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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Steve apparently has a shocking and disgusting amount of ear wax. He concludes that that's why he has no balance in the comps. Sam tells him about some Egyptian thing where you light a candle in a cone and it vacuums the wax out of your ear.

Fessy tells Kaitlyn, Bay, and Angie that he's done trying to convince Tyler to backdoor Angela. They can try if they want but he's not going to keep pushing. He says he's content that they have some control and options. Kaitlyn isn't happy with Tyler's intractability and floating. Fessy says Tyler isn't bold and is scared so sooner or later he'll come around to them if they have the numbers. I don't disagree. Kaitlyn doesn't know what she did to make Winston her enemy. She says its just because she's caught him talking poo poo a bunch of times and called him on it. Steve shows up and Fessy assures him he might get a few votes but he's got 8 safe votes.

Steve's been Qtipping his ears for like 30 minutes and says its hard to hear now.

Vegas repeating her dastardly plan to blindside Steve to Kacee. She thinks it will produce a 7-7 tie that Tyler would have to break and it takes Kacee more time than it should to explain why that's not true with 13 voters.

Tyler tells Vegas and Kacee that "they" are real skeptical of him. He says Haleigh told him if he's with "them" she'll never talk to him again. Vegas gets all worked up about the word "them" and declares that "they" created the house divide. She rants awhile and tells a really dumb story about a towel with Angie. I don't much like Angie but there's nothing to the story. But Vegas had to go cry about it. Tyler says they're just mad he isn't doing their dirty work. He says he's telling them he wants Sam out but he doesn't. Vegas tells Tyler her "sympathy vote" plan that would be "epic as gently caress." Tyler points out that if he tricked Haleigh into doing that she'd know he did it immediately after. Vegas asks Tyler if he's bored when he hangs out with "them" and says she couldn't do it. Vegas makes fun of Fessy, Steve, and Swaggy a bit. Tyler talks about all the stuff he's working as a double agent. They say they have to light a fire under Sam to campaign and Vegas complains she's not. There's like 6 days. Tyler says "they're" locked into their group and Vegas asks why no one talks game with her. Vegas says Steve will put her and Angela up but he loves Winston. She asks who the Odd Balls prioritize and Tyler says its just "the four".

Angela joins them and I'm really just over it. Oh God, here come the Bros.

These dorks definitely have an alliance name if they have their own goofy handshake. I'm seeing "Level 6" on Jokers but I haven't heard it.

The girls tell the Bros they can't keep Steve because he's on their side. Brett says Scottie said if Steve goes he'll be pissed. The girls dismiss it and say Scottie loves them. They say JC's working on the vote and Angela repeats her new random theory that he has two votes. Brett somehow seems to think that if they blindside Steve Scottie might think it was the other side. Tyler points out that Scottie is playing both sides and feeding them info. Vegas with the "sympathy vote". Brett says he'd try Kaitlyn but Sam pissed her off. Brett is convinced Kaitlyn is the "weak" point. Winston is skeptical that Sam would flip with them but the girls point out they're "saving her rear end".

For the record I think both sides of this house divide are obnoxious, self righteous, idiots who are bringing out the worst in each other. I'm really hoping it falls apart quick. I think taking out the Cool Kid core is the quickest way to that. Kacee, Tyler, and JC will ditch them immediately. Vegas, Winston, Bro, and Angela are on an island away from the house so get them down to 2 or 3 and the house will readjust. I'm not feeling good about this crew and 2 days in I'm already a little tired of them.

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Aug 26, 2002

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Grimey Drawer

They kept zooming in on those nasty rear end q-tips steve was holding, just covered in ear wax. He was holding like 6 of them in his hand, it must have been the first time he had ever done it.

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Jun 23, 2005


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They kept zooming in on those nasty rear end q-tips steve was holding, just covered in ear wax. He was holding like 6 of them in his hand, it must have been the first time he had ever done it.

How is that physically possible? My worst is like one q-tip per ear...

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Swaggy and Bay had another mini-fight last night. I sadly listened to a bit of this and the gist of it is that Bayleigh was with the Cool Kids early on but then she hooked up with Swaggy and flipped sides. But the Odd Balls don't really trust her or know her so she's totally at the mercy of how they feel about Swaggy. And Swaggy is alternatively hot and cold with Bay and doesn't really seem to want a girlfriend but likes the tv time he gets for a showmance while Bay's dependence has made her really clingy and sprung. So therein is the obvious problem. Also Swaggy is an idiot gameplayer and Bay clearly recognizes that and is scared it will screw her.

Tyler gave a game talk to the cameras last night, which is helpful since he seems to be bullshitting everyone. He basically confirmed that he isn't really "with" anyone but is just trying to cover himself from all angles. He "knows" he can win any comp. He lamented how quickly the group divided and how the longer they stay divided they more they "hate each other for the stupidest reasons." "Kaycee's falling into it a little bit. Rachel (Vegas) fell into it years ago. Angela fell into it years ago. Just need to keep them centered, keep them from blowing up." Says Rockstar (Angie) keeps getting personal and if she tries anything with him he'll hit the fan. Says he doesn't trust people who make personal attacks and vendettas and they don't deserve to win the game. "I'm going to keep that in mind." He says it was very telling that Haleigh said "if you're with the other side I'll never talk to you again" since he already figured she was just talking to him for game but at least he has a free "cuddle buddy." Says she won't hold it against him later once she needs him for what he can do. Says he needs to get out of HOH so he can manipulate the two sides. He can't wait for things to blow up because he has everyone's info. And his HOH music is Post Malone. Which makes sense.

Tyler has an ok game plan and view of the game, and has the right idea to not pick a side this early. He's one of the players I think are playing the best early with Kaitlyn and maybe Haleigh. but he's extremely cocky and if he can't check that its probably gonna do him in. And like he's a fool thinking that he's tricking people but he really does view the game solely from his perspective.

Winston told Vegas and Angela about how Fessy hates Brett because he's into Haleigh and she flirts with both of them (and Tyler). Winston going on and on about how its all high school. Winston is messy and loves drama. Vegas is too because she keeps telling a story about how she was sleeping in HOH with Tyler and Haleigh and Haleigh asked if she wanted to be along with Tyler. It strikes me as kind of innocuous but Vegas loves her drama. Angela says she's gonna flirt with Fessy just to stir more up. They plan to try and lure back Bayleigh and mess with Swaggy or something? I dunno. Winston and Vegas get in that frantic teenager mode where you can't understand what they're saying and Angela and Brett are kinda just there. They laugh about how the other side was upset that they were laughing at them during the POV comp. In all the years of Cool Kid cliques regressing I think these four regressed the hardest fastest.

Also there was apparently some "epic" Jenga game between Winston and Steve but I'm not going back to watch that. Personally I think everyone in that house should recognize what it implies that they got Jenga and Foosball instead of chess.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

SamBot went back online after noon. It was really sad watching her walk around saying goodbye to everyone and getting hugs. Hammers home how she really is being pulled away from them and sent off on her own. Although I happened to notice that the Cool Kids didn't hug her. They're deep in their hole.

Angela and Kacee sat around talking about the other side, as they do. They seem convinced Swaggy and Fessy are the puppetmasters of the other side and everyone else is just following their orders and they're just all mindless drones. That seems comical, but I guess its easier than "everyone dislikes me". Angela says she's the only one who has the balls to put them up together, but she says she'll probably use Angie as a pawn and backdoor Swaggy. I can't tell if Angela is just a boring, nothing person or if she's just super stressed that she's the top target in the house. She constantly points out how outnumbered they are and how she'll be the first on the block next week if they don't win HOH, and she's obsessed with that Power and how if JC doesn't have it they're screwed. Hilariously she says that they're the "lively" group and the other side is boring. I've missed the Cool Kids' liveliness. They reason that JC is burning his bridges with the other side so he's stuck with them now, and that Scottie is "Swaggy's little rat." Its weird how much they're convinced Swaggy is running the house. Angela keeps bringing up the Day 1 stuff with Swaggy so I think she's just got tunnelvision for that.

I can't emphasize too much how Angela, Vegas, Winston, Brett, and increasingly Kacee just spend all their time in corners whispering about the other side of the house. I'm not saying the other side doesn't talk some poo poo. They do. But like, they also live. The Cool Kids are broken and isolated.

JC briefly stops in with Angela and Kacee to update them on the house. Some people were annoyed because Angela publicly declared she was keeping Sam after the POV. From what I can tell that's mostly Winston, the Messy Mastermind. JC just keeps hitting that they need to keep Sam and bring her close and Angela says she "has" Sam. Then JC leaves to go SOCIALIZE WITH THE HOUSE! After which Angela declares she can read JC completely because he has the personality of her ex and he has the power.

Angela and Kacee hope HOH is something they can physically dominate. Like a giant dodgeball game. They also think Swaggy is on the low. They speculate that its the source of his relationship troubles with Bay. Then they lament that they like Bayleigh but whoops, she's on the wrong side. And apparently Bay did something in the HOH Angela doesn't like. They also wish they could be friends with Haleigh. Angela declares there's only 4 people whose "energy" she doesn't like (Swaggy, Fessy, Angie, Kaitlyn) but she wonders of Steve's family is embarrassed by him because he used to be cool. Then they speculate on how HOH is totally gonna be endurance. Because they always do.

SamBot is sooooo freaky. I really can't do it justice with words or gifs. She's been scooting around the house trying to find someone who remembers the show with a girl who had a pet alligator in a pool. She starts naming off Melissa Joan Heart shows as she tries to figure it out

Brett loves to tell stories. None are worth retelling. One time a cop gave him a speeding ticket on July 4th when he was doing 95. One time he got hired to a job, never got trained, and then was assigned to train others who all got fired. These are Bro's anecdotes. He never stops telling them.

Apparently Angela and Kacee called Swaggy a "queen" and its causing a stir on Twitter.

Swaggy has discovered the intercom in HOH and is playing with it alone. I'm not really clear what he's doing but he seems pleased with himself.

Vegas makes the decision to go to the bedroom everyone is in but Angela passes on the idea of socializing and goes to watch the Bros play Jenga. Sadly Bay and Steve are there so she goes to HOH. Unfortunately Swaggy and Fessy are there. I don't have any idea where she ended up. Maybe she found Kaycee but last I saw she was in the kitchen with SamBot, Scottie, and Angie. Its tough being a hermit in the BB House.

Swaggy and Fessy talk to the feeds and tell us that we're gonna see some athletic poo poo and they're going to jump over cars. Swaggy says its gonna be funny when we give him a power. God I hope Swaggy never gets a power. Swaggy asks America if he should make it official with Bayleigh and if Fessy should make it official with Haleigh. Swaggy tells Fessy (us) that Bayleigh pulled him into the shower and gets off on being caught. This guy's all class. Lots of ranting and bravado. Swaggy apologizes that all his Swaggy shirts are in the laundry locked outside. That explains that. Swaggy declares after this they're going to win Amazing Race.

Oh god, Fessy went to go get the POV. Swaggy calls the voters "dumbasses" for giving Angela a power and then demands they give him one next week. Fessy's back gloating how he dogged everyone in the POV and it was a joke. Swaggy seems to have internally edited out the part where he was in the comp. Fessy finds the intercom and orders Haleigh up to HOH. She tells him to gently caress off. Fessy says Haleigh is flirting with him and Tyler and he can't have that. Swaggy says Bayleigh would never try that with him. Its a charming moment.

Swaggy then explains that the BB construction crews can't work longer than 6 hours without a break so they won't get outside for another day or two. Swaggy is weirdly obsessed with the show from a production POV. Like, yes, he rambles about the game and Coup d'etats and stuff but he also rambles about production stuff.

The two charmers say they're good with everyone except the five Cool Kids. Then they complain that Winston winks at them and is "suspect" (wink wink). Apparently this cast doesn't know its Pride Week. Fessy rants some more that Haleigh needs to choose between him or Tyler. Fessy sort of dances around the idea that Haleigh's gonna be safe if the Cool Kids win HOH. Swaggy asks what they should do with Tyler since he has fed them info, but Fessy points out all he's told them was that they want Swaggy out. Then they do some fronting how they aren't afraid.

Fessy: So when we win HOH next week we locking the door or open door policy?
Swaggy: Locked door policy.
No one's allowed up except Bay, Haleigh, and Kaitlyn.

Fessy: America, what are these females saying in the DR?

Ugh, both sides.

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Sep 10, 2003

Goodnight Canada!

Requesting qtip gifs!

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Today I learned while wading through BB fan stuff that Paulie is on MTV's Challenge (and something called Ex on the Beach) and has apparently made a social media splash by publicaly announcing that Zakiyah is suicidal (which she denies and attacks Paulie for saying), that he knows pain because people bullied him for being pretty in high school, and that he had an STD when he entered the BB House and didn't tell anyone... including the girl he had unprotected sex with. So...

SamBot had a long good game talk/campaign with Kaitlyn (which is hilarious).

I had four paragraphs because it was long but I'm going to try and condense. SamBot started with the basic sympathy of her ordeal and Kaitlyn was sympathetic but said she has no power to change noms to someone she wants to go home. SamBot talks about how hard it is to get to know people as a robot and talk game. Kaitlyn says Sam seems to hang out with Angela and asks if she talks game, but SamBot says nothing but vague stuff. SamBot says she trusts Tyler, Scottie, Kaitlyn, and Haleigh and hints that she wants an alliance with them and specifically says she doesn't want "cool kids" but wants "a team" of people who she trusts and have real value and "girls, not fitness models". They both agreed that these noms are a waste and a "pussy move" and a bigger threat should go up. They dance around a lot of not wanting to name names but eventually (after some HILARIOUS failed attempts to use code) SamBot says she'd want Winston up there. Kaitlyn loves that. SamBot also dangled the power stuff to Kaitlyn, it seemed.

SamBot: That would be ok, but there could be a bigger plan.
Kaitlyn: Like sending Steve home?
SamBot: No. There could be a new plan where Steve and I both get to stay and become part of something bigger.
Kaitlyn: Right.
SamBot: Your first thought, instinctively, who would you put up there?

Kaitlyn didn't really get the hint and thought she was talking about POV. They basically just struggled over why Tyler was scared to put up someone and Kaitlyn said he's afraid of the Trending Power bouncing back on him. Kaitlyn also blew SamBot's circuits by saying there might be a Battle Back so people are scared to send home threats before that and have them come back. Kaitlyn just stayed focused on working Fessy and Tyler for a replacement nom and Sam seemed a little uncertain if she wanted to share the Power Reveal/Bluff like she did with Tyler.

Ultimately they conclude this was a good and productive talk. They squash some nonsense drama over a brush and SamBot thanks Kaitlyn for talking to her and telling her stuff because no one has. THEN SAMBOT CRASHES!

Meanwhile Steve must of noticed because he was campaigning to Fessy and Haleigh. He talked about how he felt he was on the wrong show and they could have easily dismissed him as the old dude and been sympathetic to Sam but they didn't and they were cool with him. Steve bitches about Tyler not putting up a real threat and Fessy says he just keeps saying he doesn't want to pick a side, to which Steve says by making this decision he basically is. Steve says he's 99% sure he's staying and wouldn't have used the POV if he had won. Fessy says he's good and he's not losing it like Sam. Fessy expresses some sympathy for Sam so Steve turns on the hit job and says she lost to get the punishment and if Sam was her daughter he'd never stand for her cursing at production. Fessy, "I feel bad but not that bad." They move on to targets and they all agree Winston is a sketchy, paranoid fucker who needs to go.

Vegas and Angela meanwhile sat around trash talking the others like usual. Hilariously Angela had a moment of clarity and said they shouldn't be talking trash on the live feeds but Vegas dismissed it as mere observation and "being real."

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Kaitlyn briefly talked to Angie and Bray about the SamBot situation and complained about "pussy moves" but they got interrupted by JC. Then they hilariously mocked Swaggy... the guy on their side... and one of their showmance. For being a general buffoon, but specifically because he refuses to wear his glasses out of vanity and Angie thinks he can't see. But Bray also mentions that he thinks he's "running poo poo" and says someone has to have a talk with him.

Kaitlyn: He's probably crazy because he can't see.
Angie: That's a good start.
Kaitlyn: But is he open to change?
Bray: I think Swag sees what he wants to see.
Angie: I don't think he sees himself. He sees a silhouette of himself.
Bray: That makes sense.

Fessy was making the moves on Haleigh. I think Haleigh was trying to defuse it saying she's just "touchy feely" with everyone. I'm not sure. At one point while complimenting Haleigh Fessy says Angela is beautiful but then he had one conversation with her and it was good. I dunno. Haleigh's clearly using flirting as a game but its getting complicated. I'm 90% sure she was trying to let him down easy.

We join all four Cool Kids in HOH where they're making fun of Angie for being an unattractive middle aged mom. They explain their theory of a justifiable double standard that they can see sexual and crude stuff because they're young but she's an old mom so she can't. Then they sarcastically apologize to her kids. Its a slow motion train wreck as they clearly recognize how it looks to be talking about her like this and mentioning her kids and that her kids could be listening to them trash their mom but then they just keep doing it anyway.

Brett: Do you think its bad that its just blatantly just us four all the time?

Winston rationalizes that you can't over think the game and you just have to stay sane. Then they delude themselves into believing they break up and and socialize plenty. They theorize that the "other side" spends more time together, but they miss the part where "the other side" is THE ENTIRE HOUSE! Then Winston says they spend less time together than Swaggy and Bray do and tries to name them "Baggy." Then hilariously Kacee shows up because she must have had a panic attack being away from them for so long. So then they go back to mocking Angie. Brett says he can't wait for the "Plump Queen" to compete. Winston says he can't wait to see her on slop. Vegas says she needs to not be around Brett when that happens or she won't be able to control herself. Winston says they have to control themselves better when things go their way because everyone noticed them celebrating and laughing during the POV. They quickly turn that around to everyone else watching them and staring and being "psychotic". Then they mock Fessy some. Then they mock Swaggy's handshakes for the 100th time. Winston again tries to tell them not to OPENLY LAUGH AT PEOPLE WHEN THEY GET HURT IN POV COMPS and Brett laughs about how he was laughing so hard her hurt himself and peed his pants. Then they mock Scottie some. They say they have to keep him with them incase he wins a HOH but Angela and Brett are confident he loves them. Winston complains that Swaggy and Bray are "getting away" with a showmance so he wants to start a whisper campaign to draw attention to it.

There's a "prom" they keep talking about but the house divide seems to make such stunts unlikely.

Swaggy interrupts the group and its funny that I've noticed the Cool Kids always change the topic to football when their game talks get interrupted. They're real bad at this. Then Swaggy leaves and Kacee says "There's a bathroom downstairs." Winston says they probably should lock the door. Brett points out that would be sketchy and they really didn't need to all jump up and hide, they could have just stayed relaxed and it would have seemed more natural. Then Brett and Winston offer a blanket apology for letting their frustrations get to them and saying things "including to Rock". Vegas and Angela accept the apology? This is an interesting form of self centeredness. Brett says the biggest thing in this game is emotional control. Vegas says she can't talk to people so Brett tells her to just listen and let them talk. "You think I want to sit there and listen to some idiot talk about something I don't care about?" Vegas says she should go have some "stupid conversations." Kacee does a weird thing where she tries to downplay that she's a better social player than them because the peer pressure here is to be an aloof, smug cool kid like them. Brett says the most important thing is all the time before Thursday and its all about the mistakes they make, so they have to split up and not talk game. Vegas says she wants to just be around them. They've now been discussing the need to stop being isolated alone in a room for like half an hour.

The Bros have split from the girls to be alone and start slut shaming Haleigh. Brett thinks its bad for his game to flirt with Haleigh but Winston thinks its fantastic because it will get Fessy made at Haleigh and united with them in MRA solidarity or something. Brett thinks Fessy is going to be gunning hard for him between Haleigh and Kaitlyn loving him. Angela joins them to trash Kaitlyn but Winston says they can get Kaitlyn because she's hates Sam. Then they debate if its better to pull over Steve or Sam. Winston thinks Sam is useless and they can't talk to her, but Angela thinks she's a good pawn.

JC tells SamBot that he's working to keep her but she has to stay in the dark now but after Eviction he'll tell her who voted for her. Earlier in the talk with Kaitlyn SamBot made it clear that JC saying this sketched her out. Here she says its great. Oh, SamBot is going to "bed" in the storage room. She goes to bed too early. That's a fatal flaw in the BBHouse even when you're not physically isolated.

The Cool Kids FINALLY force themselves to separate. Well, the Bros do. The Girls stay. Vegas asks what she can do to improve her game. Kacee nicely suggests socializing more and talking to people. Angela makes excuses that the other side "patrols" conversation so Kacee says they can do the same. Vegas and Angela complain that when they talk to them it isn't genuine and is just "ordered" to as "minions" (of Swaggy!). Kacee says they're just trying to get into the game and get to know people but the girls dismiss that as too kind. Kacee's game is tragic because she clearly COULD be playing fine but she's getting sucked into the clique.

Vegas: Its really hard to establish so many relationships with people. That's what I'm having a hard time doing.
Kacee: You just gotta be a good listener.
Vegas: I'm not.
Kacee: If you can ask questions and just have them talk, cool.
Angela: And then they like you more because people just genuinely want to talk about themselves.
Vegas: I don't want to talk about myself.
Kacee: Like, as human beings...

Then Tyler, Brayleigh, and Kaitlyn come to HOH which they all react to with "oh my god." Angela spends a massive 10-20 seconds in the room before darting out. Vegas grows as a player and stays.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

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Requesting qtip gifs!

Kinky, but you do you.

Scottie: Its like you rubbed the rust off something.

Steve: Could that throw my balance off?
Scottie: I have no clue, its just so much.
Steve: You're an rear end.

Scottie: Look at how brown those are.
Angie: OHHHHH!!! That's a problem!

Scottie: Go show everybody.
Steve: No! I'm not showing anybody! Its nobody's business! You keep your mouth shut about what you saw!

Incidentally this weird affect the feeds have on me I've talked about is that someone will cook something and I'll go cook it, or someone will exercise and I go exercise. Today I bought qtips for the first time in awhile.

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Sep 10, 2003

Goodnight Canada!

Thank you. STAC Goat.

I flew too close to the sun.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Rockstar, Swaggy, and Fessy reciprocating some trash talking at Vegas' expense. Angie says she had to leave theater because of people who can't ever stop performing and that's what Vegas is like. She says Vegas said she wears an engagement ring to the grocery store so she doesn't get hit on, and she's just so full of herself. They say Angela can't be reached and Winston is "just a weirdo." They move on to talking about a conversation JC had with Winston. Angie says Winston was trying to talk game but JC was just pushing him off because he wants to be a floater. Angie then address Swaggy about why he's not wearing his glasses, but Swaggy brushes it off. Then he explains the concept of near-sightedness to Fessy who remarks "that's crazy."

Kaitlyn, Bray, and Tyler discuss how they now understand what BB players mean by saying everything can change week to week. Guys... you've been doing this 10 days. No one's been evicted. Half of you were safe. This crew is going to meltdown when the game starts. Kaitlyn was sharing something personal about herself to Bray but it was off feeds in the shower. They shared a hug and some cries. It was "medication" and "balanced" and "you can ground me" stuff so like, you can draw your conclusions but I won't speculate. Its worth mentioning less for Kaitlyn's stuff as it is for the first real bonding I've seen Bray do with anyone besides Swaggy. Up till now I thought Bray was kind of expendable to that side but Kaitlyn's clearly roping her in a little. But Kaitlyn seems to emotionally connect with everyone besides Vegas and Angela. Kaitlyn shared it with someone else but she didn't really respond to it (Angie? Haleigh?) but says Bray said exactly what she needed to hear.

Too early for a submit... sorry...

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Mar 12, 2008

do sex in bed Watching you sleep.

Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Bray asks Kaitlyn how she could try and be less of a target in the house. Kaitlyn politely says "no one cares about you." Bray says that's weird considering Tyler looking to nominate her. Kaitlyn rolls her eyes at Tyler and says she can think of at least 5 people who are targeted earlier (I can do better). Bray says she doesn't like to prepare for the worst case.

Steve and Angie discussing how Winston has to go. Steve says if its a 7-6 vote he knows "they" didn't vote for him and "its on." Steve doesn't trust Tyler's vote but Angie explains he don't got a vote. They complain about Tyler not making a "power move" because he wants to float. They say its a bad move because the lines are clearly drawn. Steve, "Its a moat with alligators and he wants to swim with alligators?" Steve says he has to secure JC's vote but its hard to pin him down. They say Sam freaked people out by cornering people and "including the entire house". Not sure what that refers to, must have been before feeds. Angie wonders who Scottie would nominate if he won HOH and Steve says he'd influence him. Steve thinks Winston is a secret doctor because he used medical terms to describe his knee injury. Says its not the season for floaters like Tyler and JC. They think JC doesn't have a "concept for the game." Says if "the Bros" betray him Thursday its the biggest mistake in the game. Steve thinks Brett won the Trending Power. That may be the worst guess imaginable.

The Bros engage in some girl talk over Jenga. Brett is into someone but he thinks a showmance would hurt him with the other girls. Brett says America is going to see the biggest "shutdown" ever and usually its the girls shutting down the guys like Amber and Cody. He COULD be talking about Haleigh (which would be funny) but it sounds like he's talking about someone in the four. Winston says there's "no rush, just like me and Angela. Kidding. Kinda." Winston says Angela is too game orientated. Winston says as soon as Brett wins HOH "she" is gonna amp it up. I'm thinking this is Vegas but I've never seen them flirt so I dunno. Winston laments Tyler's open door policy in HOH where he's shared the room and bed with everyone and indicates he's locking that door if he wins. That boy has a mind for the game.

Vegas is talking to Scottie and Fessy. It only seems fair to note since I've been joking about it.

JC joins the Bros and bitches about Sam but says they need to just be nice to her this week. Winston asks how they're going to get a 7th vote for her and JC says "we will." Winston wants to know how but JC dances and has his secrets. I have no idea what JC's game here is unless he really does have a double vote from the Trending Power. Maybe Angela is right because its the only thing that makes JC's gameplay make sense. JC complains about the other side pushing him to join their "alliance." JC says the pecking order on the other side is Swaggy > Fessy > Angie > Kaitlyn.

Angie has all kinds of reasons why she knows Brett has the power because he's been behaving differently and Angela has been extra nice to him. Steve says when he asked Brett he gave him the same look his kids give him when they lie. They all agree that Brett would be too narcissistic to use it on anyone but himself. They reveal that the cyber dude is unemployed and living off his parents money. Then Angie tells Fessy that Winston is a doctor playing dumb. Its a house full of geniuses.

Ok, that's enough for now.

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Aug 26, 2002

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Grimey Drawer

Whaaaaaat! I thought he was a super smart cyber dude that doesn't hang out with those NERDS he works with. He's only got time for protecting the country and banging hot chicks.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

POV meeting happened sometime today. Fessy didn't use the POV. Noms are still Steve and Sam. No one seemed surprised or moved. A year ago we were watching Cody explode his entire game and the house. That was fun but it also doomed the season, so maybe this is better.

Sam is human again for the time being.

Angie and Haleigh talked last night (while Haleigh crunched LOUD on pretzels so I hate her now). They're gossipy about Kaitlyn and Fessy and think they need to talk to Kaitlyn about respecting her boyfriend or something. Haleigh, "Why are her guides not telling her this is a bad idea when she meditates? I'm serious.
Angie, "I don't think she's meditating." I think they were serious. There's all kinds of jealousy and territorial stuff happening with Haleigh, Fessy, Kaitelyn, Tyler, Vegas, and Brett and its probably gonna be drama and affect alliances. They contemplate ditching Kaitlyn and Fessy for Scott/Steve or Tyler/JC. They think they're flying way under the radar and no one sees them as one side. These two seem to have really big egos about their games, but everyone in this cast seems to and they're in no real immediate danger. They do confirm that Swaggy's a big ole meat shield for them. Swaggy gonna last forever because everyone wants to hide behind him.

Then they had a trash talking session about the entire house and all their frustrations. No soul was safe but nothing terribly notable or new was said.

Apparently Angela boasted that she dated some Bachelor, Jeff Holm. Don't care.

have been talking a bunch. They clearly see themselves as the ones running things and are loyal to their five (Swaggy, Kaitlyn, Fessy) with Scott and Steve as numbers. They've got concerns about Kaitlyn floating around and Kaitlyn and Fessy being flirty. Haleigh's got a lot of young girl flirting with Fessy/Tyler jealousy stuff going on and it keeps coming up with her, Kaitlyn, Vegas, Brett... it seems all very silly but it might be a thing. I think Haleigh's a little more floaty than Angie but Angie's definitely all about her five that she's really adamant she formed and deserves TV credit for. They're cool with Swaggy telling everyone he's the "kingpin" (his words) because he's a big ole shield. There's some talk about ditching Fessy/Kaitlyn for Tyler/JC. I think they're a little too certain of their game mastership and thinking WAAAAY ahead.

Sam and Tyler. Tyler tells Sam to trash him a little to hide their alliance. Sam says everyone thinks JC or Brett have the power and Tyler assures her that he's told no one that she has it. Sam wants to spread the idea that JC has it but Tyler isn't interested. Tyler says he'd like to keep the Bros around right now to use. Sam says they'd like to keep JC around. They want to try and get Sam the votes and hold her power. Sam is being coy about the power and its not clear if she'd bluffing or just being careful with Tyler. We'll find out tonight. Sam says its just that since she's never around she feels like Tyler has secrets. Tyler says Angie's a lost cause for a vote, Sam says she's in good with Kaitlyn and she squashed their brush beef (then complains a bit about the brush). Tyler says he's working on Haleigh's vote but both agree she's just young and insecure and flighty. Sam's got that southern "I love her, but she dumb, bless her heart" thing. Tyler says JC is working Haleigh but JC doesn't understand that Haleigh is dead set on her original 5 Swaggy alliance. Sam complains that Kaitlyn talks to SamBot like a dog. "Bitch, I will cut your head off!" Sam says she does more dishes than Steve and Tyler says no one cares about that stuff. Tyler again promises he's keeping Sam's secrets (and its about the only person that's true for) and Sam says she's a little worried about him and Kaitlyn. But Tyler says he knows Kaitlyn's doing the same thing with everyone (she is).

Tyler seems more open with Sam than anyone else and he hasn't tipped anyone off that he's working with her. Sam is kind of pushy and says poo poo that is gonna come back on her. I'll reserve full judgement until they get out of their unique situation (HOH; SamBot/Block) but I think this is the closest thing either has to a real alliance.

Angie, Swaggy, and Bray are huddled whispering about nonsense. I'm not listening. Vegas passes through and then reports to Angela that they're whispering and has to tell Angela not to go interrupt. Then Vegas snarks about Haleigh whispering someone. "Everyone's whispering... well I guess I'm whispering too." Angela says its hilarious no one knows Tyler is working with them (everyone knows, except maybe Sam). Angela gets up to help someone apply sunscreen and Vegas can barely contain her contempt.

There's a lot of whispering going on but its between allies and nothing's really happening right now so I'm not really paying attention. Its mostly just people complaining about people.

I don't think I've mentioned it but Haleigh HATES Winston because he killed a bee. She brings it up a lot. I guess the story is that before feeds there was a bee in the pool and they rescued it and put it on the grass but then Winston grabbed a pool toy and smashed it repeatedly live a caveman. It apparently really affected Haleigh because she bring its up often as justification for why Winston has to go.

JC's still running around telling everyone he has a secret 7th vote but he can't tell anyone who it is. I think he's talking about Haleigh who he's not getting, but the Cool Kids all think its the Trending Power. I think JC might just be a bad player.

Winston tells Angela that Bayleigh pulled him aside and told him that everyone was targeting him. Winston is just smug and dismissive and borderline offended at Bay doing it. I think he thinks Swaggy ordered her to do it to make him paranoid. I think Bayleigh is trying to open back up the doors to the Cool Kids side for herself. Winston thinks its great that everyone else is playing frantically and they're just chilling (???) and they're gonna beast the HOH. Winston is very excited for others to be stressed out and on slop. He loves his drama. Winston and Angela decide they're just gonna call Swaggy "Christopher" from now on like "your father intended." They're offended that Swaggy does finger guns to Winston. They think its over the line and production should say something and America will hate him for it and its "not the time." I don't follow. Is Winston a vet? I don't remember that from his intro. Doesn't he love guns?

"Prom" got cancelled. It always does.

Almost show time to see if Sam has the power. Or I can keep listening to Winston and Angela trash talking people. But I'm sure they'll still be doing it later.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Kaitlyn did some bitching to Tyler about a wasted HOH not taking out Winston or Angela. Kaitlyn/Fessy are apparently claiming that they were gloating that they got away with not going up and outsmarting everyone.
I don't know if they said that, but its in character. Tyler said "at least we're taking out a number for their side." Kaitlyn said Sam isn't on either side and basically said if someone saves her she'll be loyal. But Kaitlyn said its not worth it since Steve is with them. Tyler acts like he's annoyed by the Cool Kids but who knows what he's really doing or thinking?

Fessy talking alone with Tyler asks if Sam will DFA before Thursday. Fessy's got this weird notion that Sam is a depressed mess threatening to quit. I've never seen it but Fessy's a bit of a moron and Steve's been pressing hard that Sam is a mess who has already quit the game. Tyler just played it all off and agreed with everything Fessy said. He also lied and said the Cool Kids probably are just looking to keep Steve and pull him over. Bay and Haleigh show up and dismiss Fessy's silliness as silliness and say Sam is fine and campaigning. They say no one has ever quit in the game's history and bring up the lady from last year whose name I forgot but Haleigh says "they said the psychiatrist told her she should quit" and we get fish. Bay says people are lying to Sam and telling her they're gonna vote to keep her. Haleigh says Angela said she's voting to keep Sam. Bay doesn't understand why she'd go against the house majority, but then says it makes sense since Angela has no relationship with Steve. Its the usual "vote with the house" nonsense.

More people are sick.

Someone says its Day 12, which is cool because now I can correct the numbers on my gif files.

Tyler, Brett, Angela, Kaycee, and Vegas (surprised there's no mixed company?) are talking about general game stuff and Tyler's ratting out some general stuff from the other side. They're trying to figure out if JC has Haleigh as the 7th vote for real and Tyler tries to clue them in that JC's kind of full of poo poo and doesn't have it. But Angela again repeats that JC totally has a double vote from the App. Tyler gives up and doesn't say anything about Sam. They go get Winston and discuss how they're going to pull Haleigh and Kaitlyn over when they run this poo poo. Winston laughs at the idea that everyone is gunning for him (they absolutely are). They decide that Haleigh is the source of all the house "lies" (true things they don't believe because they mistakenly believe they're the house majority). Tyler says they're getting more skeptical of him. Its still kind of funny that Tyler thinks he's playing anyone at all. Everyone knows Tyler is playing both sides, they're just tolerating it because they like him and can't do anything about it because he's HOH.

JC joins them and they joke about how they're going to decide who the Have Nots are next week by "fat shaming everyone." Winston plans a fake fight with Vegas over some nonsense. These people are idiots. Winston says that if they save Sam someone has to sit her down and explain to her that she has to be loyal to them now. That's a great way to build loyalty, threatened indenture. Winston giddy about the plans to blindside Steve and the rest. Winston has a list of grievances. He goes on about what idiots Swaggy and Fessy are for trying to work with him and Brett.

Winston: One of them HAS to go home next week. Whichever of us wins it we gotta lock the door and do some heavy scheming all night.

Why, Winston? If one of them has to go home what do you scheme about? That's the easiest scheme possible. Why are you this way, Winston? Why can't you just stop?


Kaitlyn interrupts Winston slut shaming Haleigh a bit and HILARIOUSLY they start talking about Tom Brady again. Its so weird. They always change the topic to Tom Brady.

JC shows up wearing cutlets and carrying a condom balloon. I'm not going to humor it with a gif. He does this all the time. Haleigh shows up and Angela's had enough and bails with Winston. I think she lasted five minutes in mixed company. That's good for her. She's growing.

Winston is telling Brett that he's so happy about how perfectly everything is going and how well they have things set up that he almost thinks he should be more concerned. Brett says he isn't surprised by how well things are going but is surprised he didn't win the Trending App this week. Winston concludes that they probably just didn't get to show any of their fun antics this week but hopefully they should soon. They talk about planting a rumor that Fessy and JC are showmancing, because that's the level we're working at here. Brett expresses some concern about Tyler but Winston assures him he's good and not into Haleigh. Winston laughs that people think he's a doctor. Brett warns him not to freak out and get defensive but to just "not give them the time of day." Shouldn't be hard. They boast about how smart salespeople are for awhile. They decide they need a "bro sess" to remind everyone they're idiots tomorrow. They think something they came up with about some girl will be trending. Brett's rambling more about how he has to fight Vegas off because she wants him so bad. I don't see it. I don't know. Now they're bashing Angie more. Now Winston crowing some more about how no one is allowed in his HOH room when he wins and Brett says that's great strategy because it forces everyone downstairs and they get mad at each other.

Or, you know... they get mad at you.

Brett: I love that they think we're stupid bros.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Absolutely nothing has happened tonight worth talking about from what I've seen. Just the usual Cool Kid nonsense.

But Winston just pulled Brett aside to tell him that he thinks this Thursday is Double Eviction.

The first eviction of the season.

The boy is out of his mind with paranoia in Week 1.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Tyler did a little work trying to get Angie and Haleigh to keep Sam. Both really like Sam and agree that she got a lovely deal and that she'd work with them if they kept her. Their concern is that if they vote out Steve they'll lose Scottie as an ally.

Winston's Double Elimination (snicker) plan is to use Sam and another pawn and backdoor Fessy or Swaggy. Because, you know. He's confident they could win POV and feels Sam should just be indebted to them for the game and do whatever they want. He's Winston so it takes like 30 minutes to explain this plan because he is messy as gently caress. Brett considers using TYLER as a pawn. drat! That's cold.

Sam has a talk with Vegas, Angela, and JC about how she's been up and down all season and has had moments where she was ready to go home, but she's found her fire and feels better than she has in a long time. Talk about being sober and away from home for the first time and out of her element. Sam's got a lot going on in her head.

Now the Bros have decided that they don't want to take Swaggy and Fessy out too soon because right now everyone likes them more than those guys (HA!) but if they went then they could turn. So now the Double Eviction target is Rockstar. Winston says that if it comes down to it the two of them will just have to go back to back HOHs for awhile. He feels confident that no one in the house besides Swaggy is intelligent or ballsy enough to go against them.

Winston's super convinced its sketchy that the first week is 14 days before the first eviction (If today is Day 12 then its actually 16 days). He says he's never seen this before. He says this as he repeatedly says how no one on the other side knows a thing about the game.

Winston wants to call a Level 6 meeting tonight to discuss the impending crisis of a Week 1 Double Eviction in 4 days.

I love this guy.

And is it me or is he turning into Bradly Whitford?

Winston's decided not to do the meeting tonight because Angie is sleeping in HOH with Tyler. He's really upset by this and keeps going on about how unfair it is and how he's never seen a HOH be shared and how he's not unlocking his door. He's getting fired up about how everyone is on summer vacation and he's gonna win HOH and put people on the block and slop and show these people how it gets ugly!

I now kind of want Winston to win HOH and just go full on tyrant and then waste his HOH on Rockstar.

For some reason Winston now thinks Tyler picks Have Nots NEXT week. Like... apparently he thinks Tyler's just the designated Have Not Selector. Winston comes up with some plan to guilt Swaggy and Fessy into volunteering for Have Nots by having Tyler (who selects Have Nots forever) to say guys should step up. Then try and count up the guys in the house and it takes them literally five minutes because they keep forgetting to count Tyler. And Winston ran out of fingers.

This is amazing.

Winston's all fired up now that everyone else is going to sneak food at night when they're Have Nots because they're all weak and without honor! He says if production lets them get away with taking hot showers he's going to raise hell!

Winston has his fill of game talk so first he asks Brett more about how he's going to resist Vegas and how him and Brett are doing Amazing Race after this. Then they start reflecting on their talk with Sam earlier.

Brett: I can't tell if she likes us or not.
Winston: She loves us. And she hates us.
Brett: She's too nice a girl so she loves us. But she hates us.

I think I've learned to love The Bros.

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Aug 26, 2002

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Grimey Drawer

Do we know if Winston has ever watched the show? Because it kinda seems like he hasn't.

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Jul 19, 2006
Driven by Hate

How did Kacey end up in the bros alliance?

She seems like the type they would shun.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Shes a jock so i guess they just saw her as an assett since they have that whole Bomb Squad/Moving Company "we're going to win everything" bravado. Don't know.

It's weird because it's obvious Kaycee has better social instincts and doesn't hate the other side the way the four do. But she seems to just be falling into the social pressure of the clique. The only way to be one of the cool kids is to clown on everyone else and be too cool for everything, so gradually she just does it more and more. Even Tyler said as much when talking to the cameras.

If the house reshuffles soon Kaycee should be able to readjust and reintegrate into the house the way players like Paul and Natalie did. But the longer the divide lasts the more she's sabotaging her game.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

We should probably take into consideration Kaycee's punishment when we evaluate her game. Its low key but that spinning wheel does seem to strand her around a lot and limit her ability to socialize. I just saw her moving around the house and having a ton more social interaction with people than the Cool Kids but then she steps into the Have Not room to look for something and got stuck in there. So now she's out of commission for awhile. Its hard to know how often that happens.

Cool Kids are talking about how awesome Tosh.0 and SouthPark are and how stupid the butts of his jokes are. People still watch SouthPark? How is it possible to feel old both in remembering when a show was really hot and old in not knowing if its still hot?

Sam's a robot again. SamBot expresses some frustration that she never knows how long she'll be in the house but Tyler reminds her its almost over. Sam asks Kaycee to teach her a workout routine when she's "a real girl" because she's just embarrassed when seeing all the cool kids jock out. Kaycee is very encouraging and nice about it. Sam's frustrated because she wanted to clean the bathroom today and now she can't figure out what to do. Kaitlyn suggests she help Kaycee with the dishes.

SamBot: It is... its ridiculous. You gotta laugh about it.

Brett's talking about his mom's famous lobster bisque and how he hates when restaurants make bad lobster bisque. I don't know why this amused me so much.

Oh, Brett is telling Kaycee about Winston's "genius" plan to trick Swaggy and Fessy to volunteer for Have Nots to destroy them by appealing to their toxic masculinity. I'm so glad this didn't die over night. Kaycee - once again showing she doesn't belong with these morons - points out that Tyler probably won't be picking the next Have Nots. That confuses Brett a bit so he says they'll deal with it when it happens. I guess the heart of this misconception is that the Have Nots are finishing up tomorrow because its a week and getting to eat for the 4th, so they mistakenly think a new set of Have Nots will be chosen immediately instead of waiting until next week with the new HOH. Because they've never watched the show.

Brett and Kaycee are whispering some more but Kaycee's Pinwheel of Doom is so drat loud I can't hear a thing. Nice design flaw, BB.

They put some video game props in the fish tank and they look like they're getting really funky.

Swaggy and Haleigh gossiping about Kaitlyn and her being jealous of Haleigh/Fessy. Haleigh says she noticed Kaitlyn acting different but didn't realize the Fessy thing. Haleigh's "low key heated" that she has to "tip toe" around Kaitlyn. Swaggy encourages her to just "ignore it" until it blows up. That seems like a good plan. Swaggy starts going on about how America is mad at Kaitlyn because she has a boyfriend or something. We don't really care, Swag. Haleigh says she's just going to avoid Kaitlyn until she calms down the same way she avoided Swaggy yesterday while she was heated. Swaggy is confused by what she was mad at him about and Haleigh doesn't really explain. Ah well.

Angela's fantasizing about 4th of July food and a perfect turkey burger. That's the most personality I've see her show. They talk about slop. Bray and Angela think they'll freeze it and turn it into pudding. That sounds gross. Bray mentions Danielle "of Dick and Danielle" dropping to 98 lbs on slop and no one knows who that is.

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Your Taint
Nov 25, 2011

Kyle Schwarber: World Series hero, Beefy Lad, better than you.

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Do we know if Winston has ever watched the show? Because it kinda seems like he hasn't.

They've had that before, with the producers recruiting certain people to play instead of choosing from the applicants.

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Dec 23, 2005

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They've had that before, with the producers recruiting certain people to play instead of choosing from the applicants.

WHAT? Seriously?

I can't imagine CBS reality shows doing this.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Most seasons are usually about half recruit and half apply. The Cool Kids seem like mostly recruits although I haven't heard anything clear about. Fessy's a recruit because he said he passed a few Survivor cuts and they moved him here. Kaitlyn talked about her family talking her into applying.

Usually its a safe bet to assume most of the young, pretty people with entertainment jobs or clearly made up poo poo like "cyber security expert" are recruits while most of the older or odd ball ones applied. Its not 100% but its a solid starting point. It can be hard to figure out who is who because they almost all watch a few seasons in sequestor at least. You can usually over time recognize who the recruits are because they frame the entire game based on the last season or two and make a lot of dumb assumptions that it will play out the same exact way.

Winston seems to know enough about the game to know Double Evictions are a thing and why they're so frantic but not enough to know why its silly to think there'd be one in Week 1 and that Week 1 is always extra long. Maybe he could be a casual show watched and just not realize that. He is kind of dim. But I get the impression he's a recruit who thinks he just mastered the game watching a few seasons.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Haleigh and Kaitlyn are out by the pool with Winston and Brett and start joking about him being a doctor (which is now the house joke/paranoid belief). Kaitlyn wink wink suggests Winston should look into becoming a doctor when he gets out because she gives him "doctor vibes". Brett says maybe he'll become a doctor and Kaitlyn and Haleigh very politely laugh at him and say that's not happening. Brett doesn't understand why they say that and they tell him "Winston can turn it off but you're just this kind of person." Brett doesn't understand and they tell him he could probably work on Wall Street. He seems ok with that. Winston complains that they're trying to "stereotype" them and Brett calls them "fascist". Brett knows what words mean. Someone says "don't put them in a box" so Winston and Brett spend 2 minutes talking about how big the box would have to be and how strong the tape would have to be. Kaitlyn and Haleigh don't laugh so Brett says he engages in "self love" by laughing at his own jokes. Haleigh and Tyler are rubbing on each other discussing their kids' names. Brett wants to name his boy or girl "Bryce" but Haleigh vetos it. Brett wants to name his kid "Dee" so he can call him "Bro Dee!" My brain feels strained.

Swaggy's telling Angie about he worked up Haleigh about Kaitlyn. I don't know if he's doing this intentionally or if he just loves drama. Angie laments that she can't relate to anyone in the house and she has nothing in common with anyone. I think this is Angie's thing. I've seen her make the same complaint to Haleigh, Steve, Sam, and Kaitlyn. She thinks the Cool Kids all come from money so they don't need this. Swaggy thinks they're just here to be cute and have fun and get on TV and don't care about being "Big Brother Legends."

They're debating Apple Music vs Spotify now. Winston is strongly pro Apple because its so easy on his iPhone. Brett points out you can just download the Spoitify app but Winston says you have to pay for it. They point out he pays for Apple too but he says it has Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks, to which Haleigh emphatically says she doesn't care about Taylor Swift. I now really want someone to dig into Haleigh's views of Taylor Swift.

Angie and Steve lament about the casting "oding" on adonis' and athletes this season. Angie thinks back to BB10 with the likes of Dan, Remy, and "that old rear end marine" and casts of "normal people." Steve notes that Boogie doesn't have any muscle.

These are those days I question why I watch this, but its like 100 degrees out and a Monday. So its this or watch Blade Runner for the first time since I got it from the library. I guess I should do that since its due back Friday.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Fessy got a Hamazon delivery that's like a ham roll with a glaze he's gotta cook. He gets to share this one with the house but no one is excited.

Oh God. Brett lecturing on "Alphas" and "Betas". "There's just an ecosystem." Says Josh won because he recognized he wasn't the Alpha and rode Paul's coattails. Winston, "Yep, imitation alpha and wannabe." One of the girls mock the other women for putting on yoga clothes and pretending to work out. Brett points out that maybe they're exercising alone because its the hottest time of day. Angela says she rather do that so she doesn't have to get judgments from the others (THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE DOING!).

Angie telling Bay more about her "physiological" evidence that Brett has the Trending Power. Bayleigh can't understand how he'd possibly win it. Angie says Kaycee is with the Cool Kids and JC's just trying to float and has approached her about staying in the middle. Angie is really upset about the need to send Sam home but she's just worried if they vote out Steve then Scottie might go to the Bros. The two share how badly they want to evict Winston. Bay says Winston came to her early on to work with him with Swaggy and Fessy but then when he talked to Swaggy and Fessy he said he didn't want any girls and then a day later he was with the Cool Kids. Angie thinks he's a misogynist and one of those guys who talks about "feminists hate men".

Bayleigh: I had a dream last night that I got to tell my mom my Instagram password.
Angie: Oh! Maybe she woke up knowing it.

Tyler has the HOH SnapChat Glasses and continues to be maybe the only person who treats SamBot like a human being by initiating a selfie in the mirror with Kaycee and Scottie (who in all fairness also generally treat SamBot like a person from what I've seen).

Tyler: Well, SnapChat, I don't know what else to do. I forgot how to use SnapChat.
SamBot: Angie, you should do some kind of Goddess Monday announcement.
Angie: Yes. Embracing the sacred feminine divine.
Kaycee: You should just twerk.

I don't listen to Swaggy and Bayleigh conversations. I apologize if I'm missing something. I just can't. Bayleigh's been picking Swaggy's nose hairs for awhile now.

JC working Haleigh about the Steve/Sam vote. He says they have to really think about it the next couple of days and do what's the smart and best move for their and Tyler's game. JC basically says the three of them should do a sort of vote (knowing full well Tyler wants to keep Sam with him). Haleigh asks which way JC is leaning. JC says they could use Sam as an indentured pawn but he doesn't think Steve would accept that. Haleigh says she feels really good about Steve and thinks he trusts her. Fessy breaks this up so JC changes the topic to him being constipated.

JC: When I come back here you both leave this room because I'm trying to poop.

Angela: They think its gonna be a double eviction on Thursday.
Tyler: Who?
Angela: The Bros.
Tyler: Oh, gently caress.

Winston: She [Angela] might be one of the hottest women I've ever seen.
Brett: I'm in love with her.
Winston: You shut your mouth. That's my wife you're talking about.
Brett: Man, you're gonna be upset when she leaves you for me.
Winston: Honestly, I'd be ok with it, Bro.
Brett: We can take turns.
Winston: Bros forever?
Brett: That's splitting alimony. Or just wife dues. Think of it as wife dues.

Winston: Its funny, because they're all in there scared of the sun.
I mean, what's to be scared about working out hard in the sun in midday in a heat wave?
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Brett: The sun loving drains you, man...

JC and Haleigh are taking SnapChat photos with everyone holding a cookie. Even they didn't seem to be able to explain why. Winston is briefly paranoid that its a prank. Tyler is ordered to take them back from JC before he finishes.

Scottie: Hopefully all these people clear their cookies off their browsers.

Haleigh, JC, and Angie fill Bayleigh in on the Roseanne/Ambien/Valeria Jarrett racism that somehow Bay managed to miss. JC says he just reads Twitter with popcorn. Angie says the Wendys' twitter is "fire".

Winston tells Brett he was so excited last night he couldn't sleep. Brett warns him that the anticipation is one of the parts of the game that can kill you. Winston HILARIOUSLY says they just need to "stay cool." Winston "knows" its a Double Eviction now. Brett, "It doesn't make sense if it isn't." Now the plan is for Angela and Rachel to seduce Fessy and Swaggy to get them to volunteer for Have Nots. Winston thinks Fessy is desperate for Angela. That's new to me. Brett says he's gonna start hitting on Bayleigh. Winston loves it because either it will enrage Swaggy or he won't care and she'll get mad. Winston says Angie's trying to pull something with Angela.

Quad is broken!!!!

JC and SamBot are getting married for some reason. Angie is officiating. I just don't find JC that amusing. Like, he's not near as annoying as I expected him to be but I'm just not entertained. JC gets in trouble for having JC carry him across the threshhold.

BB Feeds are very interested by Haleigh and Fessy under the covers. Lots of inaudible whispering and heavy breathing, nothing clearer. I don't think anything was actually happening but can't be sure. I did here Fessy complaining that he really likes her and Kaitlyn is jealous, and Haleigh calling him "trouble." Kaitlyn interrupts because Fessy broke her $80 bracelet. Or at least that's the excuse. Drama.

Fessy apologizes to Kaitlyn for stuff but there's some fish. We can get the subtext even if we don't know what exactly was said. Kaitlyn assures him she's ok and not mad.

JC and Tyler planning a press tomorrow on Kaitlyn (when she's off slop) to vote to save Sam. Tyler says its perfect because Kaitlyn's freaking out about Haleigh/Fessy. JC thinks Brett might do something with his power and Tyler says he won't. JC asks how he knows and Tyler says "I just know." JC doesn't want to give up on Haleigh but Tyler says not to press too hard. JC wants one of the four to win HOH next week so they can take a shot at Swaggy but leave them and Kaycee in the middle. JC complains about Swaggy and that he's getting to the extreme of his tolerance. Tyler says he's getting there with Rockstar. They both say everything she says is fake. JC says as soon as Swaggy goes she should be next because she's a wildcard. JC's conflicted because he wants to keep her around long enough to pick a fight with someone. JC and I are simpatico on this. JC going on about how weak Swaggy's side is and how strong "The Four" are. JC still deadset that Brett has the power and loves how it played out because everyone is targeting Angela and Winston. Tyler kind of dances around that JC should question that Brett has it but doesn't give away anything about Sam. JC HILARIOUSLY thinks Brett doesn't talk game with Winston and trusts him more. Tyler warns JC to be careful that Swaggy's side doesn't get sketched out by him trying to get Steve out. JC is confident he's been playing it perfectly. Tyler is worried what happens when they find out they're working with the Four. JC isn't. He plans to lie about his vote on Thursday. JC thinks its easy once Swaggy goes. Tyler wants Haleigh gone. JC says he has Angela wrapped around his finger. JC thinks sending Winston out after Swaggy would be good in case there's a Battle Back.

JC: Winston's game is weird as gently caress. So when one of them has to go it will be Winston.

Kaitlyn's holding a mixed meditation session with Angie, Vegas, Angela, Bay, and Scottie. I guess its easier to hang out when you're not talking or looking at each other.

Brett joins Tyler and JC ending their game talk. Tyler says he wants to gun for HOH on Thursday so he doesn't lose the room and I can't tell if he's joking or not. JC's been snacking on nuts this whole time and I want to kill him. JC plays around with Brett a little and says he doesn't understand why Angela is a target and wonders aloud if she has the power. Brett says she's a target because she's hot. JC wishes Brett has the same energy he had at the start but Brett says he does but people get pissed at the stuff he says so its smarter for his game to shut up. Brett says there's plenty of times he could "go off" but he's biting his tongue. JC tells him to win HOH so everyone will suck his dick. Brett says he'll tell everyone to gently caress off and then they'll have to laugh at his jokes. JC doesn't understand why people bring others down. Brett says Tyler never got to enjoy his HOH room but Tyler brushes it off and says he had two weeks so he can't complain. Brett wonders how Have Nots will be chosen tomorrow and Tyler and JC both point out the many reasons why there just won't be Have Nots until the new HOH. Brett doesn't really buy it. Brett rants a bit about Rockstar and wants to make personal attacks towards her, but he's holding his tongue and waiting for a girl to do it. Brett things Angela's gonna hit a point where she's "the meanest bitch". Brett says Tyler's been keeping the peace by leaving the HOH open and not forcing everyone to squeeze in downstairs. Tyler says next week's HOH is probably going to do it. Brett says he didn't realize how hard it is, especially on Have Nots. Brett nude patch for sims2 HATES Angie and keeps going on and on about how he wants to rip into her personally but he's holding back. JC claims that the other side calls him "Beefcake" (I've never heard it). Brett likes it and says "its like calling me Brad Pitt." Then Brett rips into Steve a ton and JC urges him on. Brett asks about the vote and JC is dismissive and says "vote, its good." Brett complains that no one is acknowledging that Swaggy and Bay are a showmance. Tyler says they all know and basically says "what do you want?" Brett says all the girls are swayed by college athletes (Brett's got some thing about that because he's mentioned it a lot, someone got rejected from his college teams). Now he's on Swaggy and more "college sports."

Vegas discussing with Kaitlyn how people will view her and what people are saying and criticism from the fans. She thinks people will think she's just there to be on TV (I do). She says she can't believe the things fans attacked HGs for last season, and Kaitlyn asks for examples. She brings up "the Raven stuff" and says everyone was called a bully "even Cody and Jessica". Kaitlyn says everyone in that cast bullied each other. Kaitlyn says if its game stuff, fine, but personal attacks are unfair. Vegas brings up Cody saying "Megan, I just don't really like you" as really over the line. Its crazy how that's such an afterthought in that ugly season because they're right. We would have really focused on that if Cody hadn't immediately blown everything up.

Brett wants to get Fessy in trouble because Scottie didn't eat the piece of ham he gave him. Vegas complains to the Bros about Steve some. She says Steve though she told him she hated him and she'd never say that. Brett, "I'd say it." She calls Steve "in-genuine" and "not a dad figure." The Bros defend him as being on the block so he's stressed and paranoid. Winston complains that Steve looks at the camera (to talk to his family). He's got some weird thing about people "putting on a show." Vegas acknowledges that she plays to the cameras and Winston says its different. Vegas urges the guys not to over exert themselves working out before HOH. Vegas asks/jokes Brett to be her "July 4th kiss" and the Bros get all awkward. Vegas says something about "catching feelings for Brett but having to back off" and more awkwardness.

Vegas: Ready to beast mode the comp?
Brett: Ready to pull my dong out and put it on people's heads.

Vegas: I really don't like hanging out with the two of you together anymore.
Brett: We feed off each other.

Brett leaves awkward and Winston is all "just give him time" and Vegas assures him she's just joking. Winston tells her she's infatuated with Brett and Vegas objects. Winston, "Bless your heart." He says Brett's just too afraid to reciprocate but they have time. He calls them Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowksi and himself Slater. Winston tells Vegas not to backtrack after admitting it and Vegas keeps insisting she was joking and she does things to get reactions. Vegas is getting clearly annoyed by Winston. "I'm all for Ratchet." Vegas changes the subject and says she's worried about JC and the Sam Vote and Angela being so certain that JC has an extra vote. She says they have to figure it out for real tomorrow so they can prepare for if Steve is staying. Winston agrees but doesn't really expand, which doesn't suggest he really agrees since he usually freaks out.

Vegas joins Brett in the hot tub and Steve comes by and things get super weird. Brett tells Steve Vegas is offering July 4th kisses. Steve says he has to pass "for legal reasons". Brett gets weird and says he has the same ones and Steve asks what those are. Then its just lots of uncomfortableness. Steve picks this time to ask Vegas for her vote. Vegas says she hasn't decided but says she'd expect him to say she wasn't gunning for her. Steve says he hasn't really shown any aptitude to win a HOH. They stumble over how awkward the whole thing is and then he brings up Brett and kisses again to try and get out of it. The whole thing is awkward. Shouldn't an undercover cop be better at this? Vegas asks how he feels about the whole thing and Steve takes the opportunity to shade all over Sam about how he's not gonna cry and he's making the best of this experience.

That's enough.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Haleigh: I want a boyfriend like a cat.
Swaggy: Like a cat? What do you mean?
Haleigh: I want a boyfriend who just acts like he doesn't like me at all.
Swaggy: Why do girls like that?
Haleigh: I don't know... we just... because we all hate ourselves.
Angie: "I just want a man who treats me like trash."
Swaggy: That's what I'm doing from now on, in the future.
Angie: Please don't.

Please don't give Swaggy more ideas, Haleigh.

Swaggy mentions that they played chess for the first few days, which is the first time I've ever even gotten a hint that there's a chess table somewhere. I'm not some kind of snob or anything and I don't think playing chess makes you a genius or relates to the game or anything like that. But I really do think I'd be offended and shameful if I was in the BB house that played Jenga and Foosball instead of chess.

And I like Foosball.

Vegas makes fun of Steve's campaigning a bit to Brett.

Winston's favorite movie growing up was Good Burger and he spent years looking for a DVD copy of it.

Steve assures Swaggy, Haleigh, and Angie that his campaigning is good and he expects a 10-4 vote at worst (he thinks he has the Bros but not Vegas, Angela, JC, and Kaycee). Steve thinks no one has ever been as confident as he is that he's staying. Them's last words, Steve.

On cue this inspires Angie to suggest to Haleigh that they throw hinky votes to frame the Bros. Haleigh says its a risk but is interested. Angie says they have to find a way to be sure who is voting. I have no idea how she thinks she can do that. Stay tuned to this galaxy brain nonsense.

JC has Orwell and I'm scared.

Fessy and Kaitlyn discuss an apparent F2 between them. Fessy says that she has to trust him because there will be days where they're mad at each other or someone seems between them. Steve interrupts before the good stuff starts.

I'm getting tired of Steve. There's nothing really bad about him. He just has this tendency to drop into conversations and start making totally normal and inoffensive dad small talk that no one cares about and then start talking the same game about how awesome their majority is and how Sam doesn't want to be here and how they're going to kick rear end as long as you keep him and I'm just tired of it. I wanted to hear about this new info a Fessy/Kaitlyn F2, dad!

Angela complains about "another houseguest" not washing a dish or using a plate that was used to cut a tomato or something really not a big deal at all but that she clearly wanted people to be upset or grossed out by. Cool Kids have already adopted the "only washing my dishes" approach. Somewhere I hear ants signaling for backup.

Everyone who isn't the Cool Four are now working out. At night. When the sun is down but studio lights hurt less than sun.

So quick vote update:
- Steve is convinced he has a 10-4 vote. There's only 13 voters.
- The Cool Kids are locked into voting out Steve because they're certain they have 7 votes because Angela has convinced herself with zero evidence that JC won the Trending Power and has 2 votes. Which is especially odd because if she did that math it would make it a 7-7 tie and force Tyler to break the tie and show his hand.
- JC is for some reason deluding the the Cool Kids into trusting him about the 7th vote while struggling to find it and also having his own evidence-less confidence that Brett has the Trending Power.
- Angie, Haleigh, and Kaitlyn all actually want to keep Sam over Steve but they're worried that doing so would lose them Scottie.
- Sam might think she has the votes since Kaitlyn, JC, Angie, and Haleigh are lying to her expecting her to not be here to question them. Either way she is presumably safe with the Bonus Life but she doesn't actually want to work with the people who are planning to keep her, she wants to work with the people who are planning to blindside her.
- Tyler knows ALL of this but isn't tipping off anyone besides some small hints here and there to JC, Sam, and Winston.
- Angie and Haleigh are so confident in the voting total that they're debating throwing hinky votes that would actually be the swing votes needed to evict Steve.
- Vegas is actually nervous about JC and Angela's bizarre 2 vote theory but Winston blew her off when she questioned it.

So at this moment its not at all impossible that JC never gets a 7th vote and backs out and votes out Sam, he and Tyler leave the Cool Kids out to dry so they throw 5 votes for Steve, and then Angie and Haleigh vote out Steve 7-5 by accident. In which case the entire house would be in chaos of who the votes are and who has the Trending Power with almost everyone lying to cover their rear end to someone.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Sadly the idiots are getting less idiotic..

Angela tells Vegas that JC is less confident now that they can get the 7th vote. This pisses Vegas off because she's been ignoring Steve and just blew him off campaigning expecting he was gone. Vegas rightfully concludes that this suggests JC doesn't have some power like they thought, but Angela insists he still does. They suggest that JC did this on purpose to set them up and recognize that he's a floater... sorta. Its weird. "He has good intentions." Huh? Angela thinks JC is gonna try and pull her into an alliance with Tyler. Vegas asks what changed for JC and Angela says she didn't ask questions. That Angela is a good player.

Oh and they complained about people including Kaitlyn commenting that Winston has a crush on Angela. Which he absolutely does but they dismissed it as deviousness from Swaggy to deflect from his showmance. Not Kaitlyn, the person who said it. Because remember, she's a minion of the great and powerful mastermind Swaggy C.

Angie complaining to Fessy about the Cool Kids. General blah blah. She does this all the time. Angie thinks Brett won the Trending Power because he doesn't wear a shirt. Angie says she's upset at Tyler for not backdooring someone, and Fessy asks how he fits into their plans. Angie says a lot of words but nothing and then just starts complaining that everyone is an athlete and adonis again. I'm starting to recognize the pattern of Rockstar conversations.

Tyler, Kaitlyn, and Swaggy are doing a "show." Things got weird when Swaggy mentioned having a defunct deal with Winston and then Kaitlyn asked what the deal was, Swaggy was weird and dodgy about it, and the two got heated. Kaitlyn interpreted this as Swaggy and Fessy having formed a deal with the Bros to take the rest of them out. Swaggy is bad with communications. Bayleigh was eventually able to explain that the deal was always nonsense and she was always associated with it and they just assumed Fessy had told her. At which point Kaitlyn's anger transferred to Fessy who she was already kinda mad at for the Haleigh stuff. It got squashed but Kaitlyn clearly wasn't REALLY satisfied with things.

Bay started fishing with Tyler about why The Four didn't cut a deal with him as their fifth but did Scottie. That's... odd. I wonder if that was fishing to see how he reacted. She was asking lots of questions. I cant tell if that's because she's woefully misinformed or clever about seeking stuff.

Kaitlyn went for Fessy and confronted him about the deal. Fessy explains that Day 2 the Bros came to Swaggy for a deal with him and it was BS so he never said anything. Kaitlyn moves on to her real issue, Haleigh. She asks if they showmance is she still his #1 and he swears she is. Kaitlyn says she's ok but she doesn't seem to be.

Vegas played Jenga with Kaycee as apparently the only other person with a brain in her alliance and expressed her anger at JC and the vote. She dismissed the Bros as being obessed with a Double Eviction and both agree that's nonsense. Vegas says they're losing precious time and they have to talk and figure this out tonight. Kaycee says she'll talk to JC tonight. Vegas is pissed she's been cold shouldering Steve. Kaycee asks if they should vote with the house or is it just a done deal now and Vegas doesn't know. Vegas doesn't think Steve is that valuable or gettable anyway. Sadly this conversation is abandoned to go back to Tyler/Bay that doesn't seem that interesting.

I was going to watch a movie and go to bed but Vegas seems like she's going to make some drama tonight. For some reason the BB Feeds are more interesting in HOH room nothing.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Fessy is now questioning Kaitlyn about her saying something about him being under the covers with Haleigh. Kaitlyn insists she doesn't remember it. Fessy's being mopey about how they're supposed to be best friends so she should be honest with him. Kaitlyn says that in a day where he's under the covers with someone and she finds out about an alliance he had she has reason not to fully trust him. Fessy doesn't get why the Haleigh thing matters since she's Kaitlyn's best friend. Kaitlyn says she's just worried how that will affect their F2 and Fessy says he could feel the same way about her and Tyler. Fessy downplays his game relationship with Haleigh and Swaggy and swears she's the only one he really talks game with. Fessy asks her how well she knows the show and if they're in a good position. Kaitlyn says they're good but Fessy wonders what they do if he goes on the block. Kaitlyn says they argue he's a beast who has no one so he needs to be there for your side, even if that means switching sides.

Kaycee questioning JC about the vote. JC says he's working on Haleigh. Kaycee suggests they do the "sympathy vote" plan of tricking someone in throwing a vote, but JC kind of ignores it. Kaycee asks if JC has the power and he says no but that he knows who does (he thinks Brett). Kaycee wants to just vote for Steve anyway and draw a public line in the house while JC wants to vote for Steve and then just lie about it after. JC seems to filibuster this conversation and somehow it gets around to how they need to fire up Angela to win a HOH because everyone hates her. JC's basically advising Kaycee to not stick her neck out for the Four and keep riding the middle with him and Tyler.

Fessy checks in with Swaggy who is pissed at Kaitlyn but I really don't catch anything because he's being a brat about his microphone with the production. "My alliance is you [Fessy], Bayleigh, and Haleigh. That's all I care about." Oh, apparently Fessy walked in on him and Bayleigh going at it last night so Swaggy is giving details. Classy. Now he's bitching about the Kaitlyn fight. Swaggy says he's pissed because Kaitlyn said "I'm scared when you yell at me because I'm a little girl" and that's something his ex used to say. Fessy says Kaitlyn's freaking that she's being "left in the dark." Fessy says she's starting to get annoying but he feels bad about that. Swaggy says she's a cool girl, but she's annoying. Fessy complains about the Haleigh covers incident and the broken bracelet.

Steve's having a dad conversation with Brett which gives me some room to catch up.

Earlier Vegas said that she was "as dark as Bayleigh" and Angela said she was "looking ghetto". I believe Twitter is unhappy.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

I can't follow Swaggy at all and Fessy gradually becomes Swaggy the longer they speak. Fessy interprets what he's saying as Bayleigh is trying to play drama on both sides of Kaitlyn/Fessy/Haleigh but Swaggy downplays it (sorta). Basically Bayleigh was asking Swaggy all kinds of questions about the interpersonal relationships. Oh wait... I think "Bayleigh" is the Diary Room. Well that's a waste of time. Stupid Swaggy outsmarting me and the feeds. FF a bunch. They're talking about how Haleigh is playing a good game and covered from both sides so she's "gotta go." I don't think he's saying that soon. He's just masterminding the entire game as he does. FF a bunch and Swaggy is talking about how he'll have to campaign against Bay if they're on the block. FF a bunch and Swaggy reitarates he doesn't care about FOUTT... the five person thing and its just the two showmances. I thought he just said Haleigh has to go? Both think Rockstar is shady.

The Cool Kids are in the kitchen complaining about dishes again. Bay agrees that everyone should clean up and they should talk about it more. Winston insists there's an egg in a cup but it turns out to be Gatorade. Apparently JC is also dirty because Winston says he's gonna just clean him in his sleep. Winston complains that he was throwing tomatoes at people. SamBot's there too. Her volume is WAY loud. She says she was gonna try and just lead by example by cleaning up. She says you have to give people the opportunity to do the right thing before you get mad. No one else agrees. Winston complains that there's a piece of fish just sitting out. SamBot's trying to find solutions like moving some stuff to the storage room but Winston's just whining everytime she suggests something.

SamBot: Are we allowed to keep things on top of the cabinet?
Bay: Girl, who gonna climb up the cabinets?

Vegas is in a rotten mood. She says she's sick of people having her destiny in their hands. She says if Steve stays this week he's going to slide for a long time. She wants "a meeting". Angela's just "I know", "I know", "I know." Kaycee shows up and debriefs on her talk with JC. Angela says JC's down to a "6" in confidence. Vegas says "Plan B" is a sympathy vote and Kaycee says they need to do both. Vegas says it has to be the Bros working Kaitlyn. Kaycee still thinks JC has the power. Vegas seems unconvinced.

Winston shows up and says that "he" left out the fish to defrost but "you can't leave it out!"

JC comes by and calls people "sheeple" which excites Vegas enough to get a smile and a fist pump from her. JC tells Winston he looks "gayer than me" and asks him when he first got laid. He guesses 26 and bets it was on Winston doesn't find this funny and walks away to the HaveNots room alone.

Winston's back and Vegas wants to do the "sympathy vote" plan. Winston says Swaggy is smarter than that. Vegas says its worth a shot. JC gives a lesson on how to work people or some nothing. He's filibustering again. He's whispering in his accent and fast talk and they literally don't understand him. Angela hits a jackpot and asks if Sam has the power out of nowhere but JC says no. Winston says JC told him he had someone and JC says "she's a loving liar!"

By the way they're whispering in the open bedroom and its totally conspicuous. The talk falls apart as people keep passing through and preparing for Have Nots Midnight. Brett asks about the fish so Winston goes into it yet again. Turns out it was JC.

Vegas is up in HOH with Tyler now and she's in a foul enough mood she doesn't want to go down for Have Nots Midnight. Vegas vents to Tyler a bit and Tyler says JC doesn't have the power and he's been trying to say that for days. Then he points out that JC's been saying he doesn't have the power but no one's been listening. He says he thinks Brett has it. Vegas thinks its JC or Brett. Vegas figures if Brett has it and he hasn't said anything that its something he's saving for himself later. Tyler says he doesn't think Brett has it but he's confident its someone on their side. Angela joins and they go through the Power stuff again. Tyler says the other side thinks Angela has it. Angela says she and Brett don't have it. Tyler is trying to get them to let it go because it will drive them insane but Vegas is a dog with a bone because they've been banking on this all week. Angela still insists JC has it. Tyler confirms that Haleigh was the person JC was trying to get for the 7th vote. Tyler says he tried to tell JC she wouldn't days ago but he kept insisting. Tyler says there's tension between Kaitlyn and Haleigh and he's going to try and use that turn Kaitlyn. Vegas thinks she's building a relationship with Kaitlyn. Tyler says they should let it play out for Kaitlyn and Vegas says she has to "feel the negative energy." Tyler says as Kaitlyn has problems with that side she comes closer to him. Vegas says she sees he's the only "good" on that side. Vegas remembers how pissed Kaitlyn was when Swaggy picked the safe people. Vegas says Steve is gonna float if he stays. Vegas goes back over her list of grievances about Steve. They say he won't talk to Angela. Tyler, "He's scared to death of you."

Vegas: He's the saddest game player.
Angela: Saddest game player.
Tyler: He's not a good player. Between him and Rockstar... they're gonna win it all.
Vegas: That's the saddest day in Big Brother history.

Kaycee shows up and Vegas says they need a Level 6 meeting. Then they clown on Winston a little on how bad he is at this and how he's always trying to get them to talk in the Have Nots room when that's the worst place. Vegas, "Why would I ever be in the Have Not room?" The girls ask when they approach Kaitlyn for the sympathy vote and Tyler says last minute. Angela complains that JC said he promised Swaggy and Fessy safety next week to get Angela off their hitlist. She says that's a redflag but Tyler says that's true and he got the target shifted to Winston. Tyler assures them he's with them but you just have to be careful with him and push him. "When he says he's sure it means he's confident." Vegas says she's spending all day tomorrow with Kaitlyn. They plan a hard press to prove they're more fun. Tyler gives a cliffnotes on all the Kaitlyn/Fessy/Haleigh drama. Angela shows some insincere concern that Swaggy didn't help Fessy with his ham today. They do their whole "we're better/tighter" stuff. Its exhausting. Then some more random Rockstar bashing. Then some more "open HOH room" whining. Angela, "use it feel the fire" for like the 6th time that I've heard. Bashing Fes now and him complaining about the ham. Kaycee's getting into it. They scold Steve for trying to get into the "30 person alliance" again missing the point that its not an alliance, its the house majority. Tyler complains that he has animosity with Fessy from Haleigh. Angela suggests they try to get Kaitlyn and Haleigh but Tyler says Haleigh is a lost cause because she's too tight with Rockstar.

Winston's wearing a jean jacket.

Tyler tells the Cool Girls that he was talking to Bayleigh and she wants to work with Angela but says she stopped talking game. Angela complains about Bay going after her in the HOH and Swaggy breaking his word to her. Vegas asks if she talked to Bay about it and Angela says no, she's waiting for the right time. Strong player. The girls start obsessing about the Power again and Tyler encourages them to think of everyone in the house but they just go back to JC. They're now moving more towards threatening Kaitlyn and saying they have the power and the numbers so this is her last chance to get on board. They like the idea of going to her at the last minute and saying they have the numbers and she needs to flip or she'll be hosed. Tyler asks what happens when there's a 1 vote margin and she realizes they lied to her? They say they can lie and say the power was extra votes. Uhhh... math? Tyler identifies this problem but they decide the power is now taking away some votes and adding more. Tyler asks if they're even allowed to lie about this and Angela says they aren't. Well, that was productive time spent.

Someone suggests they use code and Tyler puts his hair up or down if its a go or not. Tyler says they have to vote for Steve no matter what. Vegas doesn't like that even though she was already thinking that. Vegas doesn't get why they have to vote that way. The real reason is that Tyler knows Sam has the power so he wants them to be "loyal" and pull her over, but he doesn't want to tell them taht. Kaitlyn interrupts and their reaction is ridiculous and transparent. Vegas jumps up and hugs her.

Swaggy lost some bet with Haleigh and he's trying to get out of it with a new bet. Haleigh's having none of it. Bay bridges peace.

Angie asks JC how people are voting for and JC blows it off or mishears it as "rooting for". I don't know what JC is saying. Something about a house meeting and civilized. I don't think its an accent thing, I just think JC doesn't make sense. JC doesn't know where Haleigh stands. JC says he guesses everyone's just voting how they think is best. Steve is snoring loud. Angie suggests JC bringing up in the kitchen who to vote for. JC ain't doing that. These are maybe my two least favorite people to listen to. Its always the same conversation and I'm pretty sure I'm not missing anything. JC wants Sam, Angie is afraid of losing Scottie.

Swaggy's rambling something about Haleigh that even Fessy can't follow.

Tyler is still pushing hard that they HAVE to vote for Sam. Tyler says they have to make sure the Bros vote to keep Sam too. Vegas doesn't think JC will vote with them if they don't have the numbers but Tyler promises he'll get him to and to trust him. Tyler says to trust him and if this goes wrong they tell him to gently caress off. Vegas asks him if HE has the power and he laughs. Its nuts that they like can't even consider that Sam has it. Tyler flat out suggested it to Winston days ago. Angela suggested it tonight. But they just dismiss it every time and lose it. She's not one of their cool kids so she's not an option.

Tyler reveals to the girls the "fake as gently caress" deal between the Bros and Swaggy/Fessy. "But Swaggy said it was fake as gently caress and the Bros say its fake as gently caress so I'm pretty sure its fake as gently caress." Angela complains that Swaggy said she and Winston are in a showmance (that's not what happened). More of the girls being weird about thinking Swaggy is an evil mastermind who is puppetmastering everything. Vegas asks Tyler if Swaggy is smart and he says no, but he'd flip to their side if he had to. They don't like this idea. Vegas is doing that "lets count how no one on that side can win a HOH" thing that makes me hope Steve or Rockstar win a carnival HOH.

Ok its after midnight BB time. Tyler and the girls didn't go join Have Not Midnight Dinner.

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Mar 12, 2008

nicole sheridan nude pics Watching you sleep.

Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

There's all kinds of drama last night and today but like I'm just not in the mood. The gist of it seems to be that the Kaitlyn/Haleigh stuff blew up at least in part because of instigation from Swaggy and Bayleigh. So Kaitlyn's emotional, Haleigh's pissed off, Swaggy's Swaggy, Bayleigh might be the poo poo stirrer she kind of came off as initially, Fessy is sullen and quiet, the Cool Kids are giddy and pressing Kaitlyn hard to try and turn her, and Tyler just comforts everyone and continues to be the only person playing a good game.

Maybe later I'll flashback. I just really am not feeling it today.

edit: Oh, I guess there was some scandal with JC. Apparently he was sticking an ice cream scooper in the ladies' vaginas? I really don't know and I never actually saw any of that kind of stuff (although I generally avoid JC if he's not talking game). I mean, JC basically runs around the house screaming sexual things and slapping people like some kind of sex gremlin so I'm not super shocked, but I never saw an ice cream scooper or anyone talking about. Anyway, there was a Twitter/TMZ thing about it and apparently JC said he got a talking to from production.

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Whatever tape you found in that VCR, it isn't mine.

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I mean, JC basically runs around the house screaming sexual things and slapping people like some kind of sex gremlin

Now you see, Swaggy C, that is how someone gets a nickname.

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Driven by Hate

How are these idiots gaming so hard so fast. I can’t keep up

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

And half of them had immunity this week.

A lot of BB fans argue that this is why you don't want veterans, because the vets cut some if the dumber stuff off and keep things calm. I'm not sure I buy into that theroy but either way this is a unique gathering of morons who have managed a heated house divide and a collapse of the sides without any actual catalysts.

This is usually the Week 1 madness I love buf I'm just not feeling it today. I think it hurts that in order to root got Sam to stay I have to root for the rear end in a top hat idiot cool kids.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

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The first person/incident is JC and the groping/molesting/sticking ice cream scoops up vaginas thing because we know JC said he was talked to about it.

The second is Rachel and Angela saying racist/ignorant stuff last night. They were called into DR and Rachel was crying. Or so I'm reading about. It was apparently only on After Dark, not the feeds, so I can't flashback.

Its interesting CBS went this way since ever since BB15 they're approach has seemed to be hands off and just let it happen except in the case of Cody last year and the fear he was going to get violent. But I guess its a new world when it comes to sexual harassment/assault and casual racism.

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Binary Logic
Dec 28, 2000

Whatever tape you found in that VCR, it isn't mine.

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Binary Logic
Dec 28, 2000

Whatever tape you found in that VCR, it isn't mine.

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Because I'm ancient (And worked on a movie with PJ) when I read about the ice cream scooper this scene came to my mind

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Jun 23, 2005


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The first person/incident is JC and the groping/molesting/sticking ice cream scoops up vaginas thing because we know JC said he was talked to about it.

The second is Rachel and Angela saying racist/ignorant stuff last night. They were called into DR and Rachel was crying. Or so I'm reading about. It was apparently only on After Dark, not the feeds, so I can't flashback.

Its interesting CBS went this way since ever since BB15 they're approach has seemed to be hands off and just let it happen except in the case of Cody last year and the fear he was going to get violent. But I guess its a new world when it comes to sexual harassment/assault and casual racism.

First comment on that twitter was interesting to me. They mention that other BBs outside the US typically SHOW HGs getting reprimanded when they gently caress up. For those of you that watch the other BBs, is this true? If true, I agree with that person that that is a much stronger and better way of handling it.

Also interested in seeing what Rachel and Angela said last night now. Mostly because I would rather know how bad these people are before I get too invested in the show.

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Yer Burnt
Feb 26, 2007

BBUK does show the houseguests being reprimanded in the Diary Room quite often and someone gets kicked out almost every season.
BBCan - there's usually not much terrible behaviour but going by my live feed watching, it seems to me that the producers really shame the houseguests - they're told not to swear too much with the BB Voice saying "Remember, Canada is watching" and they become very afraid/paranoid if they realize that something they said could have sounded offensive.

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Nov 8, 2007

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First comment on that twitter was interesting to me. They mention that other BBs outside the US typically SHOW HGs getting reprimanded when they gently caress up. For those of you that watch the other BBs, is this true? If true, I agree with that person that that is a much stronger and better way of handling it.

Also interested in seeing what Rachel and Angela said last night now. Mostly because I would rather know how bad these people are before I get too invested in the show.

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Stupid poo poo to say but I'm not sure it's newsworthy. I think it's good to get on top of this stuff and warn them though. They were both crying and pretty depressed after their talks in the DR (JC on the other hand doesn't seem to give a poo poo).

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