomic Robo
porn in the world Players: 4-5
women wanting oral sex Format: PBP
teen girl movie monologues Description: Another game inspired from Ettin's own NyarlathoTech games (totally canon yo). Run a Black Lagoon-esque mercenary service in an weird, occult-infused tropical archipelago. Smuggle magical relics! Fight monster-summoning cults! Deal with wizard guerrillas and an oppressive wizard government! Run from dinosaurs!

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Seriously?

sims 2 porn pics Game: 3 some porn video
gloria velez naked pictures System: Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader
delhi public school sex Format: PbP
naked couple having sex Players: 5 or 6
pussy getting fucked videos Description: You're experienced. You're almost what one would call a hero amongst the Imperium. But the mighty always fall, and they always fall hard.

Now, you're taking the scrap missions from a retired and well-connected Rogue Trader who took a shine to your own warrant holder. He's rented you out his old rustbucket of a ship that you've just gotten out of drydock, and manned it with a crew greener than any ork. First brokered mission? Oversee negotiations with the tau.

This is intended to be a fairly light hearted and fast-and-loose kinda game. I'm not loving with ship combat, because ship combat sucks.

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May 18, 2008

Such a BK.

Game: long dicks in pussy
System: PBTA space Hack
Players: as many as I can get for multiple one-shots of 3-5 players
Format: skype/hangouts/roll20
Description: Like the idea of playtesting a apocalypse world/dungeon world hack about misfits and spaceships? Not looking for a long term commitment? Apply within!

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Mar 3, 2009

Pipe rifles and snack cakes.

mariah carey porno video Game: cheap sex worst enemy

amateur homemade teen videos System: GURPS 4e

amy fisher nude videos Players: About 4

kristin kreuk porn fake Format: PbP

free video movie porn Description: A redo of my previous game in a different system and slightly different setting. Eleven years ago, mankind crawled out of the Convergence to find Earth a very different place, rife with strange places and even stranger artifacts. Now with civilization returning, you've taken on work for Brooklyn City's premier artifact dealers to supply the teeming masses with all the horribly advanced, highly dangerous poo poo they love to consume. Experience the fun of antimatter explosions and Neil Young music in surprisingly quaint post-apocalypse!

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The Deleter
May 22, 2010

marcia cross naked photos Game: reggaeton sex vol 2

naked male models pics System: Fate Accelerated Edition

design a teen bedroom Players: 4-5

amy smart sex crank Format: PBP

funny cartoon porn games Description: Fight for fame, glory, sponsorships and groupies in the only big sport left to exist! Everything else is dead! Who cares? It's Thursday Fight Night!

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Oct 10, 2012

Soiled Meat

adult female nude models Game: black hairy pussy movies
3 d comic porn System: hot nude military girls
keeley hazell sex ape Format: PbP/VASSAL
big brother nude men Players: Urgently need one replacement; just post a 2000 point list in the thread.
kira reed nude photos Description: Shoot other goons in with giant spaceships. Faction-based campaign. Join us at #BattlefleetGothic on synIRC if you have questions.

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Really Pants
May 20, 2005

What's...where' do I even begin to describe your pants/underwear situation?!
You couldn't make your pants any lower, so you made pants for each leg! SAY IT!

After a very intense and exciting journey through the Forest of Piss and across the Dildo Mountains, my Zeitgeist 4e game unaccountably needs two new players.

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hot nude girls video Game: little lupe porn pictures melina perez nude pictures
famous free porn videos System: D&D 4e
sagittarius and scorpio sex Type: PbP
free phone sex movies Players: 6 (2)
make porn not war Description: Fantasy Secret Service with steamships, guns, global conspiracies, and goony French tieflings.

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Epsilon Plus
Dec 30, 2006

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Game: caught in shower naked
System: Mafia
Format: PbP
Players: a bunch!
Description: Dr. Wily somehow did a worse job than usual. You don't even know who Mega Man is, this time. Christ. A game of Mafia - new players are welcome; this game is a little more complicated than some games of Mafia, but still less complex than a gross majority of the PbP games played here anyways.

This game needs one replacement. Newbies still welcome but you do need to be a-postin'. PM me if you feel up to it

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John Dyne
Jul 3, 2005

Well, fuck. Seriously?

best sex ever housesitting Game: daily free amateur porn
best rough sex scene System: Deathwatch
karla spice nude blog Format: PbP
rebecca love lesbian sex Players: GM
home made anal sex Description: For three weeks now, our GM has promised us posts and tantalized us with plot threads in IRC. Every day, he would sit in IRC, chatting, promising posts at lunch, and then after work, and then on his days off. Every day, rumors of the tau world being a tomb world; maybe there are orks! Maybe chaos! Everyone wants that goddamned STC!

Now he's dropped it with a grunt and a fart, and we are three pages and 95 replies in with 6 GM posts. The story he had planned so far was for us to act as bodyguards to a diplomat negotiating with tau, but since literally nothing has happened that wasn't player driven so far, the story is wide open, because our asses are still sitting on the loving watch station waiting to be briefed.

So if you ever wanted to run Deathwatch without the hassle of recruitment, here you go! If you wanna talk to us about it, all of the players are in #acolyte on

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Dec 27, 2007
I released my finger from the trigger, and then it was over...

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free xxx sex sites Game: free videos granny porn
good slow sex songs System: list of mobile porn (Homebrew)
anetta keys anal sex Format: PbP or maybe IRC
mom sex porn video Players: 3+
nude girl big tits Description: Forums-poster free full vintage porn P.d0t created another D&D-ish heartbreaker. This time with 100% real fluff!

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PM or post heidi klum seal sex if you're interested in reading/reviewing/critiquing/playing/testing the game.

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Mar 18, 2007

Good, bad. I'm the one with the power of Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, and Mehen.

College Slice

xxx free lesbian movies Looking for two replacement PCs for my The One Ring game (details below). Hoping to get a more active posting pace going now that the holiday season is well over and folks are settled back into work and/or school rhythms again.

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clare carey nude crash Game: rosie perez sex scene
red tube shaved pussy System: fuck my pussy porn
sex positions in chair Players: 4-6
india cyber cafe sex Format: PBP
fucking machines porn videos Description: Smaug's dead, there's a king under the mountain and in Dale, and Men, Dwarves, Hobbits, and Elves seem to be able to finally sit back and relax. But things are never that easy. There's still orcs, wargs, and evil Men all around... and some say a more sinister evil still holds sway in the lands around the Mirkwood. Come form a company of would-be heroes against Shadow, trying to make the world (or at least your part of it) a safer place. Newbies welcome, I'm happy to teach the system as we go along.

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The Deleter
May 22, 2010

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get started in porn Players: 5
big teen tit video Description: Come be lovely teen monsters in Trenton, New Jersey.

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Oct 10, 2012

Soiled Meat

naked girls licking eachother

house of night sex Game: nude pics alyssa milano
constance marie butt naked System: dragon ball hentai sex
homemade milf sex tapes Format: PbP/VASSAL
lady gaga nude playboy Players: Urgently need one replacement; just post a 2000 point list in the thread.
priya rai boat sex Description: Shoot other goons in with giant spaceships. Faction-based campaign. Join us at #BattlefleetGothic on synIRC if you have questions.

Campaign is underway but now we're looking for another replacement. Chaos list, preferably, but you can play whatever.

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Comrade Gorbash
Jul 12, 2011

free teen chat lines My paper soldiers form a wall, five paces thick and twice as tall.

xxx home sex video Game: nude boobs in public NyarlathoTech: Corporate Stooges on Magical Adventures
lesbian jokes one liners System: Fate Core / Atomic Robo
sex in club porn Players: 2-3
girls naked full body Format: PBP
nude scene girl videos Description: Another NyarlathoTech game! Don't these jerks have anything better to do? (No. The answer is no.)

Get hired by the largest company in the world to solve complicated problems when magic and industry collide in the worst ways!

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Aug 22, 2003

How can you have a yellow alert in Spacedock?

free homemade couples porn Game: top teen pop songs
hot blonde teen girls System: Fantasy Flight Star Wars (EotE/AoR/F&D)
black cream pie sex Players: 6
totally naked sexy girls Format: PbP
how do have sex Description: 22 years after the Battle of Endor, extragalactic invaders are making their way through the Outer Rim. Come join us at the beginning of the New Jedi Order timeline and rewrite the series (so it doesn't suck!).

Hybrid campaign using all three of the FFG Star Wars core rulebooks.

Edit: crap, can some mod change the thread tag on my link to Recruitment / OOC Thread?

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Mar 3, 2009

Pipe rifles and snack cakes.

black college sex videos Game: naked fear movie trailer
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angelina jolie naked fucking Players: 4-5
lexi belle japanese porn Format: PbP
super hero porn videos Description: A ruin dive gone wrong has left you miles above the Ninth World, trapped on an orbiting space colony. What secrets does this strange structure hold, and how the hell do you get home? Unless you want to learn what space debris hurtling through your face feels like, you might as go out there and get some answers.

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Oct 26, 2010

Are you in or are you out?

black free sex pics Game: pictures of pussy willows
blonde lesbians having sex System: Monsterhearts
hot italian girl porn Players: 1-2 more
free erotic porn stories Format: PbP, with irc
the cosby show porn Description: Try to survive in an elite school whose administrators see you as little more a wallet, hood ornament, or talisman of diversity. The first Season got a thousand posts, my god. Here's to a thousand more!

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Dec 12, 2008

Quick to Anger

romantic teen date ideas Game: over 40 mature porn
sex info 101 index Players: 6
small penis porn sites Format: PBP
hentai free video porn Description: Take command of a historic empire from 1492 to 1792 and lead it to triumph or ruin against your peers.

One group filled and ready, others are free to build another though.

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K Prime
Nov 4, 2009

free real gf porn Game: download mp4 video porn
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free grannie porn videos Players: 4-5
tori lane porn star Format: PBP
sex in x men Description: Who will live and who will die in the dark?

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red plastic cup
Apr 25, 2012

Make shitposts an impossibility in your mind.

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miss teen connecticut 2009 System: 13th Age
free big boob porno Players: 3-4
eva green nude videos Format: Roll20 with Skype
real teen home videos Description: An adaptation of the 13th Age adventure, Shadows of Eldolan, for use in the Eberron setting. Zombies and mystery on a picturesque city on an island.

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Paper Lion
Dec 13, 2009

ms california semi nude Game:I don't know!
better than sex movie System: Also unsure!!!
ben wa sex toys Players: 3-6
free teen web chats Format: Roll20 with Skype
hot naked asian girls Description: I feel like running something but am not sure what and only have one pal already interested. I've run small games and big games and many types of systems and am willing to be told what to run. D&D3.5/4 (the 4 is more for Gamma World), Shadowrun 4E, Meikuu Kingdom (though I would like to wait until the rules are at least in playtest), Dungeon World, 13th Age, that new Star Wars game by Fantasy Flights, Mutants&Masterminds 3E, Numenera, World Wide Wrestling: The Roleplaying Game (haven't actually run this yet but would quite like to), Maid, Rifts, and ~*~The Mystery Box~*~.

My skype is in my SA profile, feel free to add me and get at me if you wanna play some dumb garbage! Likely running on Tuesdays.

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Oct 11, 2012

Everything. Is. Fine.

candid nude beach photos Game: talk sex with sue
free vintage interracial porn System: Atomic Robo, using modified Exalted setting
zoey l4d nude skin Players: Maximum of 5-6
pussy rubbing against pussy Format: PbP
traci brooks nude pictures Description: Want to play Exalted, but not a fan of the system? Come try a game with a different system, featuring heroes that are less traditional than the usual Solar squad. Newbies welcomed!

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Oct 22, 2004 does free 3d porn clips that work?

older woman for sex Game: anime porn movies free
adult wet pussy games System: Some loving WEG Star Wars D6 hacked into Mass Effect thing I found this one time
free 3d porn site Format: PbP
free hardcore party porn Players: Pick a number between 1 and 10
sexy black hairy pussy Description: Okay so you guys are the staff on this super ancient ship that is also a bar and nightclub kinda hotspot in space travelling around having good times and adventures and all sorts of stuff. But you guys gotta be cool because this ship doesn't let just anybody stay on and stand behind the bar. No volus.

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Friar John
Aug 3, 2007

Saint Francis be my speed! how oft to-night
Have my old feet stumbled at graves!

laura love free porn Game: naked brothers band cds
red tube anal sex System: HeroQuest Glorantha
free nude milf pics Format: PbP
male porn free video Players: 4-6
fat ass porn star Description: The Lunar Empire marches south, to conquer Kethaela and the last of the free Orlanthi in Heortland, finally siezing the Middle Air for their chaotic Goddess. Can you stop them?

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Jul 14, 2001

italian big brother sex Game: black free lesbian porn
amateur anal sex vids System: HERO Exalted
real amateur free sex Format: PbP
free lesbian pornstar pics Players: 1+
home made pussy video Description: The Free City of Rosina is little more than a handful of fishing huts and a dream, but the First Councillor has thrown open the gates (metaphorically, there aren't any actual gates yet) to all those whom the Scarlet Empire has labelled Anathema for a thousand years in hopes that this will be enough to survive in a time of weakened Empire. Another game where you can play Exalted without using the Exalted rules, this one a much crunchier kind of rules than the Atomic Robo game AdjectiveNoun is running.

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Jul 29, 2007

Smooth soft red velvety lungs.

christine taylor nude fakes Game: kourtney kardashian sex pictures
porno men and women System: Apocalypse World
clothes for teen girl Format: PbP
naked lesbian porn pictures Players: 3-5
mariah carey nude pix Description: Be hot, cool, hard, hot and weird in the ruins of an Eastern European apartment block. Travel the outside, build your jingle, meet strange and exotic people and take harm from them. Stalker meets Mad Max meets Lisa.

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Jun 2, 2003

free nude girls screensavers home made streaming porn Avatar brought to you by the
TG Sanity fund

nude scene girls pics Game: sex pics in public
ashley judd nude bug System: FFG Star Wars
oral sex dream interpretation Format: PbP
adrienna bailon nude pics Players: 3-4
female fitness models porn Description: You are the crew of a legitimate shipping company and its sole freighter, working out of Corellia. A Hapan noble wants you to deliver some goods home, to Hapes. He's willing to pay. A lot.

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EXAKT Science
Aug 14, 2012

8 on the Kinsey scale

free naked arab women Game: fat white women naked
6 teen the show System: Mafia
kids looking for sex Format: PbP
nude biker rally pics Players: 19 total, still have 7 6 just 2 more slots that need to be filled!
old women sex porn Description: A game of trickery, deceit, and calling people morons before killing them, set in the frigid north of Skyrim. As far as mafia games go, this one is a bit nonstandard, so at least a little mafia experience is definitely a plus. That said, new players are absolutely welcome!


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May 14, 2008

maggie gyllenhaal naked pics Game: vintage nude male pics
hot mexican porn pics System: FAE
big booty having sex Format: PbP
kari byron porn pics Players: 4 total, possibly more at a later date.
muscle man having sex Description: Gundam Build Fighters meets Yugioh, Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure with a dash of Mortal Kombat. Fight with plastic robots to prevent a group of futuristic space colonies from seceding and possibly starting an actual war.

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mother with son porn

Feb 19, 2007

free lesbian black movies Sorry, a system error occurred.

nude burning man pictures Game: teen gang bang movie
people having sex pic System/Format: Survivor (Propaganda Machine is running it again this time. I'm just here to help!)
free sex pics tgp Players: 15
free granny sex porn Description: I'm going to put what was here last time because it's pretty accurate. "Get sorted into tribes that compete against one another in fun internet games for game rewards and safety from the tribal council vote. I'm really not sure what to put here. It's like the TV show, and it's fun as heck."

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