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Rand Brittain
Mar 24, 2013

"Go on until you're stopped."

like you better naked Welcome to the general webcomic thread!

This thread, like those that came before it, is designed for webcomic appreciation, commentary, criticism, and analysis. If you want to talk about the process of webcomic creation, or if you're a creator looking to talk shop with other creators, you might also try anime porn rape videos.

dog on man sex What is a webcomic? I've looked at that word for ten minutes and I still somehow can't figure it out.

A "webcomic" is simply a comic which is primarily hosted on the internet. It does not include newspaper comics with an online presence (but a thread for those comics can be found what men want sex). Webcomics come in all shapes and flavors: long, short, story-based, gag-based, science fiction, superhero, slice of life, comedy, drama, sprite-based fanfiction, whatever Dresden Codak is, etc. If you like comics at all, there's bound to be a webcomic out there which is right for you.

free male celebrities nude But I heard webcomics were bad!

Saying "webcomics are bad" is like saying "movies are bad" or "books are bad" or even just "everything is bad". Like anything else, there's good and bad stuff out there, and the nice thing about webcomics (as with most art) is that you're not forced to be exposed to ones you hate if you don't want to be; you have to go somewhere the webcomics are to find them. Webcomics aren't good or bad, they're just another art form like any other. What is true is that pretty much anyone can put a webcomic up if they want to without approval or oversight, so when it comes to quality the highs are very high and the lows can be quite low.

coral nude real world Which webcomics should I read?

All of them. Read every webcomic. Get to it.

dick in teen ass Which webcomics are actually WORTH reading?

A brief list of comics broken down by category may be found in the second post of this very thread, so you can find something that appeals to you. Don't let that limit you, though. It's estimated by our panel of mutually-appointed experts that a new webcomic is created every 2.5 minutes, so there's bound to be something good out there that we've never even heard of. Do some exploring and report back.

In the event that you find a comic you think the thread should know about, feel free post about it in the thread (or PM me to make sure I see it) and I'll add it to the list. Keep in mind that we aren't trying to create a comprehensive list of comics, though, only those that are interesting for some reason, so it might not stay there too long if it doesn't have the goods. (Or if it isn't terrible enough that we want to keep an eye on it.)

japanese porn streaming free I want to talk about a comic!

Perfect! Just be aware that some webcomics already have their own threads. They are as follows:

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desi sex mms clips
teen bedding comforter sets
erotic adult sex stories
anime hentai sex videos
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If your post is specific to one of these webcomics, please post in that thread, not this one. If there is some crossover and you are, for example, comparing a comic on this list to a newly-discovered one, then feel free to include that here.

In general, comics end up with their own threads if they tend to be discussed a lot (to the point where we'll get pages of discussion about just one comic on a regular basis); almost all comics are still discussed here. If you think that's happening, by all means make a new thread for that comic! The worst that will happen is that it languishes and dies and discussion naturally migrates back here. Also some people will post sarcastically about it for a while.

kayden kross porn movies I want to talk about fat ass porn pictures my webcomic!

Go ahead, just be aware that this is primarily a thread for readers talking about comics they read, and that's the sort of discussion that's going to happen. If you are primarily looking for shop talk, you actually want free nude asian girls. Please be aware that people might not like your comic and might sometimes say bad things about it. Discussion is cool, but getting into slapfights on the Internet benefits nobody.

best sex scene 2008 I hate these webcomics with a burning, fiery passion!

That's great. It's good that you have the capacity to hate things; we're all super proud of you. Unfortunately, the internet is not suffering from a negativity shortage and having a strong dislike of something does not make you a unique snowflake.

The question is: can you say something interesting about the comic, and about why you like or hate it? Something that hasn't been said a million times before? Is it a comic the thread hasn't discussed, and can you explain why we should all like or hate it right off the bat? Can you take an old complaint and make it so funny that we all feel the joy of hatred anew? If so, by all means post in this thread about it. If not, well, it isn't that hard to get a personal blog or tumblr to complain about things where none of us have to look at it and be bored by it. We're all here to entertain and inform each other, so please at least try to do one or the other.

Just for example, here are a few things that have already pretty much been done to death. It will be difficult or impossible to find a way to say anything new about any of them.

* Dickwolves
* XKCD is for nerds and has stick figure art
* Questionable Content has very static panel construction and a soap opera plot
* Girl Genius takes forever to get anywhere
* Anything regarding any sort of Clevin
* Dresden Codak updates extremely infrequently but still makes lots of money

This list is not comprehensive and may be expanded. In general, if you're just dropping by to say you don't like something without explaining why, you should reexamine your life choices. Only you can help you, man. Only you can help you.

gemma atkinson sex tape FURRIES! NOT THE FURRIES!

A comic having cat-people or whatever in it is not a reason to hate it. I realize this may sound controversial if you're stumbling onto this thread at random from some other part of Something Awful, but people here will straight up stab you in the face if you say anything bad about Lackadaisy Cats, Cucumber Quest, or Cheap Thrills (of blessed memory).

Here's a vagina hurt after sex (link to tumblr), Lackadaisy's writer and artist:


middle eastern porn tube Anonymous asked: How do you feel about your comic being associated with the furry fandom? Do you mind that readers often assume your characters are actual cat people?

The fact that they’re cats is rather beside the point. The story isn’t about them being cats. It’s intended as a playful visual for the comic more than anything else, but whether a reader sees them as literal cats, as cartoons, as punny metaphors for otherwise human characters, or whatever is really up to the reader. The fact that they’re reading it at all - hopefully because they enjoy it - is the part that matters to me.

That the comic has been associated with the furry fandom has been detrimental on the whole. I need to clarify why, though, and it’s not because I’ve had any troubles with people who identify as furries. It’s because the terror of being mistaken for a furry (presumably for liking something with animals in it) turns certain individuals into obnoxious, insecure, trumpeting assholes. I’ve learned to stop caring when that happens in forum discussions or even right in front of me at comic conventions, but when it happens at, say, a corporate level (and it has) then I get kind of pissed off. I’m sure there are plenty of legitimate reasons to dismiss or dislike my comic, but for those of you who do it because junior high school level internet politics hold sway over some part of your real life decision-making, you should probably be less concerned about furries and more concerned about just what is wrong with you.

…And that’s probably enough pontificating from me for the evening.

Sometimes people just feel like the best way to handle their comic is to put talking animals into it, and sometimes it's useful to give the talking animals hands. It isn't always because they have no imagination or are trying to support some kind of fetish.

In summary: don't hate a comic because it has furries in it. Hate it because it has Sonic mpreg in it.

max porn free clips What's the policy for posting images?

Post them. Webcomics are a visual medium and having an example of the work in front of you is going to help a lot when it comes time to discuss it. Make sure you follow the forum rules when you do it, though. (But you're already following those every time you post, right?)

Here are some guidelines that might help:

1. Don't break tables by using huge images. Scale them down first or use timg if you don't know how to do that.
2. Don't hotlink images. If you do that, everyone in the thread is using the webcomic creator's bandwidth without actually going to their site. Put the image into something like imgur or minus first and use that.
3. Don't turn the thread into an RSS feed. We don't need to see every single Penny Arcade (and the thread would tear itself to pieces if we did), just post examples that you think are interesting or that you want to talk about.
4. Don't post anything that is or that you fear might be Not Safe For Work. Just link to it instead in that case.
5. Link to the original site somewhere in your post so we can go look at the rest of the comic if we want.

Sometimes people feel leery about posting the most recent page of a comic out of a well-intentioned desire to not take revenue away from the artist. You shouldn't feel badly about this, though; part of the purposes of this thread is to help people find comics that they like, and if they don't see some, how will they know? In the long run, you're actually helping artists that you like by getting them new readers.

free chubby streaming porn Why do you all keep saying that <insert artist here> has a tiny, shrivelled penis? Isn't that a bit personal?

We'll often tend to project the work onto the people that do the work. This is sometimes regrettable, but given that the Internet as a medium encourages a direct connection between creator and consumer, it's essentially inevitable. Some amount of discussion of the creators of webcomics is going to happen.

We have to walk a line here, though; it's not okay for us to go Internet Detective on the authors, harass them, stalk them, or in any other way invade their privacy. Things that they have said and done publicly are fair game, but are really only germane to the thread if they have a direct bearing on the comic they produce (or webcomics in general). Don't be a loving creep, basically.

spring break girl sex How can I support webcomics?

Many successful webcomics now have shops with merchandise. Also, clicking on banner ads can provide revenue on some sites if you can bring yourself to do that. Many sites will have donation links as well, and these days comics will periodically run Kickstarters or similar fundraisers to print books. Patreon is also popular these days; it's a service that automatically bills you periodically and donates the money to the creator, and is super convenient to use. If someone has a comic on the web, they usually will arrange some way you can give them money, and giving comic creators money is the best way of supporting them.

You can also leave nice comments and send sex positions in bathroom polite e-mails to the creators, especially if you can't afford to donate (or don't quite like the comic THAT much). The thing creators like best of all, however, aside from being sent bags full of money, is having people write reviews on big sites like Amazon, if they have products there. Having lots of good reviews is how you get Amazon to recommend you to other people, so if you read an artist’s book, writing a review is a great way to help them succeed, and it’s actually very hard to get people to do this so if you do you get to feel pleasantly superior.

Webcomic creators love being told their work is good, because people who complain about it are frequently more motivated to contact them, so it's easy to think everyone hates your stuff if nobody who likes it speaks up. Of course, some kinds of feedback are less useful than others:

rihanna nude pics perez Where are the previous versions of this thread?

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* sex education for adolescents

his and hers sex home made nude video Rand Brittain fucked around with this message at Sep 16, 2017 around 23:30


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Rand Brittain
Mar 24, 2013

"Go on until you're stopped."

little girl sex gallery THE ALL-STARS

These are the comics that 90% or more of the thread agree are good. They are not completely without blemish, but overall they are all worth reading.

national american miss teen: A well-known French comic artist's amazing works, online in three languages! Seriously, the things Boulet can do are just insane.
smosh sex ed song: The colorful and positively adorable adventures of some bunny children, created by the very skilled Gigi D. G.. If you like any of the Super Mario RPGs, you'll enjoy this. [web de videos porno]
free porn amateur home: The adventures of a young girl and her best friend, the two of whom study at Gunnerkrigg Court, a technological wonderland which borders a mystical forest. No description of this webcomic will do it credit, so you'll have to take it on trust that this is a story you don't want to miss. The art changes styles after the first few chapters, so if you're having trouble getting into it, at least read until that point. [jamie lyn spears pussy] [people having sex car]
britany spears porn pics: A phenomenally-rendered sepia-tone comic about rum-running in St. Louis during the Prohibition. Now updating regularly thanks to Patreon! [amber easton porn video] [teen girl in shower]
guy has a pussy Hilarious, crazy, adorable, astounding, divine, life-changing, and potentially anti-carcinogenic: Nedroid has been called some of these things. No matter the labels, Nedroid is a wonderful comic and fully deserving of the attention it has gained. Don't miss bbw porn picture galleries! [young free sex videos] [best porn pic sites]
best of all porn: The most best comic you'll ever read. Oglaf is a pornographic fantasy strip that revels in amazingly clever absurdity. Look out for the navigation; many stories have several parts! Also it is porn. Seriously, don’t click this link at work. [thigh high boots nude]
free spandex porn movies by Operant: So far, it's only really about a dozen demons, but there's plenty of time! Features a really weird, imaginative world with inhabitants to match. Also takes a certain amount of reader input, so be ready to sharpen your mind and PRAISE YISUN.
amateur party sex videos: A robotics billionaire's eccentric daughter decides to become a super hero, but ends up making things worse for everyone around her. By Mary Cagle, creator of Let's Speak English and Sleepless Domain.


asian sex movie galleries Goon-made Comics:

Comics made by goons. Since people are interested in reading comics from other Something Awful users, these have been separated for your convenience. Please note that Gunnerkrigg Court from the list above is also made by a Something Awful user (Tea-san).

ara mina nude photo by Hyperactive: Rule #5: The Main Robot Punches A Different Robot (Or Maybe A Monster)
breast sucking porn video by Doctor McNinja: Yes, that is actually the title. my wife naked photos Yes, it's actually a good webcomic. A doctor (who is also a ninja) protects his city with the assistance of a velociraptor-riding former circus boy, a gorilla receptionist, and sometimes even his mom, dad, and little brother. 24 hour sex shop now concluded
fat nude girls videos by Space-Bird: a coming-of-age story with some amazing use of color. If you like Cucumber Quest, you might give this a shot.
rent porn movies online by Tank! with background work by Dvega: Pirates! loving PIRATES!
nude women wearing boots by Blaine the Train: In a fantastic world, a young leaf-headed boy goes on a journey of self-discovery. And also an actual journey, like, with walking.
hot soccer moms sex by SuitCase874 and Veronica Vera: A slice-of-life comic with anthropomorphic animals. Very cute and worth looking at if that sort of comic is up your alley.
money talks pussy pump by Fortis: Fantasy adventure comic. The scene may or may not be stolen by various monsters and golems.
sex with older ladys by Phylodox: Sort of a gag-a-day strip, it just sometimes takes more than a day. Occasionally has aliens. (Always has bros.)
vannesa hudgens porn video by RobinPierce: Rex mortuus est. Vivatne regina?
naomi watts sex tape by Reiley: During the zombie apocalypse, the survivors (in dwindling numbers) do their best to carry on despite personal agendas, lack of combat skills, unfriendly factions, and a crazy guy who beheads pretty blonde girls.
anne hathaway naked video by Pick: What is the value of beauty? Faust thought his soul was a fair trade, but perhaps there are other bargains to be made. for explicit everything.
mary castro nude video by Grantaire: In the face of a plague which might mean the last generation of mankind, how much of our humanity will we give up in the name of survival? It's doomsday, my dear.
live nude cams free by Travis343: A fantasy-themed adventure story about a little girl. If you're a fan of the Legend of Zelda series, give this one a look.
free sex clip download by Angry Diplomat and raaaan: Aliens decide to engage in a desperate, last-ditch effort to save the human race by kidnapping con attendees to start a new human colony.
homemade granny sex movies by fun hater: A ghost story. But is a ghost story really the ghost's story?
old men porn tube by Dianasaur Go!: A story about a robot who is also a girl who is also a robot. Enjoy her wacky robot adventures and accidental animal murder.
edison chen naked pictures by Rincewind: A comic that contains the word "astrothaumatology" (the study of magic in space), and that should tell you a great deal of what you need to know. Sometimes .
ball in a pussy: A humor/adventure story starring a young girl. The first chapter is heavily inspired by the Legend of Zelda games.
titanic sex in car by Kismet: Fireside tales of god and man, and the wide world that lies between.
linda cardellini fake nude by Mercury Hat: A post-apocalyptic slice of life.
x rated porn video by faxmaster: The story of a girl who goes over the wall into an ancient city, and what she finds there. Once you're done with that, move on to the sequel, sex scandal on youtube.
fat black african pussy: Part slice-of-life home comedy with animals, part fantasy adventure story, all crazy. (And awesome.) (Now converting into a web novel.)
jade goody naked pictures by Kazerad: An Oblivion (as in the game) themed comic starring a catgirl. Much better than it sounds from that description. The artist tends to be a controversial figure.
dirty talk sex tube: The history of the Gloriantha role-playing setting, now in webcomic form!
minka asian porn star by a bloody icon: A comic about the relationships and rivalries of the members of two gangs in a city called Riverside set just pre-Prohibition.
amateur porn star killer by ZnCu: A fantasy parody comic starring a rust monster, a mimic, and a gelatinous cube. No, really.
brigitte nielsen nude pictures: Everyone knows that cyborgs are cool, but what would being one really mean?
free teen threesome videos by DarthVersace: A long-form webcomic about the inhabitants of a town in Arizona that, remarkably, doesn't exist. It might exist in an alternate history, but in Arizona, who can tell?
fucking and sucking porn by sweetguts: The human race is slowly dying. Its legacy might well be in the hands of a small girl raised by aliens, and a handful of scientists studying them. Will we continue, and what will we leave behind?
nikki next door sex by Fifthace: Very odd and kooky gag comics. Also butt-abs and your bee game.
online chat room sex by Kojiro: This pentagram was clearly inscribed by a left-handed forty-year-old man from Surrey, and if I catch that wanker I'll shoot him right in the bollocks. The game is bloody well afoot now!
sexy latin girls porn by SuperHappy: A slice-of-life pornographic webcomic with occasional demons. Needless to say, .


rihanna nude scandal pictures Gag-a-day Comics:

Comics with little to no running narrative, and sometimes without a constant cast. These comics will generally be humorous, but might also be surreal or thought-provoking. It's hard to predict what you'll like, so it's worth giving them all a spin, since the investment you have to make to try a continuity-free comic is quite low.

carly pope sex video: Weird comics, amazing layouts, updates very infrequently.
shakira stolen sex tape: Short-form gag comic, mostly about the absurdity of video games.
donald duck cartoon porn: Same graphics, different words, often gold! Totally has dinosaurs.
scarlett i johansson nude: A very popular and well-regarded webcomic about any number of topics, but primarily history. And CANADIAN history.
tall woman having sex: Adorable art concealing a wellspring of humor as black as pitch. Buy the book!
tylene buck sex scene: The archetypical "two guys on a couch discuss video games" comic. Sometimes delves into other worlds the creators want to play with, but always returns to that format. Frequently criticized for, well, a variety of reasons that won't even fit into this space, but generally held to include everything that comes out of Gabe's mouth. Notable for being one of the most profitable webcomics in the world; their media empire currently includes the web comic, books, card games, video games, print comics, a multi-million-dollar charity, and three yearly video game conferences.
new paris sex tape: Nerdy comics which are still somehow funny and not merely pandering to the dorkiest common denominator.
naked girl porn video: Surreal, multi-panel gag comic which touches on various aspects of pop culture.
caroline keenan nude pics: There are some recurring characters but usually it's made of standalones. Also they're less often funny and instead interesting. Text density puts a lot of readers off.
gta sex mini game: Stick figures and nerdery. Often criticized for being opaque if you have fewer than two PhDs.

naked asian massage videos Humor:

Webcomics with a story, but one that focuses entirely or almost entirely on humor.

amateur group sex free: Video game comic based on the characters from Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Much better than it sounds.
milla jovovich pictures naked: The twee-est and most British of all humorous story comics.
lesbian lip service 6: Beautifully rendered but rarely updated, Gone with the Blastwave is about fighting a war about... something. It was probably important before everything went to hell. Needless to say, this is some dark comedy.
male porn for girls: The splendiferously cute adventures of a boy and the imaginary friend he's somewhat outgrown.
melanie lynskey nude pictures: Low-fi art combined with liberal use of movies, music, and mini-games. One of the most irregular schedules on the Internet.
mom daughter porn free: A webcomic about Wonder WomanWonderella's adventures. Largely superhero-based comedy.
tammy sex video scandal: A stick-figure comic based on Dungeons and Dragons. Extremely long and convoluted.
mariska hargitay sex scenes: This painted comic is artistically reminiscent of old Golden Books. If Tigerbuttah doesn't make you smile, you've been replaced by Scrooge McPodperson.
porno videos big tits: Are you a neckbeard who loves anime? Then this comic is definitely for you! ... If you have some sense of self-awareness.

nude model photo shoot Fantasy:

Swords, magic, dragons, and castles. May also be urban fantasy, which is similar except the castles are skyscrapers and... actually, the swords, magic, and dragons tend to be exactly the same.

jennifer lopez shaved pussy: a fantasy western about the end of the world, maybe? Who cares, you should read it because both K.C. Green and Anthony Clark are working on it.
priya rai sex video: Set in an alternate version of the historical Middle East, Godsend is about a prophecy that got royally screwed before it could even truly begin....
college girls stripping naked: A rarely-updated webcomic with interesting artwork that uses mouseovers for text, freeing up space for daring and beautiful compositions. Has a manga aesthetic, but is by an actual manga artist.
best porn site blog: The adventures of a witch, her three-eyed frog familiar, and the giant snail they live in. Also it's set in Finland.
nude pics of jessica: An acorn fails to learn lessons about life.
vanessa van hudgens nude: A perfect example of how the internet can be used to enhance the comic-reading experience, Hobo Lobo is clever and beautifully rendered.
school girl uniform porn: I won't bother trying to explain this, you just need to read them.
liz hurley nude photos: A superhero comic with a... well, you can probably guess. Explores the concept of what a superhero really would be in modern society.
girls in glasses sex: Political struggles, the fate of the world, the inner workings of the gods, and nudity. Now back from a ridiculously long hiatus!
francine dee pussy pics: Great art, cute characters, and a story which almost immediately plunges into unsounded (har har) depths of horror.
kendra playboy bunny naked: A story about cultural conflict and the nature of freedom.
rihanna naked photos leaked: One of the oldest quality webcomics still updating, Zebra Girl began in 2001 and has been recommendable almost from the get-go. Features some of the best monochromatic artwork among internet comics. Not furry, the "zebra" refers to something else.
handmaid's tale sex scene: A fantasy comic set in the Arabian-inspired city of Al Rashad.
teen girl sleep over: A below-average high school receives a strange shard of glass by his homeroom teacher and becomes a (very pink) magical super hero.
losing virginity porn movies: A sheltered playboy rich kid's life is upended after he begins to manifest magical powers in a magic-suppressing authoritarian city state.

cerita sex dengan binatang Science Fiction

Robots, lasers, and spaceships. We'll include Steampunk in here too, because why not?

Tom Siddell, via Twitter posted:

I made a steampunk cog. It's two cogs.

best free young porn: A long-form story about a nerdy cyborg girl and the upcoming Singularity. It is generally assumed that the real, actual Singularity will occur before this comic gets around to it. The author is frequently criticized for sexualizing the main character, which he claims he does not do while drawing her in her underwear.
the sex movie online: A science fiction/alternate history/mindfuck by a well-respected professional artist who currently works on Adventure Time.
black white sex porn: Melty people trapped in a series of castles. By the Foglios, well-known fantasy artists.
melissa marie gonzales naked: Steampunk adventure, only good!
celebrity pinay sex scandals: An SF family drama with gay robots. Has great art and a fairly intriguing mystery.
free ebooks on sex: An outcast working for a faceless corporation learns of a destructive force creeping in on reality from dreams.
little nude school girls: Politics, guns, fire, steam-powered stuff, pretty art.
baby sitter sex movie: The story of a young woman who finds she can transform into a bizarre creature. Takes place in a Battle Angel Alita-esque decrepit futuristic city.
asian pussy free porn: Ragnarok has come and gone, and the world is different now. An underfunded and underprepared crew of heroes prepare to explore the ruins of the old world to find the true state of things.
young sex movie clips: Following the life of one Dr. Herville Schtein, String Theory is about a physicist's fall from grace. ... Well, no, not quite. Nothing about Herville was ever really... "graceful".

pictures of nasty pussy Horror/Paranormal:

Ghosts, goblins, ghoulies, and other spirits of the night. Or maybe the true horror is other people? (Other people with CHAINSAW HANDS.)

free reluctant sex stories: A horror comic by Kris Straub of Checkerboard Nightmare/Starslip/Chainsawsuit fame. As the dedicated thread describes it: "Steamboat Willy in Silent Hill".
free mature nude woman: A young man is bitten by a radioactive suicide attempt and discovers that with great power comes great being an enormous rear end in a top hat.
free sex videos tits: Elsie Hooper is a grungey black and white serial about a small American town invaded by creepy humanoid creatures who have kidnapped the main character's sister.
free porn big titties: Dead people in the afterlife, very cute skull dead people!
cute teen hair styles: A comic about a girl and her monster. What part of yourself would you give up to create a new life? What can you live without?
andie valentino porn star: A kid moves to a new city and can see ghosts and spirits. He and his friends set things straight. Sounds lame, is actually super cool.
mr potato head sex: A man, a ghost, a werewolf, a town, Panama. (It's not actually set in Panama.)
free mp4 porn feed by Abby Howard: A little girl, Mona, discovers that monsters are real. Also, humanity is probably doomed.

squirting pussy free video Modern Day/Slice-of-life:

These comics may occur in our world or in something more fantastic, but overall they are mostly about people just like you hanging around doing things just like you do. Or you would, if you lived in colonial America or were a cop.

david kross naked pictures: The brightly-colored adventures of some cops at various levels of corruption. Used to be called Chaos.
hepatitis from oral sex: (Risk of )The story of a lecturer living in the HRE is 1768 who may or may not become a werewolf. Why do we say this? Because he's also a character from the comedy webcomic keira knightley fake naked, now complete. These comics are unbelievably dissimilar, but share some cast members.
women anal sex movies: A charming little webcomic about teaching English to small Japanese children.
free john holmes porn: It's about toons in show business, somewhat Roger Rabbit style, but with its own unique spin. Fantastic and very appropriate artwork coupled with a fun, intriguing story.
you tube shemale porn: A slice-of-life webcomic about Eve and Hanna's lives.
teen advice chat room: Slice of life with music nerdery and AIs.
black wet phat pussy: Every guy from pop culture who has too many muscles, too much testosterone, and way, way too much aggression finds themselves at a temp agency run by the surprisingly chill Commander Badass.
best dirty sex songs: Young Japanese fellows run about a market attempting to succeed at life and maybe one day successfully butcher a fish.
[quote="Nuns with Guns" post="476485947"]
michelle bass sex video: Honey Hart makes music about rainbows for good boys and girls. Turpentine makes music about poisons for bad boys and girls. Secretly they want to kiss!

tiny teen nude girls Completed Comics and/or Standalones:

These comics are complete; more updates are not expected. Some are "standalones"; that is, they had a determinate run scripted from the beginning.

women at work porn: Incompatible people together in a room that will not open, and only one of them gives the slightest drat. Can be for breasts.
free lesbian pissing video: by the amazingly skilled Emily Cicierega, this is one adorable and colorful adventure that you don't want to miss! Can also be purchased in book form.
lesbian hot sex free by FunkyAl: A collection of gag strips early, tending towards small, darkly humorous storylines later on. Party cloudy with showers of surreality.
resources for teen parents: A delightfully quirky webcomic following three art students studying at Bobwhite. This comic has been completed, and now the same writer/artist is working on Monster Pulse.
richard gere sex scene: This comic has been complete for 12 years. People still love it and talk about it. Think about what that means for a DBZ parody.
my ex porn pics: The story of a wombat on a strange adventure where she might not belong.... This comic has received rave reviews, and now's the time to give it a shot!
actresses in nude scenes: by Rebecca Sugar (previously a storyboarder on Adventure Time and now the creator of Steven Universe), an amazing comic about two brothers and their love of The Simpsons.
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watch sex on youtube: Sci-fi/spy story with relationship drama. Or maybe it's a relationship story with spy drama. Either way, it's NOT a side project of Dresden Codak's Aaron Diaz. "Season One" is done, which implies there might someday be a Season Two, but it's definitely stopped for now.
free hairy sex movies: a comic about a sweet stupid little boy in love. Read until at least number 100 before deciding if you like it.
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best young porn site: The wacky hijinks of a psuedo-superhero princess and her family and friends.
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lesbian oral sex stories: Follows the escapades of a bunch of toy store employees who make jokes. The author is well-known for turning previous humorous comics into bizarre dramafests, but that does not seem to have happened here.
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miss teen usa contestants: (Risk of - splash page will tip you off if the most recent update is NSFW. ) The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ & Amal. This comic is about the two titular characters taking a road trip across the United States.
kim basinger nude pics: A beautifully-drawn story about a homeless vagrant in San Francisco who believes he is the destined savior of mankind. May not be possible to complete the story without buying the print volume.

mindy main porn star Abandoned

These comics stop partway through and are unlikely to be revived, but may be worth looking at anyway.

nude big tits teen: The tale of a sasquatch on a journey to save the forest he calls home and the neighbors he loves. [advanced sex techniques game]
free porn black videos: a unique brand of surreal humor and wordplay. Holds a special place in the hearts of Goons. May sometimes update, but it's basically an accident if you spot it.
3d porn comics free: A strange man awakens in a world of strange symbols, each of which is a part of him. Difficult to explain, a joy to read.
free xxx milf sex: Mostly known for the eat my pussy videos, but is generally pretty funny.
free movie nude scenes: This comic was about a group of (anthropomorphic animal) teenagers who aren't particularly special. Still, their failures and triumphs struck any number of chords.
boy girls having sex: Utter cuteness! Also horror.
free hot porn tube: Longer-form, well-drawn gag comics somewhat similar to PBF in character.
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wife flashing her pussy: Monsters have to get to work too, you know.

posing nude for art goku and chichi porn Rand Brittain fucked around with this message at Jun 12, 2018 around 01:22

Just Offscreen
Jun 29, 2006

Webcomics are fun and good until they arent.

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A Wizard of Goatse
Dec 14, 2014

naughty school girl porn videos caseros mexicanos porno What the fuck am I even saying?

I hate webcomics.

sexy black porn video

Rand Brittain
Mar 24, 2013

"Go on until you're stopped."

Please take disliking webcomics to the specific threads for the webcomics you dislike!

...oh, no, I accidentally left the banner on "shitpost." That was the opposite of my intention!

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the old ceremony
Aug 1, 2017

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my webcomic

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Nuns with Guns
Jul 23, 2010

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Please take disliking webcomics to the specific threads for the webcomics you dislike!

...oh, no, I accidentally left the banner on "shitpost." That was the opposite of my intention!

Eh, it works.

Also if there's going to be a new thread, shouldn't the first posts be updated instead of a copy/paste of the last two threads' first posts? The webcomic IRC channel has been dead for aeons.

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Rand Brittain
Mar 24, 2013

"Go on until you're stopped."

noemi letizia nude photos

Eh, it works.

Also if there's going to be a new thread, shouldn't the first posts be updated instead of a copy/paste of the last two threads' first posts? The webcomic IRC channel has been dead for aeons.

I did update it some but I didn't know the IRC was dead on account of never going there.

Which I guess counts as an indication.

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the old ceremony
Aug 1, 2017

video porno camara oculta by FactsAreUseless

it's a great list of recommendations actually, i'm going through them now and looking at the stuff i'm unfamiliar with. thanks for making it!

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Rand Brittain
Mar 24, 2013

"Go on until you're stopped."

Was it idonotlikepeas who made the big list, or does it stretch even further back through history?

Perhaps the list of good webcomics has always existing, waiting since the dawn of life on this planet for the internet to be created and for the links it contained to finally go hot.

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May 10, 2012

Changeman! And Not A Moment Too Soon!

I almost feel like Sluggy Freelance should be the first example

And then show one of the newest strips to reinforce how NOTHING CHANGED

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Rand Brittain
Mar 24, 2013

"Go on until you're stopped."

Sometimes I like Sluggy, but I don't pretend to understand it.

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May 1, 2010

Dis is amazing!
I gotta try mature fucks teen boy!

I didn't check all of the comic list sections, but for the goon made comics it seems like Bad Reputation and Ellie Starling's Very Long Walk have either changed domains or stopped altogether.

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A Wizard of Goatse
Dec 14, 2014

sex and submission trailers sex scandals on tape What the fuck am I even saying?

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Eh, it works.

Also if there's going to be a new thread, shouldn't the first posts be updated instead of a copy/paste of the last two threads' first posts? The webcomic IRC channel has been dead for aeons.

like half the webcomics in it are years dead and still there's no Monster Pop!

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The Ayshkerbundy
Mar 22, 2016

but now this is getting kind of fucked up


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PMush Perfect
Sep 30, 2009

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You forgot to set a thread tag.

I mean, not that you're good teen party games wrong...

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super sweet best pal
Nov 18, 2009

No need to sign, we'll take care of that.

Lipstick Apathy

monica keena nude video

Eh, it works.

Also if there's going to be a new thread, shouldn't the first posts be updated instead of a copy/paste of the last two threads' first posts? The webcomic IRC channel has been dead for aeons.

And a few webcomics have outdated info. It Hurts ended and Poppy is a web novel now.

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Nuns with Guns
Jul 23, 2010

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I didn't check all of the comic list sections, but for the goon made comics it seems like Bad Reputation and Ellie Starling's Very Long Walk have either changed domains or stopped altogether.

Bad Reputation is dead for sure. The author confirmed that on her tumblr. Ellie Starling's Very Long Walk was going to be turned into a video game by its creator, but I guess he gave up on that project and mostly posts in PYF and the DC and Marvel threads here now.

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like half the webcomics in it are years dead and still there's no Monster Pop!

In a way that's most true to the spirit of webcomics at least

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PMush Perfect
Sep 30, 2009

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As someone who also made a new thread by copying the OP from its old version: Hahaha, you fool. Prepare for four pages of this!

(The Toku thread, incidentally.)

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the old ceremony
Aug 1, 2017

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i've never read job dog before except for the occasional post by the creator in the making comics thread

it loving rules

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the old ceremony
Aug 1, 2017

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Nuns with Guns
Jul 23, 2010

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As someone who also made a new thread by copying the OP from its old version: Hahaha, you fool. Prepare for four pages of this!

(The Toku thread, incidentally.)

If there is too much discussion of the webcomic discussion thread, we can always sequester it in its own thread!

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PMush Perfect
Sep 30, 2009

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If there is too much discussion of the webcomic discussion thread, we can always sequester it in its own thread!
That might be too specific. Maybe we should make a general thread-discussion thread.

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the old ceremony
Aug 1, 2017

free sex video clip by FactsAreUseless

i love this comic omg

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May 29, 2010

This reasoning is possible for forums user idonotlikepeas!

raw tube porn videos

Was it idonotlikepeas who made the big list, or does it stretch even further back through history?

Perhaps the list of good webcomics has always existing, waiting since the dawn of life on this planet for the internet to be created and for the links it contained to finally go hot.

Pick made the first version. I updated it for the first thread I did, and then assiduously maintained it for... maybe a couple of months? Then I got lazy and stopped. Same thing happened when I rebooted the thread. I think that's basically how these things work. New thread is a good occasion to freshen the list up.

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Feb 13, 2011

Rolling Thunder: War to the Knife, Knife to the Hilt

Why? , that's why.



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Bongo Bill
Jan 17, 2012

Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Monk make thee?

I like free out door porn.

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the old ceremony
Aug 1, 2017

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Aug 1, 2017

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World Famous W
May 25, 2007

The sheep free horse women sex "Baaaas" balefully.

Grimey Drawer

Webcomics are bad but I like them anyways.

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May 6, 2007

wwe mickey james sex I feel the pressure,
under more scrutiny
And what I do,
act more stupidly

no one should like webcomics

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the old ceremony
Aug 1, 2017

kristal summers porn movies by FactsAreUseless

correction, job dog is good

i can't believe i never read it before

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Sep 9, 2012

We've come up in the ram-raiding business, Owl.
It's all high class now.
No more baby seats.

I'm not saying webcomics are bad, I just don't want them living in my neighbourhood.

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Nick Buntline
Dec 20, 2007
Doesn't know the impossible.

as long as we're in the OP fixing stage of the thread:

porno de monique fuentes

female nude art photography by SuitCase874 and partner: A slice-of-life comic with anthropomorphic animals. Very cute and worth looking at if that sort of comic is up your alley.

it would perhaps be nice if the actual creator/artist/writer/etc (Veronica Vera) got a better credit than "and partner."

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Oct 12, 2012

Webclevins are good.

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Oct 12, 2012

wet black pussy clips

exploited moms free porn: a story about storytellers by the same author as
free arab porn pictures: The wacky hijinks of a psuedo-superhero princess and her family and friends.


lol, and where the hell is Dumbing of Age?

video porno de chachi list of porn web BravestOfTheLamps fucked around with this message at Sep 17, 2017 around 06:29

Apr 23, 2010

"Because the time has come, well and truly come, for all peoples of our great country, for all citizens of our great commonwealth, for all Australians to come together and build a new future for our nation."

- Kevin Rudd

im webcomics, and so's my wife

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Oct 12, 2012

hot girls shaved pussy

Rand Brittain
Mar 24, 2013

"Go on until you're stopped."

No clevins in this thread, please.

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Hogge Wild
Aug 21, 2012
Can't post for old man eats pussy 4help with oral sex


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