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Green Intern
Dec 29, 2008

Secret Art: Toxic Crotch Whirlwind!

Do you have feelings? Do you like lasers?

If you're like me, then you might just have...playboy vida guerra nude britney spears video porno.

Lasers & Feelings is a rules-light game about some dudes and dudettes in space. If you want the in-depth (one page) details, check the link above for all the rules. I'll be running this for up to 6 people. If you'd like to get in on the fancy space hijinks, reply in this thread. I don't need characters yet, but post about something cool or weird that they really like in a sci-fi show or book or whatever. Just show that you know what cool and fun sci-fi poo poo is all about.

Please be prepared to post at least once every day or two. I've got LASER FEELINGS that this game won't require huge effort on anyone's part. It'll run until it's done. Probably a couple of weeks or so.

sex for men now SPECIAL LASER NOTE: If you applied to big breasts porn movies, but did not get in, you get a guaranteed spot in this game.

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Feb 16, 2007

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Missed getting into the other game, so getting in onto this would be nice. I like to boldly go where no man has gone before, even though I'm not really a Trek guy. I like exploring the unknown (in any genre, by the way) with a rag-tag crew of friends rather than crewmates. Y'know, Han and Chewie, Mal and his gang, a Rogue Trader and his company.

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Feb 13, 2012


Fun Shoe

I've never apped a PBP before, but I can't resist a game that has a condition called LASER FEELINGS. I'd love a chance to explore the unknown and find something good for once, or at least something pretty and cool (even if it's also kinda dangerous) instead of all the Grimdark All The drat Time that infests modern sci-fi. Let's go find some kickass crystals or an exciting new stellar phenomena or discover a new planet with cool dudes who speak entirely in metaphor!

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Jul 29, 2010

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Grimey Drawer

Oh man. I didn't notice the other game, but just reading about the game is giving me some Laser Feelings. Count me in.

I don't remember when it was, but I made an observation to my friends that it seemed like Sci-Fi movies and tv shows were becoming mostly action and moving away from what I loved about star trek, where the morals in the episodes were complex and sometimes asked you to contemplate the nature of humanity.

There is, or rather was, a show that seemed to take upon itself to occasionally pick up that mantle and ask these existential questions. That show? Futurama. Sure, it was a bucket of laughs the entire way, but the feels that show induced were laser grade powerful.

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Dec 17, 2013

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I'd love a chance to FEEL THINGS WITH LASERS if there's still room. Because space is a beautiful place of understanding and harmony. Just, sometimes we have to fistfight each other while hurtling through Warp Space to make that understanding happen. I love stuff like the ending of The Iron Giant book, where the Iron Giant challenges an Australia-sized Space Bat From Nowhere to a literal sun-bathing contest. Upon winning, said Space Bat agrees to be the Iron Giant's slave and sings a magical space song that brings on world peace.

We may be challenging horrible space-beasts to deadly contests, but we should sabrina sabrok porn video never forget sportsmanship and fair play!

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Green Intern
Dec 29, 2008

Secret Art: Toxic Crotch Whirlwind!

Glad to see there's interest. I'll keep this open for another day or two at the most.

Always remember, the real lasers are in...your heart.

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Nov 17, 2008

psp porn vid download Style: Intrepid
free hairy pussy thumbnails Role: Explorer
zac efron butt naked Number: 2
birthday sex clean lyrics Name: Princess Mauri
free beyonce knowles porn Character Goal: Prove herself worthy

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Clown Contagion
Nov 23, 2007
Hilarious AND Fatal!

I feel it! I feel the lasers!

I'd like to bring in some butt naked girls videos 2001: A Space Odyssey themes. I want to have mind-bending interactions with alien technology and shout "Dammit <Captain>, I'm a scientist, not a <Other Job>!"

Also, I've been told I give excellent massages.

EDIT: Now with character!

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sex girl and guy Role: Scientist
hip hop booty porn Number: 3
tanya roberts sheena nude Goal: Solve weird space mysteries

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Feb 25, 2007

I have no idea what I'm doing. In life and in this. BUT HERE WE GO! (Stealing this character from another thread shh)

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effect of oral sex Role: Explorer
bang my black pussy Number: 3
dont like oral sex Name: Hugh Mann
rock n roll porn Character Goal: Become an Awesome Captain (and also not die of alcoholism)

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Jan 24, 2003

I shoot lasers because I cannot feeeeeel.

anger management for teen Name: Dr. Lance Photon
porn of old women Style: Intrepid
colin farrell porn video Role: Doctor
teen video chat rooms Number: 5
free tranny porn online Goal: Become Captain

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Dec 17, 2013

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aishwarya rai naked picture Name: Cosmorade Alexei
porno gratis red tube Style: Savvy
watch free pussy eating Role: Pilot
watch softcore porn online Number: 4
free babysitter porn pics Goal: Find New Worlds

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Jul 30, 2006

Trust me, compañeros. I'm very good. same sex marriage background

Fun Shoe

I want to play in this game about lasers as a robot who feels things

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woman 46 dog sex Style: Sexy
free amateurs sex movies Role: Envoy
fists of fury porn Number: 2 [apparently it free evan stone porn has to be at least two? Robot ruined]
selena gomez nude gallery Goal: Foster Galactic Peace

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Jan 5, 2004

Curses from all directions!

I applied in Kellsterik's thread and came away rejected. Maybe it's just that I'm that terrible. I don't know; but maybe together we can find out, because I am game for your game about space and lasers and space and feelings. Regardless, I am not deterred! When you are ready for us to make characters, I will supply one. It will almost certainly be awful, possibly be fun, and you will probably regret your guarantee.

Also, I lied about how Yesterday's Enterprise was my favorite TNG episode in the other thread. The one where Picard was zapped by a probe and lived a whole other life and learned to play the flute was my real favorite TNG episode. I admit, though, that flute playing is probably not the most practical of space-skills. But I also admit I would much rather fly a space ship and shoot things with lasers than play the flute.

Edit: And a character!

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amature home made sex Style: Alien
hot tight pussy pictures Role: Pilot
vaginal oral sex tips Number: 3
celebrity sex tape online Goal: Prove Herself

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Fuego Fish
Dec 5, 2004

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black little girl porn Number: 1

Psst, it's gotta be from 2 to 5.

Also what the Hell, let's see how this goes.

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mature group sex porn Style: Hot-Shot
adult porno free video Role: Soldier
free gangbang sex clips Number: 4
tv porno on line Goal: Become Captain

Bubble helmets for everyone. Bubble helmets are the best helmets.

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Green Intern
Dec 29, 2008

Secret Art: Toxic Crotch Whirlwind!

xxx rated porn video FYI: I'm going to close apps at 4pm EST (or so) today! Then I'll do a quick player pick, we'll generate the ship, crisis, etc, and we'll be off for LASER ADVENTURE.

(Also feel free to edit a character into your interest post now if you haven't already done so. Your number should be from 2-5, as Fuego said. I don't care if there are duplicate roles or goals. If you have a custom goal, keep it bounded within the same general scope as the pre-set ones.)

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Apr 16, 2003

charisma carpenter nude fakes Name: Assault Unit 5-MeO-DALT
zuzana body rock nude Style: Android
free porn stream incest Role: Soldier
free college sex movie Number: 2
julie du page naked Goal: Find New Worlds

Dalt (for short) is a malfunctioning orbital insertion assault android. Little humanity remains in his android brain, but after his auxiliary singularity caught fluctuations from another galaxy and damaged his Nucleonic Flux Actuator, the human mind has taken the forefront. Dalt loves plants and gardening and is very excited to see the flora of other worlds.

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Jul 29, 2010

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Grimey Drawer

sex video of lesbian Name: Vespera XERD_3113
hot naked french men Style: Android Cyborg
teen boy free pics Role: Engineer
puerto rico porn site Number: 4
katie morgan office sex Goal: Find New Worlds

After a disastrous mishap with the plasma inductor during a dogfight against space pirates, Vespera was approved for cybernetic enhancements to help repair the permanent damage to her brain caused by the accident. The improvements are relatively modest, but her integrated space-phone-camera-communicator-scanner helps keep her connected to the ship's Wi-Fi Ansible and is the first to know whenever a mechanical component of the ship needs repair.

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Jan 16, 2005

This game is right up my alley and I hope I get chosen for LASER FEELS ADVENTURE!

Name: Gelliea
Style: Sexy
Role: Envoy
Number: 2
Goal: Spread the Good Word

Gelliea is journeying the galaxy on the traditional pilgrimage of her people, as they bring the Divine Feelings Of The Eternal Godhead to a galaxy in turmoil. This is achieved by empathically sensing the emotions of others, counseling them to bring inner peace to their troubled souls and wearing alarmingly unprofessional costumes while on duty.

E: my favorite TNG episode is "Unification" because it's got Spock and Data being logic bros

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Green Intern
Dec 29, 2008

Secret Art: Toxic Crotch Whirlwind!

school girl sex fantasy Apps are now closed!

I'll make picks a bit later tonight when I get home from work and have dinner

For now, I want everyone who apped to start debating on what ship traits to pick. This has no relation to getting into the game or not. I just want to keep you all involved and move things along.

That means amateur anal sex video two of: Fast, Nimble, Well-Armed, Powerful Shields, Superior Sensors, Cloaking Device, Fightercraft
and sophie sandolo nude calendar one of: Fuel Hog (always needs energy crystals), Only One Medical Pod (and Captain Darcy is in it), Horrible Circuit Breakers (in battle, consoles tend to explode on the bridge), Grim Reputation (Captain Darcy did some bad stuff in the past).

Edit: If you've got a Strength or Weakness to suggest that's not on the list there, feel free. Just keep it around the same general strength/weakness level.

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Feb 25, 2007

mature son sex tube Fast - If we are armed to the teeth, it means we will stand and fight.. which means we're gonna get blown the gently caress up. If we're fast, we can get the gently caress out of there.

old men free porn Horrible Circuit Breakers - We may get some rugged looking scars if things do go to poo poo!

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Apr 16, 2003

Clearly a black women porn galleries Fast and naked 13 year olde Well-Armed craft is needed to deliver drop assault droids like Dalt. The Raptor has a lesbian woman having sex Grim Reputation though, maybe Darcy was a little zealous with the orbital bombings.

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Clown Contagion
Nov 23, 2007
Hilarious AND Fatal!

I think angelina castro porn star Superior Sensors would be an asset in getting the crew both brande roderick sex scenes into and short haired porn star out of bad situations. I also would like to believe having a bay full of best porn movie forum Fightercraft makes for plenty of SPACE DOGFIGHTING, which provides not only lasers, but also feelings.

As far as disadvantages, I'm drawn toward pictures of lesbian teachers Horrible Circuit Breakers, if for no other reason than the iconic spark-tastrophe accompanying a direct hit on the hull.

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Dec 17, 2013

live porn webcam free asians nude in public Wait a minute...

sonic and amy sex Fast - because more speed means more adventure per unit of time. Trudging through interstellar space for months while dying of Space Scurvy is not anyone's idea of a good time.

fat bbw porn videos Fightercraft - Because how else will we lead a last-minute one-in-a-million shot into the enemy's bridge? Fighters are the furious fists of any spaceworthy vessel. Shooting things from a distance lacks pizzazz!

porn stars on tour Haunted - Sometimes there's a flicker on the viewscreen that just doesn't leave. And Ensign Rodney's been acting oddly ever since that maintenance job on the laser-deck. Maybe the ship's computer is acting up? Are we meant to know? (consider this a hybrid of Exploding Consoles and Grim Reputation, where things don't work but in an evil way)

I think our ship should be a scarred veteran of a past space war. The scars are cosmetic, obviously, but they're cool.

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Fuego Fish
Dec 5, 2004

tila tequila strip naked yenny rivera video porno By tooth and claw!

My votes for ship strengths are jaimee foxworth nude pictures Powerful Shields and jessica james porn video Fightercraft. What can I say? I'm a Soldier here, I want the ship to be protected while I'm out there blastin' lasers.

My vote for ship problem is clip sex ngoc son Only One Medical Pod. That way we're not going to rely on fancy-pants "medical pods" to get us out of trouble, we're gonna have to stay sharp and shoot sharp.

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Clown Contagion
Nov 23, 2007
Hilarious AND Fatal!

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video porno colombiano gratis Haunted - Sometimes there's a flicker on the viewscreen that just doesn't leave. And Ensign Rodney's been acting oddly ever since that maintenance job on the laser-deck. Maybe the ship's computer is acting up? Are we meant to know? (consider this a hybrid of Exploding Consoles and Grim Reputation, where things don't work but in an evil way)

I can get behind this 1000%. I change my vote.

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Nov 17, 2008

Clearly this is a prototype explorer ship, that's middle east women porn FAST so we can cover a lot of turf, and has hot lesbians havin sex Superior Sensors so we find all the best science.

It's true, the ship might be a little small girls big pussy Haunted, just because it's so advanced.

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Jul 29, 2010

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Grimey Drawer

Since a lot of us chose To Find New Worlds as our goal, I think amateur latin sex videos Superior Sensors is an obvious in. wifey world free porn Fightercraft sounds neat, especially if we can reflavor them to function as multipurpose landing craft.

grade school girls nude Grim Reputation is most likely to bite us back too when we're out and about.

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Green Intern
Dec 29, 2008

Secret Art: Toxic Crotch Whirlwind!

I've checked the results and...

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  • Platonicsolid
  • bahamut
  • Bloodnose
  • stevey666
  • BrainParasite
  • Fuego Fish
  • Dagon
  • Frankenfreak

Yes that is 8 people shut up I changed my mind.

Sorry to everyone who didn't get in, but there were approximately one million of you, and the dice don't play favorites. Feel free to stick around and vote on the ship's features. Remember: you go to space with the ship you have, not the ship that you wish you had.

To everyone who got in, I think we'll just keep this same thread for the game. Expect an opening post sometime in the next day, when I get a chance, and after everyone's character is done. If you haven't made a character yet...why not!?

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Feb 25, 2007

Yay! I shall struggle my way though this. Thank you Green Intern and his many magical dice.

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maribel guardia nude pic Haunted - Sometimes there's a flicker on the viewscreen that just doesn't leave. And Ensign Rodney's been acting oddly ever since that maintenance job on the laser-deck. Maybe the ship's computer is acting up? Are we meant to know? (consider this a hybrid of Exploding Consoles and Grim Reputation, where things don't work but in an evil way)

This is an excellent idea and gets Hugh's space vote.

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Jan 24, 2003

ugly girls having sex Superior Sensors for intrepid exploration. american sex gladiators videos Fightercraft to craft fights.

sex girls free video Horrible Circuit Breakers just because the cliche appeals to me.

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May 6, 2008

Spare batteries are pretty key.

Fun Shoe

I don't want to read a story about a ship that doesn't have a free simpsons cartoon sex Grim Reputation hanging over its groovy peace-loving head everywhere it goes.

Edit: I mean in the "maybe Darcy was a little zealous with the orbital bombings." sense, not the "things go wrong a lot" sense

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Jul 30, 2006

Trust me, compañeros. I'm very good. christina model nude videos

Fun Shoe

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free video asian sex Superior Sensors for intrepid exploration. nude beach in japan Fightercraft to craft fights.

free new porn movie Horrible Circuit Breakers just because the cliche appeals to me.

I like this set of things, although Haunted also appeals to me a lot. We can have two things wrong with the ship, why not? We could even bargain in everyone's favorite "fast" to offset the two bad things!!

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Jan 5, 2004

Curses from all directions!

Maybe it's because I decided to go with Pilot as a style, but I'd go with porn stories to read Fast and family guy comic sex Nimble. Speed is great, but outrunning lasers might still be a little tough without being nimble!

I'm totally down for free mobile toon porn Grim Reputation. Our path into legend shall be paved with our own corpses!

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Green Intern
Dec 29, 2008

Secret Art: Toxic Crotch Whirlwind!

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At least, that was the original plan. Fly around the Consortium worlds, save the day, get paid. Things have suddenly taken a turn for the worse after that last mission. Whether or not you believe in the Consortium Creed (It Takes Many Stars to Make a Constellation), Captain Darcy was one of the best drat commanders you've had. Handsome, capable, and now in stasis-lock in the medical bay due to an unfortunate condition commonly known as "Brain Fried by Psychic Entity." You really hate that Psychic Entity.

Thanks to modern medical pod technology, the Captain can be held in stable condition indefinitely, but that leaves you, the crew, without direction. Did you remember the chain of command? It might be useful at this juncture.

For now, let us review:

You are the crew of the jennifer love hewlett nude CSS Falcon, a monster buster club naked Fast big booty videos porn Conquistador-class Space Cruiser. Your ship is also equipped with numerous sex and funny forum Fightercraft, useful for both attack and defense as long as you have someone to pilot them. Although free simpsons porn movie Conquistador-class ships are known for their Superior Sensor arrays, the Falcon's is...unique. Nobody knows why, but currently, deep scanning attempts usually just show hazy images which some would describe as "terrifying" or "full of screaming." Standard usage is unaffected; Maybe it can be fixed later? It could also be related to the cartoons porn free videos Falcon's other quirks; consoles that have a tendency to spark, doors that close just a little too close for comfort, replicators that occasionally forget that food needs to be edible. Some might say that the ship was wife drunk sex stories Haunted (or maybe it's just faulty wiring?). Certainly it has done nothing to help your reputation; The fact that you have all decided to remain on an apparently cursed ship has certainly made those in the know raise an eyebrow. It's never stopped you from getting the job done, which remains a point in favor of your competence.

Of course, the hot high school pussy Falcon has never pulled you out of hyperspace in the middle of an asteroid field before. With a sudden lurch, and a blaring of shemales fuck girls porn, you're all dropped into danger. Giant chunks of rock and metal are ricocheting around you at alarming speeds and trajectories. You should probably do something about this, before you're all turned into scrap! And maybe figure out why the hell you're here in the first place.


free shemale porn sites Ok! Welcome to the game! Frankenfreak, feel free to just jump in after you make your character. When posting, please provide at least your name and number. Use your dicebot of choice for rolls. If you can post the roll in the thread, that'd be great, but if you're on your phone or whatever and can't, that's fine. I have LASER FEELINGS that none of you are going to cheat in this wild space adventure.

I'll find some nice art for the Falcon at some point, or you can all hash it out yourself.

Remember: When you do something risky, roll 1d6 to find out how it goes. Roll +1d if you’re prepared and +1d if you’re an expert. (The GM tells you how many dice to roll, based on your character and the situation.) Roll your dice and compare each die result to your number. If you’re using lasers (science, reason), you want to roll under your number. If you’re using feelings, (rapport, passion) you want to roll over your number. Helping another person gives them +1d, but you'd better describe how!

If you roll your number exactly, you have LASER FEELINGS. You get a special insight into what’s going on. Ask me a question and I'll answer - you may then revise your action if you wish.

If you have a strong, sensible case for getting one or two extra dice, just do it. I don't want to bog the game down by making you wait for my approval on every roll. If it's an edge case, I'm often on IRC (irc.synirc.net, #badwrongfun).

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Feb 25, 2007

jeremih birthday sex feat Hugh Mann

'loving replicators!' Hugh shouts as he hits the console with his fist. 'I ask for a whiskey on the rocks and I get THIS instead.' He feels a cold chill down his spine and perhaps imagines a faint laugh at his expense.

'As acting Captain I shall take care of this poo poo. Deneb Sol Centauri CXCVIII!! CALL YOURSELF A PILOT? loving DO SOMETHING!'.

sex offenders in md Hugh is attempting to take the reigns as captain it seems! Sneaky bastard.
OOC: I assume this is how we do things here, new at this poo poo so bear with me

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Nov 17, 2008

free video about sex Mauri

The alarms echo through the halls of the ship, down the corridors, into the engine room, past the galley, and most importantly, right into the bunk of Princess Mauri (of Theta Gama XIII!). She's up like a shot, nearly banging her head on the top of the bunk-nook. A few minutes later she runs into the bridge, still zipping and clasping parts of her uniform. "Raiders!?" she asks, filled with energy and excitement. "Kaldronians?" An asteroid whizzes past on the view screen. "Oh," she says.

eva mendes hairy pussy Usually we do character names in bold at the top, OOC stuff at the bottom in italics. I presume that's what GI wants as well?

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Green Intern
Dec 29, 2008

Secret Art: Toxic Crotch Whirlwind!

free mobile sex game That is correct. My apologies for assuming everyone knew the drill.

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Fuego Fish
Dec 5, 2004

naked pete wentz pictures kelis sex tape images By tooth and claw!

uncircumcised men having sex Juliet Jericho

"Dalt! Ol' buddy, ol' pal, they're playing our song!" Juliet remarks with a grin, sliding down the pole that led from the soldiers' quarters to the flight deck. The big burly android resided on the flight deck itself, the quick-access pole not built for someone of his dimensions and weight, but it allowed him space to keep a veritable miniature forest of potted plants that he took care of with meticulous mechanical efficiency.

Juliet leapt from the pole before touching the ground, ending up perched atop Dalt's broad bulk, not even slightly rocking him from his position. "C'mon, Dalt! Mush! Hiyah! We're needed out there! Y'know, probably."

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Jul 30, 2006

Trust me, compañeros. I'm very good. denise masino nude video

Fun Shoe

free brenda james porn Miss Roboto

Standing at the birthday sex free downloads Falcon's communications panel, the curvaceous chrome courtesan that is Miss Roboto desperately attempts to liaise with the asteroids. "They are ignoring our hails and seem to have blocked communications on all frequencies," she reports before resorting to poetry:

"sex videos free tube A cry into deep space
Stonewalled by asteroids
Failed diplomacy.
" The end of her freeform haiku is punctuated by a whirring gyro. miss louisiana outstanding teen Wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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free erotic soft porn

Jan 5, 2004

Curses from all directions!

naughty teen school girls Deneb Sol Centauri CXCVIII

"If you're acting captain, then I've come of age and can finally return home to slay my mother and ascend to the position of Supreme Matriarch. You also don't need to be so formal! Lieutenant Commander Centauri, or just Centauri, is fine," Deneb declares with a sigh as she presses a series of buttons which cheerfully boop and chirp with each keystroke. The noises the Retro-sound Command Panel Plug-in she installed never failed to amuse her, much to the chagrin of the other members of the crew who shared her post when she was off-duty. She continues, "this thing might be fast, but she isn't graceful! So you know what would help? The shields."

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As if on cue, she presses one final button to activate the Falcon's shield array, but instead of a sound of happy compliance, something more akin to the sound of a mangled trumpet come out. Deneb blinks at her disobedient control panel, "...except the shields aren't coming online. Why aren't the shields coming online?"

Upset by this revelation her insect-like antennae quiver and her accusatory eyes snap to Hugh, "in your mad bid for power, you didn't reroute the tactical commands somewhere else, did you?"

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