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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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Some speculation on twitterverse:
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That could be a cool curveball for the Justice League movie to pursue I think.

there's no way that casting would have stayed secret this long, and they're trying to keep TV and movies separate so I don't think they'd just borrow Melissa Benoist for a day or anything. It's a cute theory but I think it's just Superman he's looking at.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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One of the strangest posts I've seen on film is someone going "They should have given Whedon Man of Steel, he's got such an ability to create great visuals"

if you know that person in real life, check and make sure that they've got eyes and not some sort of weird lizard living in their eye sockets or something

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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I thought this was a 'ha ha funny goon joke' until I googled it.The screenplay not only exists, sex tube home videos but I can read it in it's entirety

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you wanna know the best part? da spot teen club It's pretty good. It definitely would have been a hundred times better than the shitshow that we got.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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That's cool . Reminds me of this callback:

did someone say brianna frost nude pics?

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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The colour scheme on that Batman poster is dope.

he looks like a Frank Miller Batman action figure brought to life, which is very cool

the lighting on the others is really weird though. I think it's something to do with how it makes all of their skin look, because the best looking ones are Flash and Batman, and they're completely covered up, and the Cyborg one has the human part look very photoshopped, and the Wonder Woman and Aquaman ones look like outtakes that accidentally made it onto posters.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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“Dark_Tzitzimine”" post="“477209631” posted:


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When Affleck gets drunk does he Facebook message his exes pictures of him with that filter that just say "im barmab"?

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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Just for what it's worth, this is the original list of changes Dark_Tzitzimine posted a while ago, which gets what feels like more and more confirmed with each bit of news.

with the possible exception of the second to last one, all of these changes are at best neutral, and at worst seem like they're removing any sort of mixed emotion from the movie.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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Here's video vanessa hudgens nude another leak of the film's plot. Honestly I'm just sharing this one because is the one I liked the most from all the ones who have shown up so far.

Yeah this sounds like the movie I expect to see.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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i'm gonna pretend that Snyder went to the costumers for pre-pro work on the clothing and just brought lookbooks full of pictures of himself.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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They screened in advance the first 30 minutes of the film in an event at China and one of the reactions to it was translated by a fan

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if, after all of the panicking, whining, bitching, and paranoia that Justice League was just gonna be another lame superhero movie, it ends up somehow even more polarizing than BvS

i dunno

i'll probably be pretty happy but also some of my friends who hate BvS might kill me

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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Man, why would other people defending a movie they like make you hate it more?

Also I think your tastes are still way more in line with the usual CD mindset than they are to the average internet person, for example liking Prometheus.

(we aren't so different, you and I)

i dunno, sometimes when people talk about how much they hate a movie it only makes me enjoy it more. not out of some sort of weird spite, but because it allows me to think about the movie from a different perspective and appreciate it at another level. This happened with Prometheus for me, where I enjoyed the movie the first time I watched it, but having conversations about it (both online and IRL) and going back to rewatch it brought me even more joy.

I could see someone doing the same thing, but in an opposite way (although without the part where they watch the movie again)

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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maybe Warner Bros should contact Ed Boon to direct the next movie so they can put Sub-Zero and Hellboy in it

or they could just make the big budget R-rated Mortal goddamn Kombat movie that i have been waiting for ever since that awesome Tancharoen-directed short came out (and the garbo webseries that followed explicitly hot nude girls picture does not count.)

they made a very good Mortal Kombat movie 20+ years ago and now that we are in a sort of renaissance for both r-rated action movies and a more permissive environment for licensed property-based movies that are rated R, i want the gritty reboot filled with fatalities that would make the directors of Saw blush.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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can we all come together and laugh at this great tweet?

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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here is the full image and the actual clip:

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edit: Affleck has a better poo poo-eating grin than any other man in Hollywood. Gone Girl really used his slimeyness to full effect.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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Well, the movie is out here in Australia and I saw it.

To give some perspective, I like MoS and BvS, thought Suicide Squad was a hacked up but interesting garbage fire and Wonder Woman was ok, and Marvel films with some exceptions are hot trash.

I kinda liked it, but it is worse than both MoS and BvS and will probably not be as well received as Wonder Woman.

It feels very rushed, like there is an hour of film on the cutting room floor and nothing really has time to breathe. The score isn't terrible, only because the only things I remember from it are rehashed worse versions of existing scores. The scenes with CGI removed SuperStache are very easy to spot and everybody seems to have their comedy levels turned up to 11.

This all seems really negative, so why do I think it was okay?

Firstly, everybody is really well cast and is giving 110%, even Batfleck who doesn't sleepwalk. The one most poorly served is Ray Fishers' Cyborg, but even he does well when allowed to show some personality and not just be "I am here to talk about Motherboxes and be sad about my robot skills"

To be more specific, I am going to need spoilers

xxx group sex videos The best scene in the film is the scene immediately following Supermans return from the dead. They really get across in a short time how confused he is (He doesn't have any memory at first and then it slowly returns. Unluckily, the first thing he remembers is "That Batman dude is kind of a shithead"). The fight against the Justice League is both impressive, terrifying and funny. There is a moment when Flash goes superspeed and usually when that happens he is so fast everybody else in the scene is a statue, but when he does it here he tries to get behind Superman, whose eyes suddenly track Flash and then Supes entire head turns to follow him, it is something out of a horror film like when a mannequin comes to life. The terror is somehow both enhanced and made hilarious when they cut to a Flash reaction shot as he realizes how hosed he is and Ezra Miller is making an crazy "I'm so dead" face. Knowing the internet, this will become a "It was at this moment, he knew he hosed up" meme.

The final battle (spoiler, the Justice League wins) is interesting in how most of the league is all "Man, we're gonna die. But at least we go out like bosses" and Batman's plan literally involves him dying, and he is a little upset when the others don't follow his plan and save him. This is contrasted to how Superman is when he shows up, as he literally cannot stop smiling and being the light happy Superman I guess the internet wanted, as the others fight for their lives he's all "Oh, is this guy giving you trouble? No probs, lol" and then smashes Steppenwolf into the ground. Like, compared to the final battles in both MoS and BvS, for Superman this is a walk in the park and seems like he doesn't even need to try, like he is more powerful than the rest of the league put together. The movie makes it seem he is faster than Flash, so I guess you don't need the league as long as Supes is around?

Visually, the film is mostly still Snyder, except where certain bad shots stick out like a sore thumb. That red sky filter is not as obvious or as long lasting as it is in the trailer. Seeing as the Superstache is obvious, it is not too hard to see what bits were Whedon.

But, the crazy thing is how much was cut. From the trailers, these things are not in the movie:
- Alfred meeting someone (Superman) and saying lets hope you're not too late
- Flash breaking through the window in slow mo
- Lois walking out of the Kent house and Supes saying "I'll take that as a yes". This scene is in, but that bit is gone
- The "more more or more less?" exchange from the first trailer
- Cyborg stopping that destroyed car and telling that cop "you should probably move"
- Batman looking at the Superman hologram
Some things are also in, but changed:
- The shot of Wonder Woman landing and saying "Shall we?" with Aquaman and Cyborg behind here is still in, but they are gone and she doesn't speak
- In the trailer with Aquaman leaping into the sky off the Batmobile you can see the BatPlane thing in the sky flying along, but by that point in the film it is already crashed and destroyed
- Steppenwolf doesn't mention lanterns in dialogue

The oddest exclusion though is this. At the start of the film everybody in the world is all sad because Supes is dead and it's causing a loss of hope and people being dicks to each other. There are memorials worldwide to him, people are still laying fresh flowers at his memorial and Ma Kent is all "I know I think this because I'm his mum, but this is all because Clark is dead". So you would think this would mean a scene when Superman has returned where the general public react and are all "It's him, hope has returned!" or something like that. Nope, nothing at all. In fact, I don't think a single civilian sees Superman or reacts to his return. It feels like the natural conclusion has been removed. Very strange, they must have filmed something surely?

Might sound like you've heard this before, but it would really benefit from a directors cut.

This lists some cameos and the credits scenes: young little boy sex

- Zeus, Ares, and Artemis (? I think. A greek goddess who uses a superbow?) all show up in the flashback to Steppenwolfs prior defeat, it is Zeus who defeats him
- At the end, they mention possibly recruiting new members for the JL. Its headquarters will be in the destroyed Wayne Manor
- At least two Green Lanterns show up in the flashback. I don't know comics enough to know which ones. One is killed and his ring flies away.
- First credits scene is the start of a race between Supes and Flash, winner not shown
- Second is Luthor recruiting Deathstroke into the Legion of Doom
- Darkseid is mentioned once, but does not appear
- Greek Gods are referred to as the Old Gods, Darkseid and friends as the New Gods
- First use of Super Cold Breath in the DCEU

Overall, this is probably the most Marvel DC movie and that bothers me. Like, they got so scared they ran away from good things. There are still some good things here, like Cyborg calling his dad a monster and the argument Batman and Wonder Woman have where they tear strips of each other and say some poo poo you can't just take back. Also, acknowledging Batflecks age and how ruined he is from his life of crimefighting. But they make sure to put the quips in and so I guess that's what we're getting now.

Finally, about the uproar over the Amazons and their belly tops. In the movie, the entire point of this costume is to show off the muscles of the women. To be more specific, amy ried porn videos
Steppenwolf shows up on Paradise Island to grab a motherbox and Hippolayta grabs it and runs. It is in the vault and so she leaves through the entrance tunnel. The Amazons were the midriffs exposed are guarding the entranceway. They try to buy their Queen some time by using their giant gently caress-off Hammers to smash the wooden logs that hold the giant stone doors up, to prevent them from sliding down into the ground. They then have to hold these doors up from the ground long enough for Hippolayta to escape. So the point of the scene is "Look how jacked these ladies are! They're loving RIPPED!". Then when Hippolayta has escaped, they allow the doors to drop, killing themselves. They go out as super strong, self-sacrificing beasts

So, the point of the scene isn't "Sexy, eh, eh?" But more, "Get SWOLE". However this may be sexual to some people, so be your own judge. I was just wondering if all Amazons have super strength because this seemed beyond what a mortal would be capable of.

holy poo poo i came here to write a review of the movie i just saw and it turns out someone already wrote it for me. this is almost exactly how i feel, right down to the respective opinions on the previous DCEU as well as old woman porn movies the sheer terror of Superman wrecking the entire League's poo poo after he's brought back.

You can see the seams in this movie. You can see where they frankensteined the original concept to the new, post BvS failure concept, and you can see where they frankensteined Zack Snyder's work with Whedon's (and likely some less than talented unit directors, because no way *all* of the bad scenes were Whedon, there were too many), and you can see where they frankensteined the Danny Elfman score onto the movie at the last possible second. You can see the green screen and the blurred out 'stache. You can hear the obvious ADR work. It's clearly not a work that is of one mind about itself. But there is good in there, much more than it's goatee'd alter-ego, Suicide Squad (another movie you can very clearly see the seams of). Whatever it is that Cavill does as Superman clearly works for me and every scene he's on screen is a great one. He gets a little chatty, but I like Ezra Miller quite a bit, and if there problems in the movie, they aren't with the cast, who are all game and do their absolute best. It's definitely not the movie I feel we should have gotten, one that would properly complete the expansion of the world we were introduced to in MoS and got properly expanded once already with BvS. But it's also not a fucked hard free porn complete train wreck, which is impressive given how many chefs were in the kitchen on this one.

Also the intro will join the pantheon of Zack Snyder Credit Sequences. It's not quite up there with the one from Watchmen but you can tell that the intro was part of his vision because dude loving loves credits set to a song with slow-mo vignettes of the world as it is changing.

edit: i think if anyone should take the blame for this movie being a mess it's Warner Brothers. They didn't know what the gently caress they wanted and it showed on the screen. Snyder having to drop out was an unforeseen circumstance but it seems like they took the opportunity to attempt to "salvage" a movie that probably was better 8 months ago. Whedon was probably not the right choice to take it home but when your friend who has gone through a tragedy and the billion dollar company underwriting the project want you on there, you're not gonna say no, and he probably went along with what the suits wanted since it wasn't really his baby. Warner Brothers, like Sony before them, really really wants some of that sweet Marvel Movie money but have absolutely no loving clue how to get there.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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The old Mister Bibs defense?

the difference is that he's not making any allegations of quality. "these movies sold a lot on bluray" is a really good piece of evidence for "most people like those movies," not so much for "these are good movies".

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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the wider internet is garbage and this is a sanctum away from stupidity. Not that we here can't have bad opinions but getting a broad opinion from Twitter or other internet places is a losing battle.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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I cannot wait until this movie is out on bluray so I can go through it and pick out screenshots and say "this was shot in the first round," "this was shot by a unit director," and "this was shot by Joss Whedon".

Like that first scene with Batman and the bombass cityscape and rooftop set? That looks a million times better than some of the absolute garbage green screen that happens in Russia.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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the worst part is that the first 15 minutes or so are very good. The introductions scenes were all really good, especially that first Batman scene on the roof. The set looked like it cost more money than all of the green screens from the rest of the movie.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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Another issue with the movie I have:

Every one of the league members has a character arc in this movie. Each one is set up in the first act and by the third act they've gone through their problem and learned their lesson, having grown into a better more complete person. This is fine and normal, but it feels like there are pretty much 3 scenes for each character: one where they (or someone else) states their problem, one where their problem adversely affects them or the team, and then one where they overcome the problem. A lot of them are incorporated in the most screenwriting 101 way and don't really feel like they're actually examining the feelings that the characters might have, but just kinda present them as a "this is how characters are written" fact. Cyborg's story probably comes the closest to overcoming that because he's given the most time to actually process emotions and poo poo.

For example:

The first scene we get with Barry Allen is him at the prison visiting his dad, who very clearly tells him what his problem is: "son, stop worrying about me and put your past behind you because you're wasting your potential by running in place." This is not one but two pieces of Dramatic Irony in one problem, the obvious one being the "running in place" reference, but also the idea of a Flash putting the past behind them and not trying to futz with it is funny. But like, we don't actually see any evidence of this. When Batman shows up to recruit Barry, he immediately agrees to go along because what the gently caress else does he have to do? He tells Batman his problem is that people are too slow for him (lolbrunch joke goes here) but we also don't really see any example of this in the movie either. They eventually introduce a third problem (he's never actually been a superhero before) and that's the one that largely gets fixed by the end of the movie hot mom son sex he clearly pulls his weight saving people during the final battle but then photos of nude sex he goes back to his dad and shows him that he's capable of moving forward and like, what does that have to do with being a superhero, or anything that happened in this movie? It's like they had 3 different arcs for Flash but didn't want to commit to one and so they left in pieces of each of them hoping that by the end they would feel earned.

Aquaman's character arc also is really underserved in this movie. Like, we're supposed to get the idea that he's kinda not welcome in Atlantis but like, at the end of the movie does he actually go back, or resolve anything? Nah, we've got another movie to figure that poo poo out in.

Honestly, the problem is the opposite of what people in superhero movie conversations would have you believe. They'd say "well you need a movie to set up each character before you have them come together" but it's really loving lazy if you have movies that you plan to resolve these sorts of basic character arcs because they just make the movie you made feel incomplete. Start and finish your poo poo in one film, good grief.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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That they pulled it off. The MCU films are a miracle, not because any of their films individually are masterpieces, but because of the greater whole they represent. They have all been decent, a few of them excellent. They all mesh together in a well-integrated universe that is building up to a climax. No film studio in Hollywood has ever accomplished anything like this. I grew up accustomed to the idea that making good movies was a crapshoot and thus I had no right to expect a superhero movie to be good. I could only pray. Just look at the X-Men and Batman series. But with Marvel Studios, I can expect a good time every time.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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actually now that i am watching BvS again I kinda see what people are saying about the tone of the movie and why they don't like it

but it is exactly my poo poo so i don't really care. i'm just gonna have to be happy with 2 big budget Superman movies directed by exactly the perfect director for my taste in movies, because it could have been zero.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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Like a second good movie

Zack Snyder has not made a bad movie, although Justice League is remarkably close.

Sucker Punch is misguided at worst. Everything else, from Dawn of the Dead to Batman v Superman is anywhere from good to great.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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oh man Snyder should direct a Nightmare on Elm Street movie that would be dope as gently caress

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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This guy is a troll, right?

nope. Dawn of the Dead: good, 300: good, Watchmen: great, MoS: great, BvS: good, Sucker Punch: alright/a noble failure. I haven't seen the owl movie.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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Doctor Manhattan is Barry's dad, Batman's tech and goggles are Nite Owl-esque, and the Speedforce looked like Manhattan's blue lightning CGI.

A whole lotta slo-mo fighting, too, another staple of Snyder's stuff.

I love the way the Flash's powers look in this movie, and all of the underwater stuff in Atlantis looked awesome too. That little air bubble that Aquaman and Hera talked in made their whole conversation look like a dream.

edit: another thing I loving hated: how tiny and plain all of the sets looked. So many scenes that were just conversations in a boxy room that looks like the set dresser spent 10 minutes on it. I was sick of that private jet really fuckin' quick.

Also the costumes were not very good. I liked Flash/Aquaman/Wonder Woman alright but the changes they made to Batman and Superman made the costumes look too busy and fakey.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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oh yeah when i said i liked the first 15 minutes i should have added a "gently caress that cellphone video" clause because gently caress that cellphone video.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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I keep seeing all these obnoxious billboards around my city saying "BRISBANE IS ALL IN". I don't know what the gently caress that means unless the city of Brisbane plays something of a major role in the defeat of Superwolf. could anyone who's seen it tell me whether this happens

alas, the billboards are lying to you.

my hometown got a shoutout in Winter Soldier so i can tell you having your hometown referenced in a blockbuster is as cool as you imagine it is, but i suppose you will have to wait for the next one to reference Brisbane, AUS.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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Just coming back from seeing it, I'll write a deeper review once I get some sleep but quickly I can say is an enjoyable if somewhat shallow film. The entire opening with Batman is the best part of the film, everyone was really even if the "Whedonisms" stood out like a sore thumb.

Besides that, I'll be surprised if the film doesn't perform well at the box office. My theather was packed, everyone was having a good time and the aforementioned Whedonisms got a lot of laughs, and there was even clapping and ovations when the credits rolled (plus many members in the audience lost their poo poo at the second stinger).

I gotta say russell brand sex tape Deathstroke looked real good. I have no idea if they're actually gonna include him in the Batman movie as was the original plan but he looked hella cool.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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Apparently Snyder has been responding to fans who thanked him for his Superman trilogy via DMs on Vero. Some screenshots have been posted of his responses, but basically they all went on to mention similar bits being Snyder hasn't seen any footage or cuts of the film since he stepped away from the project, and that he also apologized to the fans for not being able to complete the trilogy himself.

this is actually a super bummer because all of the circumstances surrounding the making of JL weren't really on him. It was a bunch of suits getting scared, followed by a family tragedy. I completely understand why he wouldn't want to watch this movie. I think Edgar Wright said during the Baby Driver press tour that he still hasn't watched Ant-Man.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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I went back and looked at Dark Tzitzmine's posts and found this old preview screening description that I found kinda interesting:


30 year old lesbian Movie begins with cellphone footage of some kids interviewing Superman and asking what he likes best about Earth. After the title card, a news montage shows how lovely the world has become since Superman died, and how Batman disappeared.

Batman is in some end-of-the-world village trying to convince Aquaman to join the team, but he says "no". Wonder Woman has also said "no". Heading back to America Batman manages to recruit the Flash. Then Steppenwolf shows up and steals a Mother Box from the Amazons. Wonder Woman then joins the team and tells Batman about how he was defeated by humans, atlanteans and amazons in ancient times and three Mother Boxes were left behind that united can "reshape the world". Steppenwolf was sent to conquer Earth on Darkseid's behalf, but failed and was exiled for it. Now that he learned from Lex Luthor that Earth had no protectors left, Steppenwolf headed back with his Parademons to retrieve the Mother Box, conquer Earth and get back into Darkseid's good graces.

Wonder Woman approaches Cyborg, but he refuses because he's all emo about being part-machine. His father is later kidnapped alongside a bunch of scientists and Cyborg changes his mind. Meanwhile Steppenwolf steals Atlantis' Mother Box and Aquaman has to go ask the others for help.

Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg find the Parademons' nest and fight Steppenwolf, who has the upper hand until Aquaman shows up. The scientists are saved, and it turns out Steppenwolf is trying to use Superman's DNA to create Super-Parademons and has stolen the body from Smallville to bring it back using the scout ship from Metropolis. The heroes prevent that, and find out Superman is still alive in a coma of sorts. They manage to bring him back, but Superman is confused and flies off to meet Lois and MARTHA.

Steppenwolf gets his hands on the last Mother Box and heads out to Russia to start the "reshaping". The heroes are pretty sure theyll die but set out to stop him anyway. They get there, a battle ensues, Cyborg overcomes his insecurity and manages to hack into the Mother Boxes and undo the "reshaping". Superman shows up and turns the tide against Steppenwolf, who ends up being killed by his own Parademons. The heroes stand triumphant and lock away the Mother Boxes once again. Superman reunites with Lois and Batman keeps the heroes on call should the world need them again.

Random stuff.

Lex Luthor and Deathstroke have been cut. Iris West too.

Darkseid is referenced throughout as Steppenwolf's master, but only briefly appears in a flashback, enveloped in shadows.

A bunch of scenes from the trailers have been cut, like Alfred talking to Superman, Cyborg's pre-transformation flashbacks, Batman watching holograms, etc.

Two Green Lanterns appear during the flashback battle against Steppenwolf, one alien and one human-looking.

Lots of dialogue additions by Whedon. You can tell what material is his, but it's not tonally clashing, and the movie is still pretty serious even though it has more lighthearted moments.

Editing is pretty messy in the first two acts, but finds a nice groove in time for the final battle.

Batman wants Wonder Woman to lead the Justice League, but she's reluctant because every death under her command will hurt as bad as Steve Trevor. She has a older sister-younger brother relationship with Cybor and is the one that gets him to embrace his new self.

Batman and Wonder Woman flirt a little.

There's no real standout action scenes.

The Knightmare is not addressed.

No lore other than Steppenwolf telling Wonder Woman's mom that the Old Gods are dead and the New Gods are here.

Mera has a minor role. She conjures some water weapons to defend the Mother Box, Steppenwolf swats her aside, Aquaman shows up and dodges Steppenwolf's war axe. Steppenwolf escapes with the Mother Box while Aquaman tends to her.

A standout comedic scene is when Aquaman touches the magic lasso while suggesting battle tactics for the final battle and begins listing the ways the other heroes and himself will probably die during the fight.

Batman and Aquaman have a funny relationship making fun of eachother throughout the movie.

Flash is the biggest comedy relief and his references are out of control. He hums the 60's Batman theme when he gets into the Batmobile, he repetedly points out ressurrecting Superman could lead to a "Pet Sematery" situation, etc.

A funny scene is when Flash scribbles a silly mustache on an rear end in a top hat guard at his dad's prison too fast for the guard to notice. He stays with the mustache on his face, none the wiser.

Superman and Flash have a playful little race to see who gets to a person in need first.

Flash doesn't get a second costume.

Superman has no real arc. He just comes back really joyful and eager to help people, but the movie sort of retcons him into having always been like that.

Superman returns believing he's still fighting Doomsday and slams Batman against a car before calming down. When Flash later brings up their fight, Superman says Batman doesn't like him much, and Batman awkwardly states "I don't... Not like you."

After reviving Superman immediately runs to meet Lois at the broken statue and whisks her to Smallville.

Kent Farm is for sale, but Batman buys it to ensure it stays with MARTHA. Movie ends with Superman living there with Lois and his mom.

Parademons are rabid, mindless monsters that prey on creatures that they sense feel fear. At one point, Batman lures one in by dangling a crook on the side of a building.

When Steppenwolf gets utterly defeated by the heroes, loses his war axe and his armor and the Mother Boxes, he feels fear, and that's when he loses control of the Parademons and they kill him.

The interesting thing in this whole thing (which is obviously real because the movie came out and most of this stuff is in there) is here:


free simpsons porno videos The scientists are saved, and it turns out Steppenwolf is trying to use Superman's DNA to create Super-Parademons and has stolen the body from Smallville to bring it back using the scout ship from Metropolis. The heroes prevent that, and find out Superman is still alive in a coma of sorts. They manage to bring him back, but Superman is confused and flies off to meet Lois and MARTHA.

I'd be very curious to know when they turned away from this, because the post I'm quoting is from like, September, and this changes the second act somewhat dramatically. phat black pussy pics I think it's fairly common knowledge that Snyder's original vision had a lot more Evil Superman in it and that Whedon is responsible for most of the Cavill stuff in the final battle, so it appears to me that the change to what we got was a much more gradual process. I wonder if Batman wanted to ressurrect Superman was the original plan, or if Steppenwolf was supposed to be the one, or if they filmed both and wanted to see which one played better.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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i mean, they probably should have just Alan Smithee'd this one except for the fact that everyone already knew who was directing it so they couldn't really hide it. I wonder if Whedon wasn't currently persona non grata after his wife torched him on the internet if he would actually be doing press for this one. I can't imagine actually being proud of the final result as a director. And that's not me talking about how much I don't like Joss, it's just a really untenable situation and in all honestly, he probably did the best he could with the given situation.

The more I think about it the more I'm truly astonished that a movie this shoddy got released, and that there's a significant portion of people who don't care that it looks that way. I feel bad because I really didn't hate it that much but it felt like I watched a test screening of a movie coming out next summer with unfinished VFX.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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Suicide Squad has the exact same problems this movie does w/r/t studio interference.

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It's definitely simpler.

yo, this. JL is the most bog-standard "bringing the team together" movie that it would be very hard not to get what is going on. We've been trained for years to recognize this story.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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I feel like I live in a bizarro world where people like this ugly rear end movie more that the beautiful but troubled BvS. I mean, just look at how this movie looks.

RIGHT!? This is the most frustrating thing. Like, I don't begrudge people for liking this movie because I kinda liked it while I was watching it and I'm not opposed to watching it again, and I understand why people don't like BvS to some extent, even though it's like tailor-made for me to enjoy. People have different tastes but it was incredibly obvious to me and the people I was watching the movie with that there were scenes that were rear end-ugly spread throughout the entire movie and it's really distracting to switch between Snyder-Vision and Whedon-Vision that much/often, and it amazes me how many people are able to ignore that because of the character interactions or it being "fun" or whatever.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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Compilation of footage/dialogue from trailers that didn't make it into the final cut:

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an entire twitter thread of shots from the trailers we didn't get:

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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I totally forgot about the trailer scene with Flash poking through glass like it's water. Can't believe that part didn't make it.

that shot of Flash attacking the dude aiming a gun at him is awesome and why wasn't it in there? the camera like, shakes and all of a sudden lighting and the dude gets blasted against this wall. And that shot of Cyborg blasting off and having this facemask appear? Awesome as hell.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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I laughed, well played. Though I think the estimates are looking a bit higher now.

Also came across this list on another forum that explicitly breaks down what was Snyder and what was Whedon, what was cut, what was added, etc. Spoilers, obviously: marisa tomei nude scene

This list basically confirms my suspicions. Honestly, I feel like they were right to bring Whedon on and have him work with Zack on character beats and dialogue and stuff and after Zack left probably were just like "well since you're here Joss, you wanna direct?" and Joss agreed because you don't turn that poo poo down.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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So its been awhile since Ive posted about these movies on these forums. Im an admited Snyder fanboy and Ive written long posts about my love for his films on these forums since he pretty much became a topic of discussion here. I absolutely adore MoS and BvS.

Justice League was a trainwreck and a fascinating example of the failure to merge art and commerce. Its a divisive artists vision being completely snuffed out by a panicked studio and it unbelievable how obvious it is.

I dont even blame Whedon. I love Age of Ultron tbh. I enjoyed it way more than this movie. He was just a guy there to execute WBs weird back pedal and it made the worst side of him come out.

I did love all the characters at least but I have no hope of WB actually executing their solo films in a way Ill give a poo poo about.

I liked having both my fun lighthearted Marvel films and my weird, dark and psychologically complex DC films. Oh well!

I'm hoping that WB was so focussed on saving Justice League that they completely ignored Aquaman and James Wan got to make exactly the movie he wanted. Even if they come back after JL's failure and want him to change poo poo he'd have incredibly good reason to tell them to gently caress off because they're going to make it worse.

side note: I'm stunned that we're still over a year away from it's release. I almost wonder if WB might try to push the release date up if post is going well.

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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From the DCEU reddit. This is a cherry picked comparison obviously, but someone pointed out that they didn't include Bruce's widow's peak in the reshoots and now I can't unsee it.

i just actually looked at this picture and the bottom right Affleck looks like someone overinflated Keanu Reeves.

edit: "hey guys, should we maybe make sure that Ben's hairline is the same in all of these shots?

"look, we're spending millions of dollars to digitally remove a mustache from Superman's face. People will be too busy looking for the seams on that one to even bother with Ben's poo poo"

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DC Murderverse
Nov 10, 2016

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Why didn't they get Patty Jenkins to take over, instead of Whedon? She had already been financially and critically successful while still closer to Snyder' style.

Because he was already on set, basically. Snyder had already got Whedon to do rewrites on some scenes and do a bit of work on the script when he stepped down, so while they probably would have had to work around Patty Jenkins' schedule, Whedon's was already set working on JL, and he's had experience with this type of huge movie before and has cred and so it was probably a very easy decision for WB to make.

Snyder stepped down in May, which was prime press time for Wonder Woman and WB didn't want to take the first female director of the first mega-budget superhero movie off that press tour to fix Justice League, and delaying it wasn't an option. She probably would have been a better choice in terms of making a consistent movie, but it really wasn't an option.

edit: it's why I feel that just bashing Joss Whedon is not the answer and that he did the best he or anyone could with the situation given. He had 6 months til release, he was thrust into the role of Director on a $300 million movie when he was supposed to just help out with a few little things, he had a star on a press tour, two stars off filming other blockbusters (although Ezra was easier to work around since he didn't have a stupid loving mustache), and an out-of-shape Batman, and instead of just doing pickups and minor fixes/dialogue, WB wanted a loving retool of the movie now that they could more easily wrestle control away from the guy in charge. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if it was not a very happy time for anyone, and that quality took a backseat to "get this done by November".

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