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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

I was worried that Tyler had flipped her fully but she seems much more at ease with her old friends than the Cool Kids. And they're all handling it well and not freaking out about the vote.

I still think Kaitlyn might go for "floaters" or Tyler might be able to talk her into going for Swaggy. I don't like that because Swaggy is showing me something and its just doing The Four's dirty work. But it all seems very open right now. I think the Winston/Angela noms are still on the table.

Especially since the Four just are putting in ZERO effort with Kaitlyn. They're such lovely and entitled players.

Wild card? Last week Sam was telling Kaitlyn that her targets were Winston and Swaggy. If Sam is proactive she could MAYBE convince Kaitlyn in splitting the middle and letting the house decide.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Scottie talking Bayleigh. Basically two people i never listen to. Neither think there was a power in play. They don't think Kaitlyn flipped at all. They one by one eliminate everyone and admit they have no idea. Scottie seems suspect about Kaitlyn as he asks if she came up with the Power theory on the fly or if she had it rehearsed. Bay says that the Bros went to Tyler and said they have the power or something. They discuss the Bros' votes for some reason. I mean, are they in doubt? I guess Scottie confirms that they recommitted to Steve before the vote. Scottie finally decides that it was Haleigh because he caught her whispering with JC and Angela. Bays stealth whispering again. Bay says that Sam said for the next couple of weeks she's not gonna be loyal to anyone which is a red flag for Bay. Bay asks what Scottie's doing without Steve. Scottie, "Oh, if I loving win the Bros are going up." Scottie says he doesn't care who voted against Steve but the Bros lied to him all week. Now they're just complaining about the Four.

HOH reveal, which means its time for our second favorite game of the season. WHO! LEAVES! HOH! LAST!

Pictures, letter, tears, snacks, items from home. Same deal. Nothing out of the ordinary...

Uh oh...

Sam is first one out and she really makes a show of it saying the room is 100%. I don't think Sam intends to be rude, but she does have a habit of doing it in the most attention drawing way. She ends up discovering someone left food in the oven.

The Bros and JC are out next. Winston asks Brett what he plans to tell Scottie and Brett just plans to lie and say he voted to keep Steve. Winston is freaking but also saying he was already a target. Brett says he's going to keep reminding Kaitlyn that everyone is fake and kissing up to her as HOH. Because Brett was totally Kaitlyn's best friend before today. Vegas joins them. Brett wants to sell that Fessy and Swaggy voted out Steve and use Fessy not using the POV as evidence. Brett tells Winston to never admit he voted out Steve. Brett thinks Swaggy and Fessy bough the "Brett's power" nonsense. Brett's totally lost. He thinks Tyler didn't suggest that to them but they just made it up in their own heads. Brett also thinks HE flipped Kaitlyn by subtly suggesting to her that he has the power. Brett says he has to talk to Kaitlyn but Winston says Rockstar and Haleigh won't let him because they're sucking up.

Angela's holding it out in the HOH Game with Kaycee, Tyler, and the other side of the house.

Uh oh...

Swaggy and Bay are out of HOH. Swaggy tells her she looks good and Bay complains that his compliments are forced. After some making out they seem to be upset at someone for telling Kaitlyn that Swaggy called her shady? They're worried. I don't know. Whispers.

We get fish and it looks like the HOH is down to Angie, Fessy, and Haleigh. Swaggy is back so its a Footy assembling now. Oh wait, Tyler is there. Oh, Bay is back. They're in it for real. Basically everyone but the Cool Kids. No real surprise there.

Angie: You won the loving HOH.
Kaitlyn: And I'm wasted.

Oh, Vegas and Kaycee are back. They in to play. Wait, no, they're sitting outside HOH. Vegas asks what Kaycee is gonna say about the votes but Kaycee's pretty nonchalant that she wasn't close to Steve and isn't going to lie. Vegas agrees. Vegas thinks Kaitlyn's already crossed the line and can't go back to the other side. I can't hear them because JC is yelling downstairs. They seem to be saying they have to make the lines obvious and force Kaitlyn to be on theirs publicly. That's not gonna go well.

Scottie asks Swaggy who "the traitor" is. Scottie thinks its Haleigh. Swaggy's shocked. Swaggy tells Scottie that Angie was talking about a hinky vote so he's leaning that way. They dig through "The Power" nonsense. Swaggy has identified Tyler as the source of it all. Scottie says there's never been a power like "change a vote" that hasn't been announced. Swaggy is adamantly agreeable and references BB17. Swaggy basically settles on that they don't "know" anything so they can't react and do something stupid. They need to just play it cool and get through the week. Swaggy continues to impress.

Kaitlyn goes downstairs to get her clothes and Brett tackles her to try and get her alone but she brushes him off. Then Tyler gets her alone and they hug and celebrate. Kaitlyn asks what to do and Tyler says he doesn't know. She invites him to sleep with her.

Angie, Haleigh, Baleigh, and Fessy are discussing the vote. Haleigh lays out the options as (1) Scottie flipped, (2) One of them flipped, (3) Power. Bay shoots down the power since there was no indication. Haleigh fights back on it but Bay squashes it and says they shouldn't do this because they're just going to erode trust. Swag's there now. Angie cries a little at Steve being gone because he was the person who understood her experience as a parent. Haleigh says if they can just get through a few weeks they're good. She say they just have to stay solid and not start pointing fingers and doubting each other. She's pressing HARD and saying there's "inner workings" they don't know about. They say Scottie is a wild card but Swaggy and Bay say defend him and say he's angry at the Bros. Swaggy tells Haleigh to be nicer to him because he's sketched out by her.

The Bros have been working out with Angela and when Kaitlyn walks by them to bring her stuff upstairs they sandwich hug her. She gets upstairs with Tyler and immediately expresses how gross and sweaty she is and gags.

Vegas is putting on a one woman show downstairs. I just don't like her.

Angie's venting about the Cool Kids. Bay doesn't know how they "got away with that." Haleigh says "first mission failed." They're counting Sam as a number for the other side with no real thought to pulling her over. They say the Cool Kids pissed off Scottie and Tyler. They backtrack a little on Tyler and say they don't know where he stands. So he still seems ok. They see all of them on the HOH Screen and decide Kaycee and Sam are with the Cool Kids, JC is leaning that way, and Tyler is something they can pull over. Swaggy says JC said he voted Steve out because he was giving him dirty looks. Swaggy doesn't totally buy it. Swaggy and Haleigh are nervous about Tyler playing both sides. They count numbers and realize they need 2 of the clear Cool Kids up to have the numbers. Then some general bashing. "Mean people." Blah blah. Bay says Kaycee has her own mind and basically she won't go down with the shift. They discuss how Winston is cracking.

Angie: He looks like a Vietnam vet.

Kaitlyn is giving Scottie a massage/cradle/life coach/something about his anger. This isn't typical HOH behavior to a possible nominee.

FOOTY deciding not to push Kaitlyn on noms and let her do what she wants. Support her even if she puts up pawns. They all express they're shocked Sam is here but happy for her. They love Scottie. Baleigh questions if they should be up here without Kaitlyn. She says they need to figure out how they "do this". Haleigh wants one of them to always have someone in here so the other side can't get her alone. Bay wants to roleplay what the other side would push her for. They think Kaitlyn is gonna grill them about the power. Haleigh says they can just lie. "Sam can say she's Christmas' sister and has the power." They consider if Sam has the power and say if she does she's an amazing player/actor. They seem set that Brett has it. The Leighs discuss how Kaitlyn takes little stuff and holds onto them.

JC is discussing how stretchy his foreskin was before his circumcision. With all feeds on this its a good time for a break.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Scottie telling Tyler that losing Steve is harder than he expected. Scottie wants to know who "the rat" is. Tyler has theories but isn't sure he wants to know. Tyler mentions the power and Scottie says he heard he had a conversation with the Bros about it. They say they'll talk later. Tyler thinks they have the same theory. They don't. I'm pretty sure Scottie thinks the Bros tricked someone and is testing Tyler to see if he's in on it. But I might be giving him more as I'm looking for good players and the options are him, Tyler, and weirdly Swaggy.

Scottie tells Brett that his meditation session with Kaitlyn helped him a lot becuase he was freaking out. Brett says they'll talk later but everyone's paranoid now. Scottie, "I definitely need a good night's sleep."

Even Angela does a drive by "we're here for you, we love you". Scottie became weirdly important with the eviction of his house dad.

Vegas can't hold it in now and is directly asking Sam if she knows who voted for her. Sam says she knows its them and she just doesn't know the 7th vote. Vegas tells her it was Kaitlyn. Sam says it couldn't have worked out better. Vegas saying it took work to get Kaitlyn. She really wants them to get the credit. Vegas BSing some nonsense that isn't "we were totally voting you out 24 hours ago". Then she hard presses that Sam not tell anyone what she says and kind of talks down to her. Sam doesn't seem super engaged with this but she does seem appreciative.

Brett's freaking out a little to Angela and Kaycee at the mood of the house (Footy with Kaitlyn, Cool Kids in the cold). Angela says Tyler has a plan. Brett says if he doesn't like how its going he's taking control.

JC doing some damage control with Fessy. Fessy says he's pretty sure the two of them are safe. JC doesn't know who she'd target because she's got a relationship with everyone.

The Feeds seem to be avoiding Kaitlyn. She may be sloppy drunk. Which will make planning noms difficult... and potentially off feeds.

It should be noted that after Footy decided they should never leave Kaitlyn alone in the HOH to be trapped by the Cool Kids they've now all been collected in HOH for hours with Kaitlyn downstairs with the Cool Kids. Although Fessy might be downstairs.

Angie's got some theory that Brett won the App and played it before noms. Bay, "Winston looked at Brett with such gratitude." That's just how Winston looks at Brett. The women all collectively are basically agreeing to share this delusion because the alternative is pointing fingers. Swaggy doesn't like the delusion as much and constantly makes clear he doesn't believe the App theory. Kaitlyn comes to HOH and feeds jump away. She DID seem pretty wasted.

Brett boasts to Winston and Vegas that he was a dick to Steve in his goodbye video. More than we were shown. Vegas regrets being nice in hers. Winston's been real mopey and slinks away. I don't think he liked Brett talking down to him.

The Cool Girls and Sam (who seems very much in with them) have pushed all the beds together to sleep together. Winston's being whiny about it. JC lies and says Fessy was pressing him about his vote. Sam says he's "as smart as a football bat." Angela calls him a bully. They stress a little about Kaitlyn but say she can't vote back. JC again says they have to threaten her. Angela thinks it doesn't matter because they don't have numbers. Winston points out they can put two of them up. Brett says not if they win POV. This house is collective dumb as gently caress. Lots of rambling and dumb stuff and entitlement. It generally comes back to "Let Tyler deal with it." Tyler deserves some kind of award if this alliance gets deep.

Cool Kids glad Steve is gone so they can sleep with no snoring. Angela blames it for her mood and illness. Now they're itching to pick a fight about something I'm unclear on. Winston says he already said something today and made himself a target. Vegas thinks Kaitlyn is putting Swaggy and Fessy up. They love this of course.

Its late, I'm bored, apparently we don't get to see Kaitlyn tonight so we won't see nom talk.

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Aug 26, 2002

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Grimey Drawer

"Time to summon my spirit animals"

*drinks a bottle of wine*

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Noms sound like Scottie and Winston with a Swaggy backdoor. Kaitlyn's untouchables are Fessy, Haleigh, Angie, Tyler, and sadly loving Brett. Brett tried to pull his power threat nonsense but Kaitlyn kind of pushed that she needs to know what it really is or she can't trust him so he had to admit he doesn't have it and doesn't know what it is. Tyler told her Sam had it so she wanted nominate her to flush it but Tyler talked her out of it. She also wanted to put Kaycee up as a pawn with Winston but Tyler talked her out of that. He couldn't talk her out of Winston. Winston in his talk with her did him no good but said he had so much stuff to tell her about the first week but couldn't. Good ole' Winston.

Swaggy backdoor and Scottie noms are gonna strengthen the Cool Kids but its a long way to there. And Winston could fall apart on the block and make himself the target. I could definitely see him pissing Kaitlyn off by outing her as Sam's 7th vote.

The house dynamic is once again odd. Basically the Cool Kids expect that Kaitlyn flipped sides last night and needs to draw the lines, but Kaitlyn is fully planning to play both sides and everyone on the Footy side is wiling to move past the vote for the sake of the game. So Cool Kids might snap when Winston goes up and keep trying to force Kaitlyn to their side. But we'll see.

Interestingly Kaitlyn lied to Fessy and said Winston is the target.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Kaitlyn has a long talk with Fessy and its pretty clear Kaitlyn's encouraging him to drop Swaggy and start making connections with "the other side" and "forget the sides." I don't think anyone's talking her out of the Swaggy nom, but she's lying to her allies about it and that's going to be messy. ESPECIALLY with Bayleigh. Fessy seems to get that something is up. It sounds like Kaitlyn doesn't think the Cool Kids are as strongly united as they are and if she gets rid of Swaggy the house divide will break down. That's probably wrong and is gonna gently caress her and Fessy clearly dances around it. Kaitlyn's got some serious HOHitis though and pushing back too hard probably would be bad.

Kaitlyn: Don't worry. I have this under control.

Swaggy called Winston a "bitch" in DR and they tried to get him to change it and he refused.

Sam tells Tyler that she loves Kaitlyn and wants to trust her.

Everyone in the house is off tilt because of the quick pace of things this week compared to last week.

I'm not really feeling feed watching today but I want to see Winston after he gets nominated and who gets the App. Its a bad day to check out of the feeds.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Kaitlyn's HIIIIIIIGH on HOHitus and strolling around in the douche robe and dolling out game advice to everyone. Everyone's kissing her rear end like they're afraid the queen might catch a dirty look and blow up the whole place with wildfire.

She's telling Footy that Winston is the target and Angela is the backup (and Kaycee/JC are the backup pawns) and that the other side won't be loyal to Winston. The first part is obviously a lie and she intends to just lie and say she heard something new about Swaggy right before POV noms. But she seems to sincerely believe that Winston's side will fracture for some reason I don't know the source of. Maybe she's just twitterpated by Brett? I don't understand it at all.

Kaitlyn's also clearly really getting a thrill off the subterfuge and backstabbing and lying she's doing and she's going to crash HARD when poo poo hits the fan this week.

The App Store is currently open so we should be finding out who won that soon.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Feeds back. Seems like Scottie and Winston? Dunno. EDIT: Correction, noms haven't happened yet.

Bay is crying and being comforted by Winston for some reason. I have no idea what it is. It sounds vaguely like she was asked to be a Have Not, refused, and now feels guilty?

Scottie telling Kaitlyn she doesn't understand why she put up one of their numbers as a pawn and that's how Steve went last week. Kaitlyn says it seemed like the best way to keep the house calm. Scottie is freaking out. Kaitlyn insists he's not going home (he totally doesn't have the votes against Winston). Kaitlyn says if he won she'd be fine going up as a pawn and Scottie says he's just gonna put the Bros up. Kaitlyn guarantees there's no way Steve could go. "Trust me. If Winston doesn't go home, someone else will go home." Scottie lies and says he feels more comfortable now. Vegas breaks it up.

Fessy's complaining to Tyler about non athletic comps. Boring.

Everyone's being social and cool with each other so no important game talks happening like "WHY THE gently caress DID KAITLYN DO THAT?", "DO WE HAVE THE VOTES?" and "I HAVE A POWER!"

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Noms haven't happened yet, apparently. Scottie's just freaking out because Kaitlyn told her he was going up.

Kaycee tells Kaitlyn that Scottie or Swaggy have the App. Just "they looked nervous" nonsense.

Kaitlyn tells Fessy that Scottie has the power because he's nervous. Fessy, "He's nervous because you're putting him on the block." Kaitlyn is hearing nothing. She's HIIIIIIIGH on the HOHitis. Fessy seems to think its Taylor, but Kaitlyn says she "knows" he doesn't have it. Kaitlyn tells Fessy she doesn't want Scottie to stay on the block and Fessy asks why she put him up then. She's got some bad answer and Fessy says "ok, buts its gonna suck if its like Steve..." Fessy asks if she'd be ok with him using the POV on Scottie and she says yes. Kaitlyn then gets really sketchy and says "Trust me, no matter what happens, remember its for our good." Fessy catches that and is sketched out. Kaitlyn badly brushes it off. Now they're under the covers so I can't hear anything.

Tyler tells Kaycee he thinks Swaggy has it. This seems to be all speculation at this stage. I don't hear any specific "he told me" from anyone. Just nonsense about body language and confidence.

Kaitlyn's STILL wearing the robe.

Everyone's eating dinner so nothing happening...

Swaggy's always drinking out of this massive jug and he tips his head way back so his lips don't touch the rim. I don't know why I pointed this out, its just this thing I always notice and it weirds me out for some reason.

Fes is apparently a pescatarian.

Bay's not at dinner and being moody. Everyone notices and they tell Swaggy to go check on her. Bay says it was something non-house bugging her. Bay says she's fine now but asks Swaggy why he didn't check on her earlier. She's a lot. Worth noting, Swaggy says nothing about the App. But reading into non-statements is probably pointless since feeds were down so long that they could have talked about it earlier.

Someone asks everyone to name their highs and lows of the day.
Vegas: Low? Getting Least Trending Houseguest. High? There was none.

This could be fun.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Bay crying to JC. Apparently its self image stuff based on some comment Sam made. JC gives her a pep talk about how beautiful and unique everyone is. JC says the house just gets you lost and thinking about stuff you never even think about it and "we can let the sadness consume us." Bay feels overwhelmed. Bay's not gonna take the Swaggy backdoor well.

Scottie and Fessy scheme about keeping Winston away from Brett to try and make him lose his poo poo. They want Kaitlyn to spend as much time with Brett as she can and leave Winston in the wind.

Tyler massages Kaitlyn as he reassures her she's doing a good job. He asks which of Scottie or Winston she'd want to go if the POV doesn't get played. She hesitates and says "I keep forgetting what side I'm on." Then she seems to say Scottie but Tyler says they can figure that out later if they have to. Kaitlyn then says something about Fessy and feelings and "feeling that way" and I can't follow. Tyler doesn't want little things to add up nad hurt him with Fessy. I'd guess this is a new Fessy/Kaitlyn/Tyler triangle but it could be a Fessy/Haleigh/Tyler/Kaitlyn one. hosed if I know.

Noms time...

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Winston and Scottie nominated.

Winston tells Vegas he's still nervous. Apparently Vegas overacted so much she audibly gasped. Winston says he has to know Sam's power. I could see Winston getting pushy with Sam and creating problems. Brett immediately starts trying to get Winston to chill out. Winston's trying but he's crawling out of his skin. Winston wants to call out people being nice to Sam who voted her out and make sure she remembers who saved her. Winston is winning the veto, "no ifs, ands, or buts." He's going to "lose his mind" if its a "stupid luck thing." JC comes through and Winston GRABS him and asks him to guarantee his vote. JC says of course and BOLTS. Then he pops back in to talk trash as he intended that everyone was laughing at Winston. Then he leaves again.

Angela and Kaycee pop in to check on Winston and he's obsessed with the reactions of people. They think Scottie and the other side was surprised.

Kaycee: Scottie said he'd beat Winston in any comp.
Winston: He said that?! Out loud?! Who is this kid!?

Footy in HOH with Tyler enjoying Winston being on the block. They're all REALLY happy. They also discuss the overacting on the other side a little.

Bay's still on her self image stuff. To Scottie. Who just got nominated.

Winston pulls Kaitlyn into Have Nots and into his far whispering corner. "I'm serious."

Winston's stressing if Sam knows for some reason. Kaitlyn says no and Winston says its good because she's dumb. He says he heard there was a celebration upstairs and Kaitlyn's all "Huh? They were just laughing at the jokes in my nom speech." Then he complains that Scottie said "crap" when he got nominated. Kaitlyn says she can't keep her lies straight in the DR. Winston says he's got her and he's gonna try and lay low.

She leaves and Winston has a freakout by himself.

Winston: Oh! I don't know if I can trust her. Come on! She's not even in my alliance. Ohhh... Come on, guys! What are we doing? I wish it wasn't me. Why couldn't it have been anyone else? LITERALLY ANYONE ELSE! WHAT?!

Angie's watching Rachel pace in front of the DR room and figures she's waiting for her Crap App. JC says she's hurt by being Least Trending.

Witness Winston whispering without moving his lips to avoid those lip readers.

Winston's pissed Angie and others haven't comforted him. He says if Rockstar hugs him he's gonna tell her to "go to hell." Brett tells him its ok to be upset but don't "be a dick." Winston says he's gonna walk the line. Brett wishes he had talked to Scottie before noms about the Steve vote. Winston wants to plant a seed in Scottie's mind about him being the target and making him crack. Brett says he's too close to Winston for it to work so they decide they'll order Kaycee to do it. Brett tells Winston to not talk to Scottie about game or anything. Swaggy, JC, Haleigh, and Scottie are running around playing and Winston is mad and says "its not worth it." Winston is freaking out about the power. Brett says Scottie might have it. Winston says he could because he's a weirdo. Winston says he should throw the POV to Scottie so they can make sure Swaggy gets backdoored and the power doesn't get used by Scottie.

Brett: That's so stupid.
Winston: Yeah.
Brett: So stupid.
Winston: Gotta talk it through.

Now he's freaking out about Sam again.

Winston: I'm trying to act cool, but its Week 2 and I'm the block. This was not my game plan.

Winston says he has to come out swinging and be a dick now. Brett encouraging him to be "stand offish" (ie, hide) but not a dick. Now he's complaining about Scottie calling him arrogant. Something insane about pizza. Winston's 100% convinced Scottie has the power and he's going to keep the noms the same. Brett points out that makes no sense. Winston wants to spread the rumor that it was "Chris" (Swaggy) who decided to evict Steve. Winston tries to think up a way this makes sense and he's stuck and asks for help. He decides that Swaggy wanted Steve gone because Steve made a deal with the Bros. Brett clearly wants no part of this. Brett says it would be easier to just say Kaitlyn voted out Steve but not unless they're desperate. Winston says if he's on the block on Thursday he's throwing everyone under the bus during his speech. "I better come off that block." "I'll rip everyone to shreds."

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Jun 23, 2005


You know Winston is nuts when he forces Brett to repeatedly be a voice of reason.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Winston ranting nonstop. Wants to "coach" (harass) Sam about how everyone who voted against her is an rear end in a top hat. "She's naive. She literally wants to sit around and sing Kumbaya."

We catch the tail end of Scottie and Sam talking. Sam says "I don't want to know anything but as long as you're ok. " So Scottie MIGHT have the power. If he told Sam he'll probably tell someone else. They're not that close.

Kaycee arrives in the trap but Sam and Scottie interrupt before Winston can accost her. They leave and Brett lays out the plan to make Scottie paranoid that he's the victim of war over Steve or something. But "in a friendly way." The whole "Swaggy voted out Steve" conspiracy. Kaycee isn't enthused and thinks its going to put a target on her. She says she doesn't trust Scottie and it will get around. Kaycee pawns off JC. They talk more about how Sam doesn't know what's happening. They think Sam's gonna start freaking out for some reason.

Sam gives Vegas a pep talk that she'll survive this "not being popular" thing one day. Vegas says "somewhere" in her mind she probably thought she'd win a Most Trending App and she never thought she'd win a Least. Geez. Humility. Sam says she can grow from this and one day she'll tell Sam she learned something from it. I doubt it, Sam. I doubt it.

Angie's up in HOH mocking Sam too.

Sam tells Kaycee she was giving Vegas a pep talk because the punishment kind of put her low and she figured she could connect. She asks if Kaycee felt the same way. Kaycee, "Nah." Kaycee tells Sam to keep calm and really talks down to her telling her she can like the other side but she has to remember its a game. Sam's worried about going up as a pawn if Scottie comes down. Kaycee assures her that's not that plan. Sam's kind of dancing around the fact that she gets she's on the bottom of this alliance. Sam's explaining how you don't get the App power explained to you until after you choose and says what the other ones are. Sam's just kind of guessing wildly at the names of the apps. Kaycee saying Swaggy's making deals all over the house. Sam says "if you agree to work with Swaggy you agree to lose to Swaggy." General talking about Swaggy and the people working with him. Sam wants him gone. Sam says if she wins POV she'll take Winston off.

Angela tells Winston Swaggy has the App. Sure, more paranoia. That's what he needs. Winston needs to know about Sam's app. Angela tells him to ask Tyler but Winston says he can't get him alone and he needs the backyard. Winston is complaining about Scottie now. Now Angie and Haleigh for not hugging him after nominations. "I don't care, but... I hated Haleigh from day one anyway." Winston says Scottie has the app and they need to find out. "He's in too good of a mood." Winston wants them to convince Scottie to use the App to take himself off the block. Why's that the power? Angela's kind of shell shocked. Winston's stressing about Tyler now and how he's always with the other side of the house. "Its so weird being in an alliance with someone you barely know." Now Winston's talking about Bay's freakout. Apparently he started it with some comment. Winston says he can tell how unhappy Bayleigh is. Then he says Bay "flipped" on him and asked him if he was spreading rumors about her (he was). Angela calls her bipolar. Winston "flipped it great" and said he'd heard rumors about himself that people said Bay was spreading (which he admits is a lie). "It was like the most intense conversation I've had here yet." Now he and Angela are just complaining that they can't sit back in the game like they wanted.

Brett's trying to sell JC on spreading the "Swaggy orchestrated Steve's eviction" thing now and JC isn't feeling it either.

Tyler saying something to Scottie about someone (Swaggy?) starting public fights with Winston and he doesn't want that happening.

Vegas is stressing meanwhile about being Least Trending. Brett says she has no idea what the questions and stuff are.

Vegas: America!
Brett: Stop talking to America!
Vegas: They want you to talk to them.
Brett: No, they don't. That was the first thing they told us.
Vegas: I was told they like that.
Sam: They told me not to pander to the camera.
Vegas: Who?
Brett: Production.
Vegas: Oh. Whoops.

Winston and Angela are analyzing Bayleigh and Swaggy's relationship and basically saying Bay's only with him for safety. Angela says "they're going to crumble." Kaitlyn interrupts and its super awkward. Winston tells Kaitlyn if she hears who has the power she has to relay the info to him. Kaitlyn reveals that Swaggy overheard Sam telling Rachel that she has the power so he thinks she won it this week. Angela's annoyed that Sam "said it out loud." Angela thinks its good Swaggy knows someone on their side has a power so they can "counteract each other." Huh? Winston stokes Kaitlyn's ego that she's making a big move. Kaitlyn says her boyfriend is at home calling her a moron for betraying all her allies and all the cool kids are lying to her. Winston dismisses that. Kaitlyn's worried Fessy will be mad but Winston says it will be ok and they're so similar because Winston "played ball" too.

Winston scheming with Angela that if Kaitlyn gets Houseguest Choice they tell her to pick Fessy, and if he wins they tell him she's gonna backdoor Angela, and then "shock the world." Angela brings up Battle Backs but Winston dismisses that as irrelevant because no one lasts or does anything (Victor). Angela wants them to grab pawns on the other side each Brigade style (she didn't say Brigade). Now they're just talking about back to back HOHs and trashing Fessy as a competitor. He already won one, Winston. Now he's bashing Sam again and calling her a liability. Winston HATES Sam.

Winston: I do have to find out what her power is. Tell her to shut up and use it on me.

Now he's bashing Haleigh. "Did you see what Haleigh did at dinner?" Angela didn't. Apparently Haleigh complimented Sam's cooking and Winston wanted to yell "SHE VOTED YOU OUT!" "I just hate Haleigh."

Winston: I'm trying to act calm. But I have to act a little paranoid. But inside I'm freaking out.

Winston going on about how he's going to rip everyone to shreds if he's on the block on Thursday again. He didn't think he'd be here this early.

Meanwhile Scottie is playing foosball with JC and Tyler.

Kaycee is in and Angela boosts. Winston's complaining about Scottie eating pizza again. Apparently pawns don't eat pizza. That's too confident.

Sam says something to Vegas about her plastic surgery. Sam's got body image issues with the other women in the house. Vegas says she's never had any. Sam says JC told her she had. Vegas says JC just says stuff like that.

Vegas: I've never had plastic surgery.
Sam: You suck.

Winston HIDES BEHIND THE JENGA TOWER to tell Kaycee that Swaggy overheard Sam talking about her power.

JC tells Brett something about POV or something. Brett's clearly over the scrambling.

Footy are all assembled around Kaitlyn in the tub. Its weird.

Feeds have left Winston. He might be working out with Angela.

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Mar 12, 2008

christine taylor nude fake Watching you sleep.

Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

All the cool kids are exercising together trying to help Winston burn the crazy out.

Scottie and JC have joined the tub party.

Brett bet Winston $50 that Vegas would cry over the Least Trending and she already did so Brett wants his money. Good friends. They say she has to get over it and realize its not real. Brett is worried when someone starts yelling at her. I guess she took the yelling App?

The jocks are doing squats and Brett nearly kicks the front door open freaking out Angela.

Swaggy, Bay, and Sam discussing Danielle Donato. Swaggy doesn't think she did much in 13. Bay said she was a traitor, "but she found her husband." They bring up Dick having HIV and feeds ditch out.

Scottie gives Haleigh a shoulder rub in front of the sex gremlin.
JC: Wait if you're a virgin and a girl starts touching do you get hard?
Scottie: It hasn't happened yet, but its not outside the realm of possibility.
Haleigh: That's not a thing, JC.

JC harassing Kaitlyn that she can't pick Fessy if she gets HG Choice.

Winston calls Brett "Preppie" and Brett says he can't wait to get out and see what he's talking about. Now I could take this moment to mock the fact that Winston has repeatedly said that he sees Brett as Zach Slater, him as AC Slater, and Vegas as Kelly Kapowski but instead I'm going to focus on the fact that Brett has never seen Saved By The Bell.

Kaycee swears she hears someone behind the wall. Angela says she keeps hearing things. Apparently they don't grasp the nature of the "house" they live in.

Winston now appears paranoid that Kaitlyn was trying to plant something in his head by saying that Swaggy heard Sam say he had a power. Angela can't figure out what Winston thinks Kaitlyn was trying to do. Winston doesn't seem to either. He just thinks something's up.

Cool Girls have decided Scottie definitely has the app. Vegas says its always the underdog. JC asks if she feels better about the Least Trending thing (after calling her "trash") and she says she's "loving over it" because she "knows its about something bad." She's thinking of the racism talk I imagine, but I don't think that's how "Least Trending" works. And if it was Angela probably would have gotten it. But she's looking for a way to rationalize it.

Vegas: That's why people cheered when Kaitlyn won. Because I went after her and I didn't win. They didn't want me.
JC: Why?
Vegas: Because I'm least trending!

Swaggy's complaining to Fessy that Kaitlyn's still mad at him calling her shady. Fessy tells him to let it go. Swaggy says he has but she won't and he better or he'll "get black on her." Fessy says as long as she "holds up her poo poo" he needs to suck it up and play the game. Swaggy can't. Fessy says she's "butthurt" because he told Tyler. Swaggy's pissed at Tyler and thinks he put poo poo in Swaggy's mouth. Swaggy reiterates that he only cares about Fessy, Bayleigh, and Haleigh. Fessy is sketched out by Rockstar because she was "looking around the room." He expands but it keeps being that she was looking at people. Swaggy calls her paranoid. Fessy says she's the type to make a move worried that if she doesn't someone else will. Fessy's game mind is messy. Not necessarily wrong, but very messy. Swaggy says Tyler has a lot of information that he doesn't share, like who has the power. Fessy doesn't think Tyler is going against them as long as they have Kaitlyn and Haleigh. Fessy warns Swaggy not to talk to JC because he doesn't like being told things. Then they go into jock mode.

The only times I've seen Angie off the HOH bed today were at dinner and when she was in the tub with Kaitlyn. Footy are ENCAMPED in HOH.

Bayleigh shows and asks Fessy even if she needs to apologize to Kaitlyn again (about the drama pre eviction). Fessy says if she does that it might just drag up stuff so let it go as long as things are going right. Bay says she thinks Kaitlyn owes her an apology but the girls tell her Kaitlyn's still mad about the bathroom. Dunno. Fessy says to let it go because something else will happen and it will be old news. Bay just isn't happy about having "needy girlfriends." Swaggy's also over the Kaitlyn thing he keeps talking about. Fessy keeps saying "she's HOH, we're safe, let it go." Bay asks if they have the votes to keep Scottie. They think they do because they think they have Tyler's vote. They also think JC and Kaycee like Scottie more than Winston. There's no excuse for that. That's just dumb. Now they're rambling stupid conspiracy theories about how BB rigged the POV pick so Swaggy would play last week so they'll rig it again this week. Morons.

Vegas is loving losing it. She's ranting to Sam and Kaycee that she got Least Trending because she was "safe" or something and people wanted to punish her. I don't know. Its not making much sense and Sam and Kaycee can't follow either. Vegas, "THIS makes sense." Her ego is just not letting her accept that people just don't care about her. A bit later Angela asks how Rachel is doing and Kaycee says she's freaking out. She hears and says "Sorry I'm annoying you." They express their concern and she says she's "over it" its just that she had to "relive it" in the DR. Christ. You lost a popularity contest. Holy gently caress.

SHHH! They're listening from the toilet!

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Aug 26, 2002

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Grimey Drawer

haha they are losing it.

So I wonder if the power Sam got is more like an eviction island sort of thing. It said she can compete to come back into the house, but maybe the apps will be the same each week and all the people that chose that power and have been evicted will get a chance to come back at a fixed point down the line. They said 4 weeks though right? There probably won't be more than one.

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Nov 30, 2002

I get the feeling it’s a solo comp and it’s the only one since it must be used.

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Mar 12, 2008

catherine bell porn star Watching you sleep.

Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Fessy, Tyler, and Vegas chosen for POV. Vegas will use it on Winston. Tyler will probably do the same. Fessy would most likely use it on Scottie but that's the result we probably want because not only do we probably want to see Swaggy vs Winston but it would be the messiest situation for Kaitlyn to backstab Fessy by putting up his buddy.

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Fessy, Tyler, and Vegas chosen for POV. Vegas will use it on Winston. Tyler will probably do the same. Fessy would most likely use it on Scottie but that's the result we probably want because not only do we probably want to see Swaggy vs Winston but it would be the messiest situation for Kaitlyn to backstab Fessy by putting up his buddy.

Do we know she would though?

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

She seems to be very deadset on doing it. She's talking a lot about how it goes against everything she says to be about and she's lying and backstabbing so much but she seems to really be excited by it and Tyler and L6 are encouraging her that its one of the greatest moves in BB history. She's high on the game and HOH right now and I see her following through.

Swaggy winning POV is the only real way she doesn't because it gets VERY messy to tell Fessy she's backdooring Angela and then backdoor Swaggy. There's no talking your way out of that. Or at least there shouldn't be. I think Tyler still convinces her to follow through, but if Swaggy has any chance of staying its Fessy winning POV and either scaring Kaitlyn from doing it or at least getting the Swaggy vs Winston noms that give Swag a fighting chance.

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Jul 19, 2006
Driven by Hate

I want the Swaggy meltdown so bad. Especially if everyone starts calling him Chris

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Mar 12, 2008

tila tequila nude movie Watching you sleep.

Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

I'm not sure I expect a meltdown from Swaggy. He'll be mad and I think he'll call out Kaitlyn and Tyler. but I don't think Chris Williams is that silly guy we see on TV. There's a little of it there. He's a cocky ex D1 athlete who wants to be a star. But he's also a smart, social, and pretty likable guy when he's not "on."

Bayleigh's going to meltdown. Kaitlyn's probably going to meltdown. The whole house will meltdown. But I tell you the two things I'm really looking forward to:

1) Winston melting down if he has to stay on the block. If Steve or Fessy wins Winston stays and he'll lose his mind. But if Kaitlyn and Tyler win it also creates an interesting situation because they can't maintain their "ride the middle" games if they take down Winston. That's publicly declaring their side. So if they leave him up to maintain their cover Winston is going to lose his mind.

2) Tyler's game might blow up and I want to see how he reacts. Besides that POV scenario and him possibly having to choose between maintaining his cover or pissing off Winston he's also going to have to deal with Swaggy who already suspects him of playing dirty, who has already connected some of the dots, and who will probably be connecting more publicly after he goes up. And I want to see if Tyler can dance his way out of the corner he's painting himself into.

So in the end I think we should probably be rooting for a Tyler POV. Fessy and Kaitlyn can be fun too. Scottie is ok. But Winston or Vegas will suck. Although at least we'll still potentially have Swaggy vs Tyler and Kaitlyn vs Her Friends.

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Aug 7, 2006

I can't wait to entertain you.

I don't see that there's any way Tyler wants to win this. Seems like a clear throw situation to me. Play the middle and force someone else to win and use it. That way the blood is on Kaitlyn and someone else. Unless he can somehow twist the situation to win and use it on Scottie to hide his alliance with Winston. I could see that angle being used. They should have the votes, and if Winston goes crazy, that just makes him a bigger target in the future.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Yeah, Tyler definitely SHOULD throw. But there's some you can't really throw and I think Tyler's shown a tendency to keep his hands on the wheel too much. But yeah, if he doesn't throw this it means he's really not as smart as we think he is and he's too into the puppetmaster spot he's got.

Kaitlyn should throw for the same reason, but I think she's really high on the game and power right now. The idea scenario for her is obvious Winston or Vegas winning so she can get as little blood as possible on her hands and not even deal with 2 sides house vote.

But if Kaitlyn was smart she wouldn't be blindsiding everyone who trusts her for a bunch of people who are overtly using her. The only smart thing I've seen Kaitlyn do this week is not let Bayleigh sleep in her HOH bed. Because that would get real awkward.

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Aug 7, 2006

I can't wait to entertain you.

Haha, and Tyler won veto.

Sounds like an individual comp, harder to throw. Still could have though.

Sounds like he's angling to use it on Scottie.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Yeah, its harder but he still should have done it since there really wasn't anything on the line for him. Even if Fessy had won and not used it they have the votes to get out Scottie and if they didn't Winston shouldn't be indispensable to Tyler's game.

I just think Tyler can't let go of the wheel and its going to burn him.

Sounds like he's thinking he has to use it on Scottie to preserve his game but Winston's not going to take that well at all.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.


Kaitlyn clearly telling Tyler that if she betrays all her allies by putting Swaggy up then she's just going to destroy everything she has and put her on the bottom of Winston's alliance. Tyler's gonna have to get those dreamy eyes working.

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Mar 12, 2008

pussy pics and vids Watching you sleep.

Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Kaitlyn has come to some of her sanity and realizes she's blowing her game up if she backdoors Swaggy and is trying to convince Tyler of this, but he's pushing back. Tyler's trying to convince Kaitlyn that Fessy is jealous of them and they're all out to get her anyway and Winston's side doesn't have an alliance so its no problem. Kaitlyn immediately backs down and says she trusts Taylor and she'll do it. But she says she's freaking out. Kaitlyn says people warned her not to make dumb big moves that kill her game. Taylor downplays it and says its not REALLY a big deal. Then he insists Swaggy's trashing her in the DR and on the show. Kaitlyn says she's going to lose friends over this and Taylor says then they weren't real friends. Kaitlyn wants to give Fessy, Haleigh, and Angie a head's up but Tyler is pushing against it. Tyler says America is going to fall in love with her. Kaitlyn says Jess didn't like her. Sounds like Jody hosted the comp. Tyler assures he he'd never propose this if she was in any danger. Tyler implies Sam will protect her with her power.

Taylor's playing very dirty and is destroying Kaitlyn.

Scottie interrupts. He's pumped Tyler won. Kaitlyn is namedropping people like McRae and Jozea but I think they just had pictures. It was some kind of matching puzzle with former HGs. But pretty sure Jess and Cody were hosting. Kaitlyn's talking about Cody's energy being off with her. Cody's energy is off with everyone, Kaitlyn.

Winston is annoyed because he timed out but he totally had 5 of 6 right right away and just couldn't get the last which means he was "so close." Sounds like Vegas came second and she's in a mood about it too. They's shaky about Tyler, methinks.

Hilariously Angela comes into HOH and says she can't find anyone in the house anywhere. They invite her to stay but she says "I can't find anyone. Can't find Rachel. Can't find Brett." And leaves. Its just made me crack up.

Fessy, Haleigh, Angie, and Bayleigh have been whispering incessantly. Its hard to make out but all I can say for sure is that there's a lot of nervous energy.

JC up to tell Kaitlyn and Tyler lies. He says "they're" already talking poo poo. Kaitlyn asks who and JC is all "let me finish!" and never says who. He just rambles. I didn't hear names but I think they just decide it was Swaggy and Kaitlyn's all worked up for how bad she's going to burn him in the speech. JC says they have no idea.

Fessy comes to HOH and all of Footy follow. Kaitlyn asks them to let her talk to Fessy. Kaitlyn's just yelling at Fessy like his wife of 40 years that everyone's making her room a mess. Kaitlyn says she wants the POV used on Scottie. Fessy is surprised. She lies and says she's putting up Angela. Fessy asks if she's comfortable with that, she says yep, so he supports her. Fessy asking what she's gonna say and if he wants her to tell anyone and Kaitlyn's like being transparently avoiding with half answers. Kaitlyn says she only trusts Fessy and Tyler, "but do you trust me?" Fess says he has her back no matter what. Kaitlyn asks even if SHE did something? Fess says he knows she's talking about Swaggy but they'll cross that bridge when they get to it. Fessy asks if Kaitlyn would be able to convince Brett not to put him up. She's... unconvincing. Now Kaitlyn's telling Fessy to be nicer to Taylor because he thinks he doesn't like him. Fessy says he's cool with Taylor and Kaitlyn says he's probably subconsciously jealous. Fessy has no problem with Taylor, Taylor just lies to try and divide Kaitlyn and Fessy. Now he's just reciting prayers to her.

Bay's yelling at Swaggy for storming out of the HOH. I didn't notice. Swaggy was making tuna.

JC lying to Scottie and claiming he convince Tyler and Kaitlyn to use the POV on him.

Bay's talking REALLY fast to Swaggy but she seems to be onto Tyler. gently caress, Swaggy's talking fast too. Now Bay's just talking about awesome Jody and Paul are. "They're lovable." Ok. Alright, so she's basically onto Tyler and knows that he would have voted out Steve if he had a vote. She says if Tyler doesn't use POV on Scottie that's the last straw. Bayleigh's gonna blow on Tyler.

Sam is telling Angela that if a person's mind has a bunch of boxes of stuff in it women always have 42 boxes open at once while men open one box at a time. She says she wants a simple man and "Fessy is naturally simple." Angela, "I wish I had gotten to know Fessy better." Uhhh...

Winston telling Brett how he's gonna expose everything if things go wonky. Winston's gonna get on Tyler to use the POV on him because he doesn't want to be up there. He says he's already working on two speeches. A good one and a bad one.

Kaitlyn justifying her backstabbing her alliance to Tyler. Saying technically she's betraying the alliance but really Swaggy did when he stopped trusting her. She's tired of seeing girls afraid to make the move. Tyler, "I know, its 2018." Now they're talking about marriage and kids. Kaitlyn's going to murder Tyler.

A significant lack of Winston freaking out. Tyler's gotta tell him he's using the POV on Scottie.

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Mar 12, 2008

how to to sex Watching you sleep.

Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

JC is constantly singing songs but production never gets mad at him because he's always got the lyrics completely wrong and jumbled.

Kaycee and Vegas tell Winston they're gong to keep their distance from him for cover. Winston's pissy about that and doesn't get why since he could be going home. They all assure him he's got the votes and he's fine and he's all pissy. Winston's just kind of unpleasant to be around right now. He's very passive aggressive. There's a reason he makes out with his dog and guns. He and Vegas get into some weird passive aggressive fight about not laughing at each other's jokes or something. Its weird and uncomfortable. Now he's "joking" about how he's playing this game by himself. Winston is complaining that no one came up to him after noms and only Brett and Angela did after the POV.

Winston: You can't be too paranoid.
Rachel: old men sex video I'm too paranoid?

Winston's real mad that Vegas hugged Scottie before him. She says its because she doesn't want Scottie coming after her. Winston just wants his friends back. Vegas dances around that she's just trying to hang out with other people so people stop talking about "The Four". Now Winston's giving Rachel poo poo because she made a joke to Jody that "Brett and I can be like that." And it turns into another weird passive aggressive fight.

Brett: Ok, this is way too highstrung. I don't like the way this is going.

Vegas: It probably won't get aired. Clearly nothing I say that's funny is getting aired. Because that's why I was least trending. Clearly everything I've done in the first couple of episodes are like bitchy and lovely.
Winston: You want to flip this? Spin zone? Me - who I assume educated, pretty athletic. Just wasted the entire 20 minutes of something you got done in 5 minutes.

Good thing Rachel isn't educated.

Vegas wants to know who has the Week 2 App. They say its none of them or JC. Vegas says if she had won POV she was going to walk around to people and ask "Do you have the power? I want to know if it affects whether i use the Veto." Winston loves it and says Tyler should do it (Tyler's definitely not doing that). Winston, "That's genius, I didn't know you were capable of that."

Vegas got out of there. Winston doesn't see the point in Tyler covering himself when everything is going to get exposed by teh backdoor. Brett says he has to get more proactive because he's tired of not knowing what Tyler and Kaitlyn are doing. Winston wants to orchestrate some kind of public confrontation with Kaitlyn or something. He sends Brett off to do his bidding.

Vegas and JC are in HOH and Kaitlyn is basically begging them for as much dirt on Swaggy as they can get to justify her backdoor. Vegas asks if everyone was laughing at Winston when he got nominated. Kaitlyn says they were laughing at her nomination speech (she called him a doctor). JC calls them bullies. Kaitlyn doesn't think they were. JC pushes and pushes and Kaitlyn backs down because she's a pushover. Now Brett's here. Footy are really sleeping on their "never let them get Kaitlyn alone" plan. Oh, here's Haleigh. Slow response time but you got here.

Fessy, Swaggy, and Bay discussing if Tyler is gonna use the POV on Scottie. Fessy says he has to or he's gonna blow poo poo up. Bay says he's gonna show his hand one way or another. Fessy, "Best thing, we're guaranteed one more week in the house." About that...

Bay trying to get info out of JC. This is a fruitless venture. JC filibusters her.

Fessy telling Angie that Tyler will do what Kaitlyn wants him to do. No one really trusts Tyler but they're just not realizing that Kaitlyn is about to blow all her poo poo up. Angie has realized Tyler tells lies and is trying to bust up FOOTY. Fessy calls him a bitch. Angie says Tyler is riding Kaitlyn's dick. Angie REALLY doesn't like Tyler and she's onto that he's manipulating Kaitlyn. She's also not excited that Swaggy told Bayleigh all about their alliance.

Bay and JC are still talking meaningless game nonsense. JC is just trying to stay out of stuff, guys. Bay just want sto get to jury.

Vegas thinks Scottie threw POV. Winston agrees and its suspicious. Vegas is whining about Least Trending again. She thinks the POV is too easy, but then apologizes to Winston. Winston says he was doing lunges and squats while he was waiting so he tired himself out before he competed. Don't worry, Winston's got an excuse why he sucked. Now he's complaining he has bad skin and blood flow. He says Bay told him to hang upside down 3 minutes a day. Vegas says you do that and then spends 5 minutes making loud beeping sounds imitating her adjustable bed. She thinks this is entertaining.

Kaitlyn's back in the HOH robe. Winston catches her and corners her in storage. Kaitlyn says its going perfectly. Winston says it sucks he can't hang out with her and have fun. He asks what's happening. Kaitlyn says Tyler is taking Scottie down. Winston asks if "he" has the power. Kaitlyn has no idea but thinks that's her worry, not his. Winston's all over about the powers. Kaitlyn says she's about to gently caress up her friendships and she isn't happy about it. Winston says he knows and she'll be safe from them. Kaitlyn says she wants Fessy safe too. Winston is cool with it. "We both played college ball!" Kaitlyn says Tyler told her Swaggy was talking poo poo about her and she has to keep being reminded by people. Winston says its good because he can tell Sam is forgetting who voted her out. Kaitlin wants to know if Swaggy's ever said anything to him and Winston points out that he never talks to Swaggy. Winston's mad there's not Have Nots and says none of the girls are going to handle it as well as Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn says FOOTY are kissing her rear end and making her uncomfortable. Winston complains about Sam some more. He hates her. Now they're just gossiping about all the reasons they hate Swaggy and Bay.

Ok, back on track. Winston asks why Tyler isn't using the POV on him. Kaitlyn says Scottie had a rough week and she wants to be loyal to him. Winston's worried Swaggy has a power and he goes home if he's on the block. Kaitlyn says Tyler can't use it on him or it will "look so weird." Winston says it will anyway. He's not wrong there. Winston doesn't get why they're risking him over Scottie. Kaitlyn says this isn't worth the conversation because the vote is so comfortable. Kaitlyn shares her nomination speech for Swaggy. Winston says he's gonna act "sketch." Kaitlyn says she's gonna give her friends a head's up right before eviction. Kaitlyn says they've been talking poo poo about her all week except Fessy. Winston says him and Brett love Fessy and bash Swaggy. Winston complains more about Swaggy. He wants to "break off his hand and shove it up his candy rear end" because he does some finger gun thing. I'm bored.

I'm taking this chance to tap out because if I keep watching eventually Winston will switch from drama mode to paranoia mode and I'll spend all night watching him and making gifs.

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Sep 3, 2006

cindy taylor nude pics You're all a bunch of lackeys

I know im a mean rear end in a top hat, but man, rockstar is one of the ugliest people i've ever seen on tv.


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Nov 10, 2012


porn in the library

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Jun 23, 2005


Is this the first time that they have been given something they could explicitly "write/draw" with?

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Aug 7, 2006

I can't wait to entertain you.

They did have a message board that a previous season's final three left for the next (BB 18 for BBOTT maybe?). But I don't think that season had any markers or chalk to add to it though. Usually any writing materials or any hint of writing stuff is a major no-no. I believe one reason is because it doesn't come across on TV, this however is big and obvious, so the cameras can pick up what's written. This also seems fairly successful as a feature (ignoring that it's mainly for social media handles), I could see it returning. More successful that the fortune teller, maybe as good as the photo booth.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

And that's why I like Sam. Every time I saw that thing with IG handles I kept thinking how annoyed I'd be because I'd just want to try and draw stuff.

I bet someone got mad at Sam for erasing their instagram instead of appreciating that she's a pretty good artists with a medium she's probably never used before.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

HAHAHA. Kaitlyn had to pick Have Nots and she made it a drat show. No one who did it last week can do it. No one menstruating can do it. No one having any kind of emotional distress. No one still sick. 2 boys and 2 girls. Fessy and JC volunteers. Tyler volunteers but Kaitlyn ignores him because she's not losing him this week. Rachel volunteers but she says no because she's being yelled at for Crap App. Sam volunteers but she says no because she was a robot. Haleigh appears to have her hand up but Kaitlyn isn't acknowledging it. She calls out Bayleigh, Angie, and Sam (not Angela?). She asks if they're menstruating. Haleigh calls attention and Kaitlyn finally acknowledges her. Everyone's fed up now and Rockstar volunteers. Kaitlyn asks again if they're menstruating or not. Then Fessy remembers he can't eat slop and Kaitlyn remembers he had the ham Crap App last week so that's another of her rules. Everyone just wants to leave but Kaitlyn refuses to "adjourn". Then she asks for volunteers for next week. Finally Kaitlyn says they can leave.

I've never seen someone get HOHitis about the Have Nots meeting. And she was wearing the robe.

And no one did Winston's "seduce/trick Swaggy into volunteering to protect women" scheme.

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Mar 12, 2008

nude video of pamela Watching you sleep.

Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Feeds have been on old episodes for awhile now. It could be the POV meeting moved up. Stay tuned for possible house explosion.

It could also be Vegas' Crap App. Or something else entirely.

edit: False alarm. I don't know what happened but it definitely wasn't the POV meeting.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Kaitlyn just told Haleigh she's backdooring Swaggy. Its started with Kaitlyn just being vague and saying that she liked Angela now and wasn't going to put her up. Haleigh said she supports what she does and Kaitlyn kept saying "This is bad" and Haleigh eventually figured it out and Kaitlyn confirmed. Kaitlyn lied and played it off like it wasn't the play all along but was just something that developed through the week from her hearing he was talking about her (he wasn't, Tyler's just been lying). Haleigh did a good job playing along that she was fine with it and supported her but also was chewing her nails off.

Haleigh tells Kaitlyn that Swaggy and Bayleigh said they heard Sam talking about having this week's power and Kaitlyn says she knows that's a lie because Sam had the power last week. Kaitlyn thinks America loves her because she's against Swaggy and its going to be huge. Kaitlyn's just got a whole hero narrative worked up in her head. She says that Winston and Brett know already (which should be a red flag for Haleigh). Kaitlyn thinks if Swaggy goes the house divide will go away and they can reset alliances. Kaitlyn thinks she's doing the house an altruistic favor. Kaitlyn LIES and says that she made a deal with Winston to not touch Haleigh, Rockstar, and Fes (she only made a deal for Fes). Haleigh tells her she's making a good move and she's a good and just queen. Ok, maybe not that last part but you get the idea. Haleigh's worried about her game position but Queen Kaitlyn assures her all is well and there's no alliances and everyone on the other side actually loves them except for Swaggy.

Haleigh just did this for 20 minutes.

So Haleigh SHOULD tell Angie. And I'd guess Kaitlyn will tell Fessy now. So its just gonna be Swaggy, Bayleigh, and Scottie blindsided most likely. Although Fessy might tell Swaggy.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Bayleigh is singing James Brown. I might be starting to like her.

Bay asks Haleigh which if Winston vs Angela they should vote out. Haleigh goes along with it and doesn't give her any clue that Swaggy's going up. Bay says nominating Angela is a big move and Kaitlyn's playing hard and Haleigh plays along. Haleigh brings up the power and Bay says its definitely Sam's (Week 2). Bay really going on about how big the Angela/Winston noms will be and how they need that shaken up. Haleigh just hopes it all goes smoothly.

Big Brother is hard.

Haleigh tells Angie and she's in a panic. She says they can't talk about it because the Bros know so she can't act suspicious but she's losing her mind. Angie correctly points out there's nothing they can do about it so there's no point in doing anything. Haleigh says Kaitlyn made a deal with the other side. Tyler interrupts and when he leaves they correctly surmise that he's the one behind it. Angie says they need to completely rethink their games now.

Angie: She's loving ridiculous.

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Jul 19, 2006
Driven by Hate

Who knew the crazy hippy would be fun to watch.

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Bonus Rockstar Reaction.

Haleigh is pissed that Kaitlyn told The Bros she knows because she hates them.

Angie: loving white people, man.
Haleigh: loving white people.

Haleigh and Fessy flirting.
Haleigh: What is your deal with sleeves? Do you just not have anything with them?

Bay telling Kaitlyn that Sam has the power. Kaitlyn says she didn't win "this week." "Do you pick up what I'm putting down?" Kaitlyn says she keeps "hearing" its an S name. Probably from her spirits. Bay says it can't be Scottie since he didn't do anything and Swaggy would have told her. Kaitlyn tells Bay that she has to put up who is best for her game.

As a helpful aid to those wondering about one of our nominees this week who maybe didn't have the largest presence in my feed updates. I present to you, Scottie.

Haleigh: You know, I was going to accuse you of having my black hat. But you did not have my black hat. He did. But I want to apologize for almost accusing you. I was going to say "Scottie! Do you know where my black hat is?"
Scottie: That's how you were going to accuse me?
Haleigh: Yeah.
Scottie: That's the nicest accusation ever.
Haleigh: Yeah. That was going to be it.
Scottie: That still means you were thinking of me and I'm alright with that.
Haleigh: I think of you a lot, Scottie.
Scottie: Thank you.
Fessy: Aww, that's cute.
Scottie: I also think about you a lot but that's usually because I'm covered in your hair.
Haleigh: Really?
Scottie: Its always on me.
Haleigh: I can see that.
Scottie: Apparently I've been told that you shed a lot?
Haleigh: Yeah, who told you that?
Scottie: Uh...
Haleigh: Someone else is talking about me shedding?
Scottie: Uh, guys. I need to walk this way real quick.
Fessy: Did he just run away from the situation?
Haleigh: Yeah, he definitely just ran away. He's such a weird guy.

Scottie tells Rockstar and Fessy that Tyler told him he was using the POV on him. He leaves and Rockstar tells Fessy she doesn't have a good feeling about this week. She says Tyler makes her really uncomfortable. Fessy says he's fine with him on the block next week. Angie says he's shady and she hasn't talked to Kaitlyn "at all." Fessy says Angela is going up and it will cause the other side to scramble. Angie plays dumb but says there's something bugging her. Fessy asks what Rockstar thinks of Rachel. They both kinda like her but she's shady and sneaky.

Tyler complaining to Rachel that he can never get Sam alone to question her about the Apps because she's always in some big group talking "about bed sheets or something." Rachel says her game is to not talk game. Rachel wishes Tyler could use the Veto on Winston but she recognizes its bad for Tyler's game. Tyler says this is good for all of them because he can try and pull Scottie to their side. Scottie worries Rachel and wants him out next. She thinks he threw the Veto comp yesterday. Scottie just confounds her. She can't understand the nerd so he scares her. Tyler says Scottie was spying on them for Swaggy. Rachel, "He wasn't getting nothing." Double negative aside, she's right. Rachel don't talk meaningful game.

Then Rachel just does a lot of dumb dancing and voices to the camera for awhile. "Bye camera, I love you."

Rockstar and Fessy discussing how Sam probably has the App. Its weird because they correctly figure that Sam was on the block and a robot so she was sympathetic and would get it, but they assume she got the 2nd week and don't consider having the 1st. But Kaitlyn's told the Leighs she has Week 1 so it should spread around to everyone in the house soon.

The new Have Nots move into the room to figure out how to sleep in the satelite dishes. Rachel moves her stuff out because I guess she likes them. She complains that she and Kaitlyn tried to go back and redo it and make her a Have Not this week because next week is her birthday. Then she goes into the blue room and makes her bed while performing to the camera some more. Its just all she does. Even Frankie wasn't this bad.

And who walks on a bed they're making?

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Mar 12, 2008

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Butt first, let's
check the feeds.

Sam having a long talk with Angie about like general house stuff and making connections with people in the house. Angie talks about how Winston's the one person she really can't connect with since he's such a Southern conservative gun shooting guy. Sam points out she's a lot of that too but Angie says she's like a "secret mountain witchy woman" which Sam actually seems to agree with. Sam says she kind of connected with Winston (and Brett) "by accident" when talking about her ex and she started pretending she was talking to her ex, and since then she's been more comfortable with them. Sam says when she's finding it hard to talk someone she just changes her perspective because its all she can control. Angie calls Winston a "Vietnam vet" again and Sam says maybe that's "a secret hurt." Angie says she'll give it another try but points out that there's a part of the game where you can't really get raw with people because it could hurt you. Sam says she has a problem with that line. JC jumped into the conversation and randomly asks Sam if she's ever had a lesbian experience. Because that's what he does. Now Sam's making sexual confessions that she's clearly uncomfortable making. This is what I imagine its like to live with JC.

Sam's big on this stuff and people opening up to her. Its a weird deal because she has much more natural conversations like this with Angie's side of the house while the Four are all really very superficial and complain about Sam doing this. But she's found herself on their side gamewise. That could change as time goes on.

Winston pulls Brett into the storage room in a panic because of something Kaitlyn's doing. Brett tells him he has to relax because Kaitlyn does that all the time. Winston says he might be losing his mind and Brett is going to have to "control him" when he wins HOH and wants to "chop her head off." I guess she made some jokey nasty comment like she does about him being on the block or her being queen? Which she's been doing all week. It wasn't on feeds.

Everyone's working out now because it was too hot all day. Winstons' trying to sweat out the crazy (like he said as much).

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