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Feb 25, 2007

We might be fucked, sir.

Fallen Rib

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Yeah, I totally get your point about the crisis centres. I wish you could at least put up some sign or something to let people know what the centres are about though.
If you have the money, you could rent a billboard and put up a sign that says something like "Only [name of actual clinic] provides 100% factual information and support for YOU if you are pregnant and worried!"

That's also a tactic used by anti-abortion groups, but much less disruptive and with much lower probability for violence* than protesting outside a CPC. And if people complain, it's cheap publicity for the good guys (i.e. name recognition / vulnerable people know you exist) and billboards are obviously "fair" - if they demand your billboard be taken down, they'd have a hard time arguing their stupid billboards should stay up.

*Other than some jerk defacing the billboard, of course.

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May 27, 2010

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Uh, two day surgical procedure? What the hell? I thought that surgical abortions were super quick and safe! It can't be about making sure all of the fetal matter is out because the doctor checks that right after the abortion. So...huh?!
Two-day procedures are second trimester, typically around 16 weeks and up. A first-trimester abortion is very fast and simple but the procedure does get more complicated the more advanced the pregnancy gets. (Important to note that it's still safer to have a second-trimester abortion than to give birth.) The reason why it takes two days is for cervical preparation. When the pregnancy is larger, it's safer to dilate the cervix gradually, overnight, rather than mechanically all at once during the procedure, which is how it's done in the first trimester. So osmotic dilators -- sterile material roughly the size and shape of matchsticks, either made of synthetic plastic or a type of sterile seaweed known as laminaria -- are placed in the cervix and they absorb the moisture in the cervix and gradually expand like tampons, and cause the cervix to dilate. It's very crampy and not super fun, and there's increased risk of amniotic fluid rupture (breaking waters) overnight and miscarrying, which is why we want those patients to stay local that night. The next day the patient comes back and has the actual abortion, which is more or less done the same way as it's done in the first trimester, but tends to take longer (10-15 minutes rather than 5-7 minutes) and usually involves not just suction but also removing the pregnancy with instruments.

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Feb 21, 2006


As someone who feels very grim about the near-future of the rights of pregnant people in the US: what do you believe are some impactful actions to assist people seeking safe abortion? Obviously money in the right hands is one because of all the costs involved; begging political officials to treat people like human beings seems less and less helpful but perhaps I’m wrong?

I don’t want to get into some harmful thinking involving stealing Plan B and trying to learn how to empty a uterus via Hesperian Health guides, but I keep getting a desperate feeling. There’s got to be a local org to reach out to but I think they’re well-hidden for a reason and I’m unsure where to start asking locally.

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Jan 5, 2006

Honestly, if it ever came down to it, it's probably better to just start a charity to fly women to Canada for proper treatment rather than trying to perform clandestine abortions.

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May 27, 2010

Donate to the katherine heigl nude clips. Or donate directly to a local fund -- you can find one through that link. Those funds are the most important way to help actual patients who need abortions. They help cover the cost of the abortion itself and may also help with travel and lodging expenses, which are more and more crucial when patients have to travel hundreds of miles and make multiple trips to the clinic.

And vote for Democrats, obviously. I don't consider myself a Democrat and spend a lot of my time furious with the Dems but there's no loving option when faced with that other party. Do everything possible to get those fuckers out of office. And I agree that it seems less and less helpful but we still have to beg and plead and cajole with our elected officials every way we can.

If you were going to start providing abortions yourself it would be way smarter to just get a shitload of misoprostol than try to figure out how to do a surgical abortion.

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Cowslips Warren
Oct 29, 2005

What use had they for tricks and cunning, living in the enemy's warren and paying his price?

Grimey Drawer

I don't know how accurate this is, but I used to food prep for primates at a zoo, and the vet tech warned me to never ever put papaya seeds in the monkey food. She said it induces miscarriages in primates, and then told me quietly if I ever needed help, in that area, to talk to her and she would set me up somehow with the right dosage. I have no idea how accurate that information was, but I was always super careful never to put any papaya seeds in the primate bucket after that.

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May 27, 2010

^^ I have never heard of this. Looks like there might actually be something to it, specifically with jessica alba naked vid which may be why you were told about seeds. kaylani lei sex videos agrees to avoid unripe papaya in pregnancy. Standard disclaimer to not try to induce a miscarriage by eating a ton of unripe papaya, though.

There is an interesting connection between abortion and papayas that I thought of first when I read your comment, though. The papaya is roughly the size and shape of a uterus in early pregnancy, and has often girl sex with cow to teach manual vacuum aspiration or early surgical abortion.

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May 27, 2010

It’s been nice providing safe and legal abortion, y’all. gently caress.

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Apr 4, 2005

I'm watching you.

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It’s been nice providing safe and legal abortion, y’all. gently caress.

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